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NCEH offers employment to those with education, skills,or experience applicable to the following areas: environmental health, public health, birth defects, pediatric genetics, child development, disabilities, laboratory sciences, environmental hazards and health effects, emergency and environmental health services, genetics, and global health. It also offers employment in the clerical, administrative, financial, computer, technical, trade, and communication professions. All jobs at NCEH are advertised through the CDC Job Information Center. Links to sources of information on jobs with CDC and NCEH and how to apply for a federal job are listed below.

CDC and NCEH Job Information Sources

Federal Job Information Sources

  • U.S. Office of Personnel Management's Web site
    (USA Jobs - lists all U.S. federal employment opportunities at all federal agencies nationwide, not just CDC)
  • Automated telephone system: 912-757-3000
  • Job Application Forms, Instructions, and Other Resources