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Food Allergy
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Food Allergy

Clinical Practice Guidelines

Who Writes and Reviews Clinical Guidelines?

Expert Panels

Expert Panels are formed to write clinical practice guidelines for the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases. An Expert Panel is a committee of unpaid experts appointed by the NIAID. The chair and members are chosen mainly for their scientific and clinical expertise. The NIAID is committed to having representation by specialists in a variety of relevant clinical and scientific areas on the Expert Panel.

How are Conflicts of Interest Managed?

The disclosure and management of real or perceived potential financial conflicts of interest are a critical step in building public trust in clinical guidelines. To that end, the NIAID has established a procedure that insures maximum transparency of the guidelines development process by reporting the affiliations and activities of members of the Expert Panel.

Prospective members of the writing and review groups submit written Conflict of Interest/Disclosure Statements to an internal NIAID review panel considering their nomination and acceptance. See the Financial Disclosure information.

The internal review panel considers conflicts of interest as a factor in the selection of nominees for writing and review groups. Scientific and clinical expertise remains the paramount criteria for selection.

Members verbally disclose any potential conflicts of interest to each other during a general meeting.

Panel members with conflicts of interest may be required to recuse themselves from discussions, and from drafting guideline language, relevant to the conflicted topic.

Following completion of the draft guidelines by the Expert Panel, the draft will be made available for public review and comment.

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