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Early Menopause Guidebook  External Link

New FDA labeling for hormones, and new menopause-related treatments. ... Details >

North American Menopause Society  External Link

Hormones and Menopause  External Link

This document discusses the benefits and risks of menopausal hormone therapy and the importance of discussing your medical history and questions about hormone replacement therapy with your doctor.... Details >

National Institute on Aging Information Center

Menopause  External Link

Also available in: Spanish   External Link

Menopause is a normal part of life. It is one step in a long, slow process of reproductive aging. For most women this process begins silently somewhere around age 40 when periods may start to be less... Details >

National Institute on Aging Information Center

Menopause and Hormones

Working in collaboration with the National Institutes of Health and other Department of Health and Human Services agencies, FDA has developed science-based informational materials on its latest guidan... Details >

U.S. Food and Drug Administration

Menopause Guidebook: Helping Women Make Informed Healthcare Decisions Through Perimenopause And Beyond  External Link

Published in May 2003, the Menopause Guidebook is a complete and current discussion of the subject. In its 60 pages is information on perimenopause, early menopause, menopause symptoms and long-term e... Details >

North American Menopause Society  External Link

Menopause: What To Expect When Your Body Is Changing  External Link

This brochure describes menopause and its signs, symptoms, and treatment.... Details >

American Academy of Family Physicians  External Link

Reproductive Health Information: Menopause and Related Midlife Health Problems  External Link

This article discusses menopause and related midlife health problems in women with mobility impairments. The article reviews what are some common perimenopausal changes, what major health problems inc... Details >

Center for Research on Women with Disabilities  External Link