January 28, 2000 (The Editor’s Desk is updated each business day.)

Services industry projected to gain the most jobs in 1998-2008

During 1998-2008, the number of jobs in the services industry is expected to increase by almost 12 million, according to BLS projections. Employment in retail trade is projected to increase by just over 3 million, while State and local government employment is anticipated to increase by just over 2 million.

Nonfarm wage and salary employment change by industry division, projected 1998-2008 (in thousands)
[Chart data—TXT]

The finance, insurance, and real estate industry and the transportation, communications, and utilities industry are each projected to produce nearly a million new jobs. The construction and wholesale trade industries are expected to add approximately a half million jobs each.

Three industries are expected to experience a decline in employment between 1998 and 2008. Employment is projected to decrease by 89,000 in manufacturing, by 115,000 in mining, and by 136,000 in the Federal Government.

These data are a product of the Employment Projections program. Find out more in "Industry Employment," (PDF 73K), Occupation Outlook Quarterly, Winter 1999/2000. The services industry includes establishments that provide personal, business, health, legal, educational, and other services to individuals and organizations.

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