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Office of Trade and Industry Information

Trade, U.S. Jobs, and Small Business: Metropolitan, State and National Data

Exports from U.S. Metropolitan Areas

Tables containing merchandise export values for 369 metropolitan areas. The series includes metro area exports as a percent of the state total, where possible; product exports to individual countries for the 50 largest metropolitan areas; top global export product categories; and total exports to ten regional destinations.

Exports, Jobs, and Foreign Investment

For all 50 states, export data on industries and major markets; percentages of export-related jobs; numbers of companies that export; and how foreign investment influences exports.

Export-Related Jobs

Tables showing jobs by state and by industry.

Exporter Database

Tables profiling SMEs (small & medium-sized enterprises) by market, product, and U.S. state.

Small & Medium-Sized Exporting Companies: Statistical Overview, 2004

A report analyzing 2004 data from the Census Bureau.

The Role of Small & Medium-Sized Enterprises in Exports to China: A Statistical Profile

Results from the 2003 Exporter Database.

State Export Data, 1999–2005



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