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NIAID Discovery News

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Spring 2008

Bacteria: Novel Way Found to Block Bacterial Toxins

HIV: Insights from People Who Keep HIV in Check Naturally

Infectious Diseases: A Microbe Hunter On Call to the World

Influenza: Study May Help Bring New Life to Old Flu Drugs

Transplantation: New Hope for Kidney Transplant Patients

Tuberculosis: TB Genome Knowledge May Lead to Improved Diagnosis

Fall 2007

Bacteria: Birth of an Intestinal Ecosystem

HIV/AIDS: MicroRNAs Help HIV Hide

Outreach: NIAID, Community Embrace Student Program

Prions: Breakthrough in Detecting Prion Infections

Therapeutics: Treating Cancer as an Infectious Disease

Transplantation: The Importance of an Additional Gene in Matching Bone Marrow Transplants

Vaccine: Researchers at the Ready to Advance Vaccines

Summer 2007

Dengue Fever: Modified Skeeters Could Save People from Dengue Fever

Food Allergy: Life Is No Picnic for Food Allergy Sufferers

Hepatitis E: The Story of the Hepatitis E Vaccine

Hepatits E: Hepatitis E Vaccine: A Time of Testing

HIV/AIDS: Early, Consistent Treatment Could Help Eliminate HIV

Smallpox: Study Affirms Low Risk of Virus in Blood Donated by Smallpox Vaccine Recipients

Parasitic Diseases: Leishmaniasis and Toxoplasmosis Share a Link

Spring 2007

Biosafety: ‘Moon Suit’ Trains Biosafety Lab Researchers

Herpes: Shutting Down the Genital Herpes Virus

Immunology: Curious About B-Cell Activation

Immunology: Primitive Marine Creature Holds Clues to Immune System History

Malaria: Once Effective Anti-Malaria Drug Shows Promise Again in Africa

Smallpox: Steps Towards a Smallpox Treatment

Winter 2006-07

Asthma: A Potential New Target for Treating Asthma

Influenza: Can 1918 Flu Survivors Offer Clues for Protecting Against a New Pandemic?

Multiple Sclerosis: Antibodies Gone Awry

Plague: New Insights Into the Virulence of Plague

Plague: Evolution of Plague: Two Distinct Transmission Routes Described

Prions: Prion Therapy Inhibits Infection in Mice

Ricin: Vaccine Passes First Clinical Test

Viral Hemorrhagic Fever: Test Quickly Detects Hemorrhagic Fever Viruses

View archive sorted by alphabetically by topic.

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