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    STS126-S-002: STS-126 crew
    Image above: These seven astronauts take a break from training to pose for the STS-126 crew portrait. Astronaut Christopher J. Ferguson, commander, is at center; and astronaut Eric A. Boe, pilot, is third from the right. Remaining crew members, pictured from left to right, are astronauts Sandra H. Magnus, Stephen G. Bowen, Donald R. Pettit, Robert S. (Shane) Kimbrough and Heidemarie M. Stefanyshyn-Piper, all mission specialists. Image credit: NASA

    Veteran space flier Navy Capt. Christopher J. Ferguson will command the STS-126 mission aboard Endeavour to deliver equipment to the International Space Station that will enable larger crews to reside aboard the complex. Air Force Lt. Col. Eric A. Boe will serve as the pilot. The mission specialists are Navy Capt. Stephen G. Bowen, Army Lt. Col. Robert S. Kimbrough, Navy Capt. Heidemarie M. Stefanyshyn-Piper and NASA astronauts Donald R. Pettit and Sandra H. Magnus.

    Magnus will remain on the station, replacing Expedition 17/18 Flight Engineer Gregory E. Chamitoff, who returns to Earth with the STS-126 crew. Magnus will serve as a flight engineer and NASA science officer for Expedition 18. Magnus will return to Earth on shuttle mission STS-119.

    Endeavour will carry a reusable logistics module that will hold supplies and equipment, including additional crew quarters, additional exercise equipment, equipment for the regenerative life support system and spare hardware.

    STS-126 is the 27th shuttle mission to the International Space Station.

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Crew Profiles


     STS-126 mission patch
    Launch Target:
    Nov. 14, 2008
    Mission Number:
    (124th space shuttle flight)
    Launch Window:
    10 minutes
    Launch Pad:
    Mission Duration:
    15 days
    Landing Site:
    51.6 degrees/122 nautical miles
    Primary Payload:
    27th station flight (ULF2), Multi-Purpose Logistics Module (MPLM)

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    The STS-126 crew members prepare for their mission to the International Space Station aboard space shuttle Endeavour.