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Craniofacial Disorder Descriptions  External Link

A craniofacial disorder refers to an abnormality of the face and/or the head. Craniofacial differences can result from abnormal growth patterns of the face or skull, which involves soft tissue and bon... Details >

Children's Craniofacial Association  External Link

Hemangioma Newsline: The Newsletter of NOVA  External Link

This site contains newsletters with basic information on the diagnosis and treatment of hemangioma and vascular malformation. It also features an area on new research and publications that comes from... Details >

National Organization for Vascular Anomalies  External Link

Hemangioma: The Most Common Benign Tumor of Infancy & Children  External Link

This site provides all the basic information about the disease; including a link to common questions.... Details >

National Organization for Vascular Anomalies  External Link

Hemangiomas  External Link

A hemangioma is a form of birthmark that usually appears in the head and neck area within one to four weeks after birth. The cause of hemangiomas has not been determined, and accurate diagnosis and ea... Details >

Vascular Birthmarks Foundation  External Link

Physicians Treating Vascular Anomalies  External Link

This site provides a list of doctors specialized in this condition; you can search by state and even locate physicians outside the United States.... Details >

National Organization for Vascular Anomalies  External Link

What is Cavernous Angioma?  External Link

Cavernous angiomas are clusters of abnormal blood vessels found in the brain, spinal cord, and, rarely, in other areas of the body. There are many names for this condition: cavernous angioma, cavernou... Details >

Angioma Alliance  External Link

What's a Birthmark?   External Link

Also available in: Spanish   External Link

A baby can develop birthmarks either before he or she is born or soon after birth. One of the most common types of birthmarks is called a hemangioma. These birthmarks happen when many new blood vessel... Details >

Nemours Foundation  External Link