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Accident Report: Fatal Facts

This page links to accident reports that describe fatal workplace injuries. The information contained in these Fatal Facts was accurate and correct at the time of issuance. Fatal Facts began in 1984, ... Details >

Occupational Safety and Health Administration, U.S. Department of Labor

Bicycle Safety  External Link

Bike riding is a lot of fun, but accidents happen. Every year, about 176,000 kids go to the emergency department because of bike accident injuries. Some simple rules can keep you safe on two wheels. L... Details >

Nemours Foundation  External Link

Child Restraint, Belt Laws   External Link

Forty-nine states (all except New Hampshire) plus the District of Columbia have mandatory safety belt laws. This document contains information about these laws as they relate to children.... Details >

Insurance Institute for Highway Safety  External Link

Everyday Illnesses and Injuries  External Link

Information for kids about some common illnesses and injuries. From a variety of aches, pains and injuries to what you may have when you just "feel sick". Tells also about applying first aid for som... Details >

Nemours Foundation  External Link

Gun Safety  External Link

This article is written to teach kids about gun safety and about ways they can protect themselves from being hurt by guns.... Details >

Nemours Foundation  External Link

Guns and Your Family  External Link

This fact sheet provides basic guidelines for in-home gun safety. It underscores the importance of safety precautions and presents advice for keeping the home free of violence.... Details >

American Academy of Family Physicians  External Link

Highway Fatality Facts  External Link

Browse this site for information and statistics about incidences of highway fatality, including alcohol related fatalities; accidents involving children, adolescents and the elderly; bicycle and pedes... Details >

Insurance Institute for Highway Safety  External Link

Hot Water Burns

This fact sheet reviews treatment for minor and severe burns as well as prevention. The fact sheet also looks at causes of hot water burns and discusses testing the water heater's temperature.... Details >

National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

IHS Native American Kids Page

This web site features links to Native American legends and stories, safety tips, cultural and health information to bring important messages to Native American children. ... Details >

Indian Health Service, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

Indian Health Service Injury Prevention Program Home Page

The IHS Injury Prevention Program focus is on decreasing the incidence of severe injuries and death as a result of injuries in the American Indian and Alaska Native communities. Primary emphasis is di... Details >

Indian Health Service, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services