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A Parent's Guide to Preventing Inhalant Abuse

This brochure gives parents a general overview of inhalant abuse among young people, including which household products are commonly abused, the health effects of inhalant abuse, how to recognize symp... Details >

U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission

Facts on Inhalants  External Link

The term inhalant refers to a wide range of chemicals that can easily enter the body via inhalation and subsequent circulation. Breathing inhalants produces psychoactive and physiological effects that... Details >

Center of Alcohol Studies  External Link

FAQ: Inhalants  External Link

This page presents frequently asked questions about inhalants. Answers include information on what inhalant use is, who is at risk, what inhalants can do to the body, what to do if someone you know is... Details >

National Latino Council on Alcohol and Tobacco Prevention  External Link

Inhalant Abuse Fact Sheet  External Link

Commonly known among kids as "huffing," "bagging," or "sniffing," inhalant abuse is the deliberate concentration and inhalation of common products found in homes, offices, and schools to get high. Thi... Details >

Partnership for a Drug-Free America  External Link

Tips For Teens About Inhalants

Inhalants, sniffed for a "high," include many chemicals found in consumer products. Even one-time use has resulted in death. This article reviews possible side effects of using inhalants.... Details >

SAMHSA's National Clearinghouse for Alcohol and Drug Information