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Understanding Cancer Series: Gene Testing
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    Posted: 01/28/2005    Reviewed: 09/01/2006
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Gene Testing

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  1. Genes in the News
  2. DNA
  3. Chemical Bases in DNA
  4. DNA Molecules
  5. Gene Subunits
  6. DNA->RNA->Protein
  7. Different Genes - Different Functions
  8. Gene Mutations and Disease
  9. Gene Mutations
  10. Altered DNA->Altered Protein
  11. Hereditary Mutations
  12. Acquired Mutations
  13. Human Chromosomes
  14. Alleles
  15. Altered Dominant Genes
  16. Altered Recessive Genes
  17. Disease Inheritance Is Complex
  18. Gene Tests - Three Common Methods
  19. Genetic Tests Serve Many Purposes
  20. Microarray Analysis
  1. Human Genome Project
  2. Studying Genes
  3. Searching Disease Families
  4. Disease-Linked Genes
  5. Gene Tests for Cancer
  6. Many Mutations Lead to Cancer
  7. Most Cancer Is NOT Inherited
  8. Genetic Tests Find Mutations, NOT Disease
  9. Benefits of Gene Testing
  10. Limitations of Gene Testing
  11. Major Limitations of Gene Testing
  12. Psychological Consequences
  13. Who Should Know?
  14. Confidentiality Concerns
  15. Difficult Decision
  16. Personal Decision
  17. Importance of Counselors
  18. Candidates for Testing
  19. Technical Concerns

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