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Film Chronology of Roosevelt and His Times

1898 - 1901


Theodore Roosevelt was appointed assistant secretary of the Navy in 1897, and he is pictured in the first film leaving the old State, War, and Navy Building. He resigned to serve as a lieutenant colonel in the Spanish-American War, a war he strongly supported. He and his "Rough Riders" won acclaim, especially for their part in the Battle of San Juan Hill. Upon his return from the war, Roosevelt was elected governor of New York in 1899 and is shown in the last film participating in a parade honoring war hero Admiral Dewey.

Theodore Roosevelt

Theodore Roosevelt Leaving the White House

Roosevelt's Rough Riders

President Roosevelt and the Rough Riders

Governor Roosevelt and Staff

His Times

The Spanish-American War in Motion Pictures


The assassination of President William McKinley at the Pan-American Exposition in Buffalo in 1901 catapulted Vice-President Roosevelt into the presidency. Terrible Teddy was a satiric film made about Roosevelt while he was vice-president; he was portrayed as hunting a house cat while followed by his press agent and photographer.

Theodore Roosevelt

President Roosevelt at Canton Station

Terrible Teddy, the Grizzly King

His Times

President McKinley Inauguration

President McKinley's Funeral, 1901 [1]

The Last Days of a President: Films of McKinley and the Pan-American Exposition, 1901