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Wirtz Labor Digital Library

Montage of labor images taken from documents in the Wirtz Labor Digital Library. Clockwise starting from top left-hand corner: Woman scientist viewing micro-organisms through a microscope; Illustration of a sailor walking with a book and a large bag; Cobbler working on an ideal clicking machine; Secretary posing next to a typewriter with a pad of paper and pencil; Cobbler working on a U.S.M. Co. lasting machine.

Digital Archive

The Digital Archive collection is intended to bring the diversity of the Wirtz Labor Library's collections to those not able to reach the library in person. The collection includes: U.S. Department of Labor publications, trade union and labor history materials, labor leaders’ biographies, statistical abstracts and more. The Digital Library includes features that allow users to search or browse the Digital Archive collection. For more information on the Digital Library and its collections view the User’s Guide, Conditions of Use statement, and Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ).

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Adobe Acrobat Reader is required to view and print the Wirtz Labor Digital Library PDF documents. In order to view the PDF of the documents you must have a free PDF viewer (i.e., Acrobat Reader) available on your computer. For full functionality, Acrobat Reader 8 is recommended.

Scope & Contents of Materials Disclaimer

The goal of the Wirtz Labor Digital Library is to provide library users with access to historically significant materials related to the history of labor via the World Wide Web. Due to the nature of the library's collection, the materials featured in the Digital Library may present users with outdated, superseded, and possibly contradictory materials and information which may or may not reflect current DOL policies or procedures nor reflect current administration positions.


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