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Industry Competitiveness and Regulatory Analysis
The Office of Competition and Economic Analysis

About the Office of Competition and Economic Analysis

The Office of Competition and Economic Analysis provides industry and policy decisionmakers with information on the impacts of economic and regulatory policies on U.S. manufacturing and services industries.

OCEA performs in-depth industry analysis on the effects of both domestic and foreign policy developments on U.S. business competitiveness. Our core projects are benchmarking the environment facing U.S. industry, analyzing regulatory reform outcomes, issuing antitrust exemption certificates for export trading company mergers, and assessing foreign governments' investments in the United States.

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How does OCEA incorporate competitiveness analysis into its program of work?

Competitiveness means different things to different people. To an economist, it may mean how well a country is performing compared to other economies, as embodied in the standard of living and changes in national productivity. To a policy maker, it may mean how a new regulation changes the ability of affected businesses to compete. To a business owner, it may mean changes in profitability as reflected in market share for its goods and services in a low-cost market place. There is no clear-cut definition of competitiveness that is acceptable to all. Thus, it is necessary to interpret competitiveness as best suits one's needs and mission. (more)


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