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Today's Headlines: October 08, 2008


Clinical Trials Update: Oct. 8, 2008 – 10/8/2008

Children as Young as 4 Can Develop OCD – 10/8/2008

Full-blown obsessive symptoms seen in both younger, older children, study finds.

Researchers Create Embryonic-Like Stem Cells From Human Testes – 10/8/2008

Finding could sidestep ethical concerns surrounding use of cells from embryos.

Cell Protein Suppresses Pain Better Than Morphine – 10/8/2008

Injected into mice, it proved more effective but with fewer side effects, study says.

New DNA Stool Testing Spots More Colon Cancers – 10/8/2008

Study found it detected twice as many malignancies, serious precancerous polyps.

Economic Crisis Takes Toll on Emotional Health – 10/8/2008

Experts seeing more cases of sleeplessness, anxiety, but they offer tips for coping.

Family Income Impacts Children's Health – 10/8/2008

Big gaps exist between states, and between poor, middle- and upper-class families, study finds.

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