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OCIO Purpose, Vision, Mission and Principles

Purpose: OCIO provides leadership, planning, policy direction, and oversight for the delivery and management of NASA information and technology.

Vision: Integrated, secure and efficient information technology and solutions that support NASA.

Mission: Provide the NASA workforce the information infrastructure and tools that adapt and evolve to support management, science, research, and technology programs; to develop and implement unique and specialized IT systems to support mission planning and operations; and provide systems that disseminate information to the public and that preserve NASA's information assets.

NASA IT Principles

The following principles will guide tactical decisions and planning, as well as provide guidance that is relevant now and in the future:

  • MISSION ENABLING: IT at NASA serves to enable NASA's mission.
  • INTEGRATED: NASA will implement IT that enables integration of business (mission) processes and information across organizational boundaries.
  • EFFICIENT: NASA will implement IT to achieve efficiencies and ensure that IT is efficiently implemented.
  • SECURE: NASA will implement and sustain secure IT solutions.