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How do I submit an article?

The answers to these frequently asked questions (FAQs) provide tips for submitting an article to "The Source."

Do I have to complete all the fields on the submission form?

Yes - all of the fields on the submission form are required.

  First Name Please enter your first name  
  Last Name Please enter your last name  
  Job Title Please enter your job title within your organization.
Examples: Teacher, Librarian, Educational Technologist, etc.
  Organization Please enter the name of the school or institution where you work.  
  Email Please enter a reliable email address to allow The Learning Page staff to contact you about your submission, if required.  
   Please notify me when new content is published on The Learning Page Check this box if you wish to receive timely email notification about new content on The Learning Page or events of interest to educators offered by The Library of Congress.  

Please choose the section of The Source most appropriate for your article.

  • Feature - Articles about general topics that relate to primary sources, the American Memory collections, or the role of technology in teaching and librarianship. Choose "General audience" from the options menu.
  • Teaching Ideas - Articles intended to share teaching strategies for using the American Memory collections in the classroom. Choose the appropriate grade level range(s) from the options menu.
  • Tech Tip - Articles intended to share tips and tricks for using multimedia from the American Memory collections. Choose "General audience" from the options menu.
  Title of Article Please enter the title of your article.
Note: Please limit the title to 200 characters.
  Short Description of Article Please enter a brief paragraph summarizing your article. This brief summary will be used to entice readers to view your entire article.  
  Body of Article Please type the contents of your article. If you wish, you may copy your entire article from your favorite word processing program and paste it into this field.  

How can I include links to other web pages in the body of my article?

Links to other web pages may be included in the body of an article. To do so, type the HTML tags for a hyperlink directly into the text of the article.

Example: to include a link to The Library of Congress home page in an article, type in the body of the text: <A HREF="">The Library of Congress</A>
Readers of the article would see: The Library of Congress.

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Can I include an image for my article?

One image may be included in each article. The image must reside on a web server, however, and not on your computer's hard drive. Images can be in the JPEG, GIF, or, PNG formats.

Simply enter the URL in the Image URL for Article field of the submission form.

Remember, the URL for an image will point to a graphic file, not a web page.
Thus, the URL would take the general form:

If an image is included with your article, you must also enter an Image Caption and an Image Description in their respective fields on the submission form.

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What is the difference between an Image Caption and an Image Description?

An Image Caption is the text that appears below the image on the page. An Image Description provides a physical description of the image and benefits those users whose browsers do not display images, or those who are visually impaired and need a text description of the image.

Picture of image with caption and ALT tag description indicated.

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