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The Office of Air and Radiation (OAR) develops national programs, technical policies, and regulations for controlling air pollution and radiation exposure. OAR is concerned with pollution prevention and energy efficiency, indoor and outdoor air quality, industrial air pollution, pollution from vehicles and engines, radon, acid rain, stratospheric ozone depletion, climate change, and radiation protection. To learn more about our organizational structure, see our Organization Chart.

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• Sep 22 - New England Experienced Fewer Smog Days During Recent Summer
• Sep 19 - The Nation's Fuel Economy is on the Rise
• Sep 18 - Asbestos hazards prompt EPA to halt demolition work
• Sep 17 - Federal Agencies Urge Precaution
• Sep 12 - EPA Tests Hydrogen Fuel Cell Vehicle under Real World Conditions


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Air Pollutants
Asbestos | Lead | Ground-level Ozone | Mercury | Particles | Radon | Toxic Air Pollutants | More...

Global Atmospheric Protection
Acid Rain | Climate Change | Ozone Depletion | International Programs | More...

Health and Ecosystem Protection
Acid Rain | AIRNow | Air Pollution Trends | Cap and Trade | Great Waters | UV Radiation | Visibility | More...

Indoor Air
Asthma | Carbon Monoxide | Green Buildings | Mold | Radon | Smoke-free Homes | IAQ Tools for Schools | More...

Clean Air Act Advisory Committee | Climate Leaders | Energy Star | Methane to Markets Partnership | Smartway Transport Partnership | Tribal Air | Woodstoves | More...

Understanding Radiation | Radiation Sources | Protecting People and the Environment | Managing Radioactive Materials and Waste | Responding to Radiological Emergencies | Cleaning Up Radiactive Sites | More...

Regulations and Statutes
Air Toxics Rules | Clean Air Act | Clean Air Interstate Rule | Clean Air Mercury Rule | Fuel Economy Calculations | Heavy-Duty Highway Rule (2007) | New Source Review Permits | Nonroad Diesel Tier 4 | Operating Permits | Phaseout of Ozone-Depleting Substances | More...

Transportation: On-road, Nonroad and Fuels
Cars and Light Trucks | Fuels | Heavy Trucks and Buses | Importing | Modeling, Testing and Research | Nonroad Engines, Equipment, and Vehicles | State and Local Resources | Voluntary Programs | More...


Air Pollution Data Sources
Air Quality System | AirData | Air Explorer | Clean Air Markets Data and Maps | Emission Sources | More...

Grants and Funding

Technology Transfer Network
Air Quality Models | Air Quality Monitoring | Clean Air Technology Center | Inventories and Emission Factors | More...

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