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National Center for the
Dissemination of Disability Research

NCDDR's scope of work focuses on knowledge translation (KT) of NIDRR-sponsored research and development results into evidence-based instruments and systematic reviews. NCDDR is developing systems for applying rigorous standards of evidence in describing, assessing, and disseminating research and development outcomes.




NCDDR WORKSHOP: Oct. 23, 2008
Systematic Reviews and Meta-analyses of Single-subject Experimental Designs

New Release: FOCUS Technical Brief, No. 20 - Campbell Collaboration Establishes Disability Subgroup

New NIDRR Grantees
for FY 2008

The National Institute on Disability and Rehabilitation Research (NIDRR) announces the funding of new projects for the current fiscal year. The priority areas include Employment Outcomes (3); Health and Function (18); Technology for Access and Function (30); Participation and Community Living (13); Disability Demographics (4); Knowledge Translation (2); and Capacity Building for Disability and Rehabilitation Research and Training (14).

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NCDDR, Campbell Collaboration Announce Disability Subgroup

SEDL's NCDDR has worked with the Campbell Collaboration (C2) to develop a disability subgroup that will provide support and resources for disability researchers who are conducting systematic reviews.

NCDDR Director John Westbrook wrote a formal letter of request to the C2 Steering Group to consider the addition of a Disability topic to the current C2 topics of Education, Social Welfare, and Criminal Justice. The disability subgroup was approved in March, 2008 as part of the Campbell Collaboration's Education Coordinating Group (ECG), an international network of scholars, policy makers, practitioners, funders, students, and others who are interested in evidence-based practice and systematic reviews.

Westbrook and Ralf Schlosser, a professor and chairman of the Department of Speech-Language Pathology and Audiology at Northeastern University, will serve as co-chairs of the disability subgroup. The subgroup will provide guidance and review to researchers undertaking a systematic review. The current issue of FOCUS Technical Brief, No. 20, provides additional information and offers an invitation to disability and rehabilitation researchers to participate with the new Disability Subgroup. To discuss your ideas for a C2 disability-related systematic review, contact

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