Figure 5.3. Administrative and Clinical Adaptations to Resource Poor Situations (Text Description)

The top of the chart reads "Incremental changes to standard of care" with an arrow pointing from left to right. Below is the following in columns:

Usual patient care provided   Austere patient care provided
Low impact
Administrative Changes
Clinical changes
Administrative Changes to usual care   Clinical changes to usual care
Triage set up in lobby area Significant reduction in documentationVital signs checked less regularlyRe-allocate ventilators due to shortage
Meals served by non-clinical staff Significant changes in nurse/patient ratiosDeny care to those presenting to ED with minor symptomsSignificantly raise threshold for admission (chest pain with normal ECG goes home, etc.)
Nurse educators pulled to clinical duties Use of non-healthcare workers to provide basic patient cares (bathing, assistance, feeding)Stable ventilator patients managed on stepdown bedsSend select patients to alternate care site
Disaster documentation forms used Cancel most/all outpatient appointments and proceduresMinimal lab and x-ray testingAllocate limited anti-virals to select patients

The bottom of the chart reads "Need increasingly exceeds resources" with an arrow pointing from left to right.

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