August 31, 2000 (The Editor’s Desk is updated each business day.)

Jobs most affected by baby-boomer retirements

Airline pilots and management analysts are two of the jobs expected to be most affected by the retirement of baby boomers.

Occupations most affected by baby-boomer retirements, 1993-2008
[Chart data—TXT]

The replacement needs of the airline pilot occupation due to retirement are expected to increase by 173 percent in the period 2003-08 compared with 1993-98. Management analysts are also projected to have a large rise in retiree replacement needs, at 152 percent.

Among the remaining jobs in the top 10 affected by baby-boomer retirement, two are in education: special education teachers and teachers aides. Retiree replacement needs for special education teachers are expected to increase by 135 percent from 1993-98 to 2003-08, while replacement needs for teachers aides are projected to rise by 92 percent.

This information is from the BLS Employment Projections program. Learn more about the expected effects of baby-boomer retirements in "Gauging the labor force effects of retiring baby boomers" by Arlene Dohm, Monthly Labor Review, July 2000.

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