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The Wirtz Labor Law Library at the U. S. Department of Labor houses a separate collection of over 30,000 volumes, within the Wirtz Labor Library at the Frances Perkins Building in Room N2445. The Library is open to the public during the regular weekday business hours of 8:15 A.M. to 4:45 P.M.

The library's staff provides reference and research assistance including an extensive print, electronic, and microform collection of federal labor law resources both primary and secondary in nature. There is particular emphasis on collecting legal treatises which support the practitioner of labor law and its related fields, i.e., immigration, bankruptcy and trust law.

The Wirtz Labor Law Library supports the research needs of the Department of Labor's Office of the Solicitor (SOL) and client agencies within the Department. The Law Library also serves the needs of private law firms, academic institutions, and corporate establishments across the United States.

The print and electronic holdings of the Law Library are accessible through the Wirtz Labor Library's online catalog. Significant DOL regulatory documents and other legal and labor-related websites are on the DOL website.

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