Community colleges put higher education close to where you live, work, and play. There are many reasons community colleges are attractive. They have an open admissions policy and offer many courses, including courses that will help prepare you for a bright future in the nanotechnology industry. Their low tuition helps keep higher education within the reach of many Americans. These factors make community college a good place to go to gain job skills.

In order to work with complex, high-tech equipment, many nanotechnology jobs, like advanced manufacturing jobs, require participation in a formal training program. Community colleges and 4-year universities often provide such training programs. While some jobs may require short training programs of only a few days or weeks, other jobs require a two-year Associates Degree or even a four-year Bachelor's Degree. These programs may focus on engineering, electrical and mechanical systems, hydraulics, pneumatics, or other technologies, depending on the specific program.

Community College / 2-year Programs

Many workers choose a community college when they want to upgrade their skills or to enter a new field. It is now common for a person with a college degree to attend a community college to update work skills. Community colleges are also flexible. Nearly 50 percent of their students work full time, so they offer courses at convenient times.

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Arrow The U.S. Department of Education has a web site, Prepare for My Future, which gives you some questions you'll want to ask. There are many schools to choose from. You can use this web site to help you choose the right school to meet your career goals.

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Education and Training in Nanotechnology

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