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Ehlers Danlos Syndrome

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Ehlers Danlos Syndrome Facts  External Link

This page provides general consumer information about EDS, its symptoms, treatment, types of and manifestations, and synonyms.... Details >

National Organization for Rare Disorders, Inc.  External Link

Ehlers-Danlos Information Page  External Link

Users can access a variety of topics related to Ehlers-Danlos syndrome from this web site. Includes information about the different types and manifestation of the disorder as well as coping skills.... Details >

Ehlers-Danlos National Foundation  External Link

Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome (EDS): An Introduction  External Link

This is the home page of the EDS support group for patients and families. The page describes the signs and symptoms of EDS, a heterogeneous group of heritable disorders of connective tissue, characte... Details >

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