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FY 2006 Information Quality Correction Requests      

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Identification Number: 1-06

Title: OSHA ID of Vinyl Acetate as Carcinogenic Health Hazard based on IARC Evaluation

Agency Receiving Correction Request: Occupational Safety and Health Administration

Date Received: November 14, 2005

Information Quality Correction Request: "The Center for Regulatory Effectiveness hereby requests that OSHA correct its hazard communication regulations to eliminate its reliance on IARC cancer monograph evaluations as the basis for identification of chemicals or substances as carcinogenic health hazards. Alternatively, OSHA should revise its hazard communication regulations to make clear that it will make an independent determination that its regulations are triggered by an IARC carcinogenicity determination only if OSHA has made a formal independent determination on the record that the IARC determination complied with U.S. data quality standards and procedures."

Interim Resolution: January 24, 2006, OSHA responded: "..This is to provide you with a status update regarding your request according to the Department of Labor's Guidelines for Ensuring and Maximizing the Quality, Objectivity, Utility, and Integrity of Information Disseminated by the Department of Labor. We have not completed our consideration of your request, and require additional time to finalize the response. We anticipate that a response will be forwarded to you within 60 days. ..."


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