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Section: Building a Sustainable Initiative

  • Resource: McKinsey-fullreport.pdf (PDF)
    Description: Full report of McKinsey's Effective Capacity Building for Nonprofits — highly recommended!
    Keywords: sustainability, nonprofits, capacity building
  • Resource: McKinseyAssessment.pdf (PDF)
    Description: McKinsey Capacity Building Assessment Tool
    Keywords: capacity building, assessment
  • Resource: Powering_Social_Change.pdf (PDF)
    Description: Most nonprofit organizations face similar challenges, particularly when building new business ventures or developing strategic partnerships. And without a forum to share lessons learned, many nonprofits are forced to reinvent the wheel. This report not only provides such a forum, but it also equips nonprofits with the information and models they need to build successful, sustainable, revenue-generating enterprises or partnerships.
    Keywords: Lessons Learned from Nonprofits on Sustainability
  • Resource: Self-Assessment_Tool.doc (MS Word®)
    Description: This Self Assessment Tool will help you take stock of how your initiative or program is doing in implementing the key elements of sustainability. Your stakeholders can use it to rate your progress on a five-point scale. The process is meant to spur thinking and discussion and will help you identify strengths and weaknesses to improve your sustainability planning. Available as part of a workbook at
    Keywords: Sustainability Self-Assessment Tool
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Section: Collaboration and Identifying Stakeholders

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Section: Leadership and Board Development

  • Resource: Board_Fundraising_Article.pdf (PDF)
    Description: The Board Should Raise Money: True or False?
    Keywords: Article from The Best of the Board Cafe
  • Resource: Board_self_assessment_short.pdf (PDF)
    Description: Board of Directors Self-Assessment — long (McKinsey)
    Keywords: Board of Directors, Assessment
  • Resource: Board_Service_Orientation.pdf (PDF)
    Description: This user guide on principles of nonprofit governance and board responsibilities accompanies the video: Meeting the Challenge (available at, hosted by Ray Suarez, the former voice of National Public Radio's Talk of the Nation and former board member for the Chicago Council of Boy Scouts, highlights four basic principles of board responsibility — determining mission and program, ensuring effective oversight, providing resources, and participating in community outreach. The video features interviews with board members, chief executives, and experts in the field of board governance as they share their experiences and insights into nonprofit board service.
    Keywords: Board Orientation Tool
  • Resource: Dynamic_boards.pdf (PDF)
    Description: The Dynamic Board: Lessons from High Performing Nonprofits — McKinsey & Company report on top performing nonprofits and the lessons learned in creating high performance boards
    Keywords: Board of Directors, Assessment, Leadership
  • Resource:
    Description: The Community Leadership Handbook
    Keywords: Community Assets, Social Capital, Volunteer Management
  • Resource:
    Description: 30-minute video or DVD, plus 20-page user's guide. ABC News journalist Hugh Downs walks viewers through a series of candid interviews in which real board members explain why fundraising is an essential board responsibility; how board members work in partnership with staff; why each board member should make a personal contribution; and how to ask for a gift. Suitable for use at board orientation sessions, development committee meetings, or board retreats.
    Keywords: Tool to help board understand responsibilities
  • Resource:
    Description: The Best of the Board Café gives nonprofit board members guidance to the issues at hand. This book is a compilation of the most-requested articles from CompassPoint Nonprofit Services' online newsletter Board Café ( Because board member's time is scarce, articles are "short enough to read over a cup of coffee."
    Keywords: Structure, Accountability, Fundraising, Assessment
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Section: The Business Plan for Nonprofits: Creating A Case

  • Resource: ABAG2003CommonFormatFinal.doc (MS Word®)
    Description: The Association of Baltimore Area Grantmakers provides helpful resources on the grant process. The document is an application with a common format, including how to organize a budget, that foundation in Maryland use (and most likely similar to out of state grantmakers' applications). Visit their site at
    Keywords: Sample Application & Budget, Grant Process
  • Resource:
    Description: The Foundation Center's mission is to strengthen the nonprofit sector by advancing knowledge about U.S. philanthropy and it serves grantseekers, grantmakers, researchers, policymakers, the media, and the general public. The Center offers a wide variety of print and electronic publications, databases and directories, five library/learning centers, and a national network of free funding information in local libraries and community foundations.
    Keywords: The Foundation Center
  • Resource: Sample_Sustainability_Action_Plan.doc (MS Word®)
    Description: This sample sustainability action plan shows you what action steps you can take during your planning process.
    Keywords: Sustainability Work Plan Sample
  • Resource: Template_Sustainability_Plan.doc (MS Word®)
    Description: This is a template for a sustainability work plan. See the sample plan on how to engage in a step-by-step planning process.
    Keywords: Sustainability Work Plan Template
  • Resource: Writing_Your_CaseStatement.ppt (MS PowerPoint®)
    Description: How to make a compelling statement of all the reasons why your organization needs and merits philanthropic support.
    Keywords: Purpose, Components, Internal vs. External Case
  • Resource:
    Description: The Association of Fundraising Professionals (AFP) is the professional association of individuals responsible for generating philanthropic support for a wide variety of nonprofit, charitable organizations. Founded in 1960, AFP (formerly the National Society of Fund Raising Executives) advances philanthropy through its more than 26,000 members in 172 chapters throughout the world. AFP provides professional training to be certified in fundraising. Its Web site offers a number of excellent resources and tools.
    Keywords: Association of Fundraising Professionals
  • Resource:
    Description: The Sustainability Planning Workbook offers a comprehensive process for developing a written sustainability plan. It is organized into five modules: 1. Building a Sustainable Initiative, 2. Developing Vision and Results Orientation, 3. Creating a Strategic Financing Plan, 4. Building Organizational Capacity and Community Support, 5. Developing and Writing the Plan
    Keywords: Step-by-Step Sustainability Planning Process
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Section: Additional Resources

  • Resource: 2005_Nonprofit_E-learning_Survey.pdf (PDF)
    Description: Results of survey of e-learning in the non-profit and association sector
    Keywords: E-learning, Survey, Non-Profit organizations
  • Resource: Guide_Workforce_Funding.pdf (PDF)
    Description: This guide provides an overview of strategies for gaining access to and using federal funds, as well as a catalog of 87 funding sources that can potentially support workforce development initiatives for adults and youth. The guide includes well-known sources of funding for workforce development efforts (e.g., the Workforce Investment Act, Temporary Assistance for Needy Families, Job Corps), and less obvious sources like the Department of Housing and Urban Development's (HUD) Community Outreach Partnership Centers Program.
    Keywords: Funding Sources for Workforce Development Services
  • Resource:
    Description: A new e-learning course, AmeriCorps*VISTA and Prisoner Reentry, is currently available through The Resource Center, the Corporation for National and Community Service's one-stop Web site for tools, training, and information for volunteer and service programs.
    Keywords: E-learning, AmeriCorps*VISTA, Prisoner Re-entry
  • Resource: Private_Sector_Partnership_Guide.pdf (PDF)
    Description: "Maximizing Program Services Through Private Sector Partnerships and Relationships: A Guide for Faith — and Community-Based Service Providers" is a new resource published by HHS and details the process by which FBCOs can build private sector partnerships, including with businesses and foundations.
    Keywords: Assessment, Fund Development, Grant Writing
  • Resource:
    Description: Independent Sector is the leadership forum for charities, foundations, and corporate giving programs committed to advancing the common good in America and around the world. Our nonpartisan coalition of approximately 550 organizations leads, strengthens, and mobilizes the charitable community in order to fulfill our vision of a just and inclusive society of active citizens, vibrant communities, effective institutions, and a healthy democracy. Check out its Giving and Volunteering in the United States Signature Series that provides a comprehensive picture of the giving and volunteering habits of Americans.
    Keywords: Resources on Volunteering and Charitable Giving
  • Resource: (PDF)
    Description: Public/Private Ventures recently released a report on effective strategies utilized by Ready4Work sites that might prove helpful for your organization. This report discusses how to build effective components of a reentry program — including mentoring, case management, job training and placement, and recruitment.
    Keywords: How to Develop an Effective Re-entry Program


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