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International Research

Name Bldg. Phone # E-mail
F. Gray Handley, MSPH
Associate Director for International Research Affairs
6610 301.594.6128


Office of Global Research (OGR)

Name Bldg. Phone # E-mail
Steven T. Smith, JD
Director, Office of Global Research
6610 301.496.0070

Karl Western, MD, DTPH
Senior International Scientific Advisor
6610 301.496.6721

Vassil St. Georgiev, Ph.D.
International Scientific Advisor
6610 301.496.8206

Eva Sereghy, Sc.M
Health Research Program and Policy Analyst
6610 301.451.2486

William Rosa
International Program Coordinator
6610 301.451.3054

DaRel Barksdale, MPH
Administrative Program Support
6610 301.451.3064

Kathleen Collins, MSc
Special Projects Officer
6610 301.792.8387

Regional Program Officers

Name Bldg. Phone # E-mail
Gayle Bernabe, MPH
6610 301.451.1018

Katie Herz, MPH, MA
Eurasia and South Asia
6610 301.451.3056

DaRel Barksdale, MPH—acting
Sub-Saharan Africa
6610 301.451.3064

Terrie Kolodziej, RN, BSN, MS
The Americas and The Caribbean
6610 301.451.2597

Ranjan Gupta, Ph.D.
Western Europe/Middle East/North Africa
6610 301.435.8612


*Note—Not all NIAID employees are listed on the Finding People contact information pages. If you can not find the individual you are looking for, you may wish to check the NIH Enterprise Directory and/or the HHS Employee Directory.