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Industry Trade Data and Analysis
Office of Trade and Industry Information

The Office of Trade and Industry Information (OTII), as part of the International Trade Administration, seeks to provide a solid foundation of trade and industry data to support the development of national trade policies.


Latest from OTII

Exports, Jobs, and Foreign Investment: Click here for export data on industries and major markets; percentages of export-related jobs; numbers of companies that export; how foreign investment influences state exports; and metropolitan exports for all 50 states. Recently updated with 2006 foreign investment data.

Top Trade Partners: U.S. Exports and Imports to our top 30 trading partners. Last updated with July 2008 data.

Exports from U.S. Metropolitan areas: Exports of goods from major U.S. metro areas in 2005, 2006, and the first half of 2007 by dollar value, share of state exports, top NAICS exports, and more.

Trade Policy Information System (TPIS): This powerful and flexible trade data application has been updated with enhanced functionality, usability, and performance.

Export-Related Jobs: National-, state-, and industry-level estimates of jobs supported by exports of manufactured goods from the United States in 2006.

World regions and trade organizations: What countries belong to the FTAA or OPEC? Click here for member lists and webpages

Exporter Database: 2006 SME trade numbers by product, market, state and industry.

Small & Medium-Sized Exporting Companies: Statistical Overview 2006: Primary results from the Exporter Database, with special focus on exporters to China.


Data Resources from OTII

Interactive tools to display trade data by imports, exports, or balance of trade; by states, countries, geographic regions, or trade/economic regions; by commodities (HS to 10 digits, NAICS, SITC); by year, month, or year-to-date; and by dollar amounts, dollar changes, or percentage changes.

Other OTII Products

Electric Current Worldwide (see its predecessor in the ITA archives)

OTII Staff


OTII Archives

For some reports, the updates have been delayed by postponed data releases. Others have been discontinued or replaced, but we will continue to offer their last update for a time due to user requests.

U.S. Foreign Trade Highlights (discontinued)

Industry Trends Tables, 1997–2001

Small & Medium-Sized Exporting Companies: Statistical Overview, 2003 (see 2004 and 2005)

Small & Medium-Sized Exporting Companies: A Statistical Handbook, 2002

State Development Agencies for Trade and Investment 

The Role of Small & Medium-Sized Enterprises in Exports to China: A Statistical Profile

State Export Data, 1999–2005


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