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These tables have been prepared using statistics from the Annual Survey of Manufactures published by the Census Bureau. The data are presented according to the North American Industry Classification System (NAICS), which replaced the Standard Industrial Classification (SIC)system in 1997. Tables are available for each 3, 4, 5 and 6 digit NAICS manufacturing code. The tables have 1997 through 2001 data for industry and product shipments, total employment, number of production workers, and capital expenditures. Import and export data derived from the merchandise trade statistics for 1997 through 2002 are also provided.

The value of shipments shown in these tables is expressed both in "current" and "constant" dollars. Current dollars show the value of the goods produced in the particular year referred to. Constant dollars, sometimes referred to as real dollars, show the value of a year's output in the prices of a base year so you can accurately compare real changes in output levels over time. In these tables the base year is 1997. ITA uses Producer Price Indexes from the Bureau of Labor Statistics at the product class level to deflate the current dollar shipments.

The tables distinguish between industry and product shipments. Shipments data are collected separately for individual factories, or establishments, and not at the company level. Most factories make a variety of products. For statistical purposes, each establishment is classified in the industry identified with its major product. For instance, the total output of a plant may consist of 80 percent tires and 20 percent hose and belting. In this case, the total output of the plant would be credited to the tire industry. The total output of all plants so classified would make up the "industry shipments" of the tire industry. The value of tires shipped by all establishments manufacturing tires regardless of industry classification is aggregated to derive "product shipments."

Trade data shown in the tables were tabulated following the Bureau of the Census latest NAICS based trade concordance to approximate the NAICS industry groupings. Exports are limited to domestic exports and are valued "free alongside ship" or f.a.s. Imports are restricted to goods imported for consumption and are on a customs value basis.

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