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Enforcement Report

The FDA Enforcement Report is published weekly by the Food and Drug Administration, Department of Health and Human Services. It contains information on actions taken in connection with agency Regulatory activities.


July 2, 2008


a) Total Body Formula, Tropical Orange flavor, liquid dietary supplement.
    The product is packed in 8 oz and 32 fl. oz plastic bottles, Recall # F-308-8;
b) Total Body Formula, Peach Nectar flavor, liquid dietary supplement.
    The product is packed in 8 oz and 32 fl. oz plastic bottles, Recall # F-309-8;
c) Total Body Mega Formula, Orange/Tangerine flavor, liquid dietary supplement.
    The product is packed in 32 oz plastic bottles. Recall # F-310-8
a) Lot numbers 4016801, 4024801 and 4031801;
b) Lot number 4016802 and 4031802;
c) Lot number 4031803
Recalling Firm: Total Body Essential Nutrition, Inc., Woodstock, GA, by telephone starting March 24, 2008, an advisory on March 27, on the web March 28 and by letters on April 7, 2008. 
Manufacturer: Texamerican Food Blending, Inc., Hot Springs AK. Firm initiated recall is ongoing.
The products contain elevated levels of both selenium and chromium and use of the products has been associated with illnesses.
1484 bottles

a) Simply Fresh, Fresh Cut Fruit Brand containing cantaloupe packed in plastic trays. Note:
    This product was also distributed as "Fancy Fruit Mix", "Fruit Salad" by Bristol Farms and
    "Fresh Fruit Salad" by Sofia's, Recall # 402-8;
b) Simply Fresh Fruit Brand food service Fruit Mix in Syrup products packed in plastic pails or jars.
    Note: Other food service brands include "Reser's Fine Foods", "C-B-I", "Imperial" and "Sysco Imperial",
    Recall # 403-8;
c) Food Service Cantaloupe Chunks in Syrup products packed in plastic pails or jars.
    Note: Other food service brands include "Reser's Fine Foods", "C-B-I", "Imperial" and "Sysco Imperial".
    This product was also distributed as "Cantaloupe" by Bristol Farms, Recall # 404-8;
a) Dated "sell by 3-29 8"or earlier;
b) Dated "sell by 4-18 08" or earlier;
c) Dated "sell by 4-08 8" or earlier
Recalling Firm: SFFI Company Inc dba Simply Fresh Fruit, Vernon, CA, by import alert on March 22, 2008, by telephone beginning on March 24, 2008, letter on March 25, 2008 and by press release on March 27, 2008.
Manufacturer: Agropecuaria Montelibano, Puerto Cortes, Honduras. Firm initiated recall is ongoing.
Products were manufactured using cantaloupes imported from Agropecuaria Montelibano in Honduras. Cantaloupes imported from Agropecuaria Montelibano have been associated with an outbreak of Salmonella infection.
196,159 lbs

Double Chocolate Chip Cake in 16-oz. clear plastic container. Packed 18 cakes per case, Recall # F-408-8
Recalling Firm: Yum Brands, Louisville, KY, by e-mail and press release beginning on April 18, 2008.
Manufacturer: General Mills Bakeries & Food Service, Chanhassen, MN. Firm initiated recall is ongoing.
Product contains undeclared egg. An ingredient statement does not appear on the cakes label, but Kentucky Fried Chicken’s web site lists wheat, milk, soy and tree nuts as ingredients. Egg is not listed.
378,209 cases

Sweetwater Valley Farm, Black Pepper, Tennessee Aged, Cheese; wrapped in clear plastic in 5, 7, and 10 oz. bars, Recall # F-409-8
Lot No. 616-361
Sweetwater Valley Farm, Philadelphia, TN, by telephone on May 12, 2008 and by letter on May 14, 2008. Firm initiated recall is complete.
The Tennessee Department of Agriculture's analysis of the product found it contaminated with Listeria monocytogenes.
100 pounds


NOS® High Performance Energy Drink, Original Passion Fruit Flavor, 16 fl oz 473 mL cans, UPC 80793 80391, Recall # F-406-8
APR1309 SYC, APR2709 CVE, APR2709 PRC, APR2709 PRD, APR2709 SWD, MAY0409 SYG, MAY1109 CVD, MAY1109 CVE, MAY1809 GGE, MAY1809 GGF, MAY2509 CVE
Recalling Firm: FUZE Beverages, LLC, Englewood Cliffs, NJ, by email on/about 06/04/2008.  
Manufacturer: Coca Cola Bottling Co Consolidated, Charlotte, NC. Firm initiated recall is ongoing.
Product contains undeclared colors - FD&C Yellow #5 and FD&C Yellow #6.
25000 cases/24 cans per case

Individual units are labeled as Mountain House brand Freeze Dried Ice Cream in .75 oz. foil pouch additionally labeled with UPC 0 41133 53523 0.Pouches are packed 12 to a case. Case labeled in part, "... Mountain House FREEZE DRIED ICE CREAM SANDWICH... 12 pouches 1.13 oz, a) Cases labeled ice cream sandwiches: SKU: 0053-524; b) Neapolitan ice cream pouch: SKU: 0053-523; Code is ink jet into the back of the pouch on the right hand side, Recall # F-407-8
a) Lot code: Ink jet onto side of case lot "L80767 08064" ### (case #) and lot "L80767 08065" ### (case #) (L = Lot; 8 = last digit of year; 0767 = consecutively issued number; 08064 = Julian date (YYDDD); and ### = consecutive case number ); b) Coding: "08064" HHMM, "08065" HHMM (08064 = Julian date (YYDDD); and HHMM = time (24 hr clock)).
Oregon Freeze Dry Inc., Albany, OR, by e-mail or telephone on May 8, 2008 and followed up with a letter on May 12, 2008. Firm initiated recall is ongoing.
Some 0.75 foil packages are incorrectly labeled as Freeze Dried Neapolitan Ice Cream when they actually contain Freeze Dried Ice Cream Sandwich. The Freeze Dried Ice Cream Sandwich contains wheat flour and soy lecithin which are not listed as ingredients on the Freeze Dried Neapolitan Ice Cream label.
4044 pouches (337 cases - 12 pouches/case)


a) Manischewitz Matzo Ball Soup; Reduced Sodium; Ready to Serve; Net Wt. 24.oz. (680 g)
    Kosher for Passover and all year round; UPC 1 72700 10160 8, Recall # F-398-8;
b) Manischewitz Matzo Ball Soup; Ready to Serve; Net. Wt. 24 oz (680 gr);
    Kosher for Passover and All year Round; UPC 72700-10181, Recall # F-399-8
a) Lot Code: 0461(A,B)NMA10160;
b) Lot codes: 0251(A,B)NMA10181; 0461CNMA10181
R.A.B. Food Group LLC, Newark, NJ, by letters on May 7, 2008. Firm initiated recall is ongoing.
Soup contains insect larvae (filth).
3525 cases

Quaker Cinnamon Life Cereal, Net Wt. 21 oz. box, 14 boxes per case, UPC 0 30000 06080 3; Recall # F-405-8
Best Before Code Dates on the box: MAY 17 09 L "X" 30, MAY 18 09 L "X" 30, MAY 22 09 L "X" 30, MAY 23 09 L "X" 30. Lot Codes on the cases: MAY 22 08 L "X" 30, MAY 23 08 L "X" 30, MAY 27 08 L "X" 30, MAY 28 08 L "X" 30. "X" is a line # that can be a 1, 2, or 3
Recalling Firm: Pepsi-QTG, Chicago, IL, by telephone and fax beginning on June 3, 2008 and by letters dated June 5, 2008.
Manufacturer: Quaker Tropicana & Gatorade, Cedar Rapids, IA. Firm initiated recall is ongoing.
The cereal may possibly contain small white plastic particles, less than 2 millimeters in diameter, inadvertently introduced in the production of the product.
432 cases


a) Aspire36, Next Generation Sexual Enhancer, Liquid Capsule Technology, proprietary blend of herbal
    ingredients, 725mg, single blister packs or 3 and 12 count bottles, Recall # D-230-2008;
b) Aspire Lite, Female Sexual Enhancer, Liquid Capsule Technology, proprietary blend of herbal ingredients,
    718mg, single blister packs or 3 and 12 count bottles, Recall # D-231-2008
a) Blister Pack Capsules: 053107, 071707, 102607, 121907,
    3 count bottles: 071707, 092607A, 102607, 111707, 121907, 011708,
    12 count bottles: 053107, 071707, 092607A, 102607, 111707, 120307, 121907, 011708;
b) Lot #s: 082907, 092607B, 112007, 121907, 011708A
Recalling Firm: Palo Alto Laboratories Inc., Fort Pierce, FL, by press release on February 22, 2008, and by telephone or email or letter as of February 29, 2008.
Manufacturer: Liquidcapsule Manufacturing LLC, Miami Lakes, FL. Firm initiated recall is ongoing.
Unapproved New Drug: product found to contain Aildenafil in and Dimethyl sildenafil thione (sulfoaildenafil) analogs of Sildenafil, an FDA-approved drug used as treatment for male Erectile Dysfunction (ED).
1,008,737 Capsules
Nationwide and Internationally


SPIRIVA HandiHaler, tiotropium bromide inhalation powder, 18 mcg per capsule, 30-capsule blister cards (NDC 0597-0075-41) and 90-capsule blister cards (NDC 0597-0075-47), Rx only, Recall # D-224-2008
Lots: 704577A, exp. 10/08; 705425A, exp. 11/08; 707703A, exp. 02/09; 707703B, exp. 02/09; 707987A, exp. 02/09; 708066A, exp. 02/09; 708307, exp. 03/09
Recalling Firm: Boehringer Ingelheim Pharmaceuticals, Inc., Ridgefield, CT, by letters on June 9, 2008.
Manufacturer: Boehringer Ingelheim Pharma KG, Ingelheim, Germany. Firm initiated recall is ongoing.
Product may not meet specifications for aerodynamic particle size distribution throughout shelf life.
889,132 units

a) ACEON®, (perindopril erbumine) Tablets, 2 mg, Bottles of 100, Rx Only, NDC 0032-1101-01,
    Recall # D-227-2008;
b) ACEON®, (perindopril erbumine) Tablets, 4 mg, Bottles of 100, Rx Only, NDC 0032-1102-01,
    Recall # D-228-2008;
c) ACEON®, (perindopril erbumine) Tablets, 8 mg, Bottles of 100, Rx Only, NDC 0032-1103-01,
    Recall # D-229-2008
a) Lot 3064835, Expiration: 08/2009;
b) Lot 3063489, Expiration: 12/2009, Lot 3063490, Expiration: 12/2009, and Lot 3064276, Expiration: 01/2010;
c) Lot 3063493, Expiration: 12/2009, Lot 3064277, Expiration: 01/2010, and Lot 3064278, Expiration: 01/2010
Recalling Firm: Solvay Pharmaceuticals, Inc., Marietta, GA, by letter on/about June 19, 2008.
Manufacturer: Patheon – Cincinnati Operations, Cincinnati, OH. Firm initiated recall is ongoing.
Presence of foreign substance; possibility of trace amounts of latex.
23,676 units


Carisoprodol, Aspirin and Codeine Phosphate Tablets, USP, 200mg/325mg/16mg, Rx only, 100 tablets, Activis Totowa LLC, NDC 52152-138-02,
Also labeled under Amide Pharmaceutical Inc., NDC 52152-138-02, Soma Compound with Codeine Tablets, USP, Distributed by: MedPointe, NDC 0037-2403-01 and
Qualitest, NDC 0603-2884-21, Recall # D-223-2008
60341A Apr-08 60484A1 May-08 60485A1 May-08 60713A1 Aug-08 61024A Nov-08 61025A Nov-08 70256A Apr-09 70257A Mar-09 70488A Jun-09 70702A Aug-09
Actavis Totowa LLC, Totowa, NJ, by letters on May 7, 2008. Firm initiated recall is ongoing.
Superpotent; Codeine Phosphate
17,044 bottles: 8967 Amide, 4188 MedPointe, 1825 Qualitest

Hydrocortisone and Acetic Acid Otic Solution, USP, 10mL bottle, Rx only, NDC 0603-7039-39, Recall # D-225-2008
Lots: L003M06, exp. 6/08; L038E07A, exp.11/08; L055E07, exp. 11/08; L037G07, exp. 1/09; L033H07, exp. 2/09; L034H07, exp. 2/09; L035H07, exp. 2/09; L013K07, exp. 4/09
Vintage Pharmaceuticals LLC, Huntsville, AL, by letter on June 5, 2008. Firm initiated recall is ongoing.
Product fails specification for individual impurity.
52,259 units

PREMPRO® (conjugated estrogens/medroxyprogesterone acetate tablets) 0.45 mg/1.5 mg, Rx only, NDC 0046-0937-09. One carton contains 3 EZ-DIAL® Dispensers of 28 tablets each. 1 EZ-DIAL® Dispenser (NDC 0046-0937-08) contains 28 gold PREMPRO® Tablets containing 0.45 mg of the conjugated estrogens found in Premarin® and 1.5 mg of medroxyprogesterone acetate Recall # D-226-2008
Lot: C61131, exp. January 2009
Recalling Firm: Wyeth Pharmaceuticals, Philadelphia, PA, by letters on June 12, 2008.
Manufacturer: Wyeth Pharmaceuticals, Inc., Rouses Point, NY. Firm initiated recall is ongoing.
Failed USP dissolution test requirements
23,391 cartons of 3 dispensers


Access Ultra sensitive Insulin Assay Kit, Part Number 33410. The product is a paramagnetic particle, chemiluminescent immunoassay for the quantitative determination of insulin levels in human serum and plasma (EDTA) using the Access Immunoassay Systems, Recall # Z-1160-2008
Lot Numbers: 714362 (Exp. 3/31/09), 716129 (Exp. 6/30/09), 718258 (Exp. 7/31/09), 519096 (Exp. 10/31/07), 521487 (Exp. 2/28/08), 616274 (Exp. 7/31/08), 617890 (Exp. 7/31/08), 617891 (Exp. 7/31/08) and 620204 (Exp. 12/31/08)
Recalling Firm: Beckman Coulter, Inc., Brea, CA, by letter on September 19, 2007.
Manufacturer: Beckman Coulter, Inc., Chaska, MN. Firm initiated recall is ongoing.
False negative results when used to test serum samples (as compared to plasma samples).
8,537 kits
Nationwide and Internationally

S/5 iCentral, Cardiovascular Monitoring Devices, Versions L-NET03, L-NETC03, L-NET05 and L-NETC05, Recall #  Z-1161-2008
CZC7244NXM CZC5510Y6G CZC61030GC CZC5492LL2 5100648 5100649 5100650 5100651 5100653 5100654 5100655 5115314 5123573 5123574 5123575 5123578 5132670 5132671 5132672 5132673 5132674 5132675 5132676 5132677 5132678 5132679 5132680 5132681 5140814 5148398 5148399 5148404 5148405 5148406 5148407 5148408 5156075 5156076 5156077 5156078 5156079 5156080 5156081 5156284 5165853 5165868 5171824 5173135 5178892 5178893 5178894 5178895 5178896 5178898 5178899 5178900 5182706 5182709 5182710 5182711 5182718 5199055 5199063 5199080 5205776 5205777 5213714 5213715 5213716 5213717 5213718 5213719 5213720 5213721 5213722 5213723 5213724 5213725 5213727 5213728 5213729 5213730 5213731 5213732 5213733 5213734 5213741 6004804 6161335 6161447 6186167 6299938 6315252 C2C528245B CZC5240Q16 CZC5240Q18 CZC5240Q1G CZC5240Q1J CZC5240Q1L CZC5240Q1Q CZC5280BS7 CZC5280BSD CZC528244Y CZC528245B CZC53003B3 CZC53003B8 CZC53003B9 CZC53003BQ CZC53003BR CZC53003BX CZC5391VDQ CZC5391VF4 CZC5391VFJ CZC5391VFS CZC5391VG5 CZC5391VGL CZC5472F8J CZC5492LJQ CZC5492LK5 CZC5492LKS CZC5492LLD CZC5492LLH CZC5492LLM CZC5510Y60 CZC5510Y63 CZC5510Y64 CZC5510Y6B CZC5510Y6J CZC5510Y6M CZC5510Y6N CZC61030G8 CZC61030GH CZC61030H0 CZC6130L2N CZC6130L2P CZC6130L2S CZC6130L30 CZC6130L3B CZC6130L3F CZC6181MSZ CZC6181MT0 CZC6181MT1 CZC6181MT8 CZC6261MW4 CZC6261MW5 CZC6261MWM CZC6261MWT CZC6261MWZ CZC62803TK CZC62803TR CZC6291WTP CZC6291WTR CZC63128WC CZC63128WT CZC63128X5 CZC6322Q7L CZC6322Q85 CZC6322Q88 CZC6394DFG CZC6394DGV CZC64006JT CZC64006JY CZC64006K3 CZC64006KB CZC642559H CZC642559M CZC642559Z CZC64255BK CZC64255BX CZC64511L8 CZC64511LK CZC6482WKB CZC6482WKL CZC6482WKM CZC6482WKT CZC6482WKY CZC7132V6M CZC7132V6P CZC7132V6V CZC7132V76 CZC7132V79 CZC7132V7D CZC7132V7Z CZC7132V80 CZC7132V83 CZC7212G4K CZC7212G51 CZC7212G52 CZC7215009 CZC721500C CZC721500D CZC721500M CZC721500R CZC721500T CZC7215010 CZC72414B9 CZC7244NXG CZC7244NXJ CZC7250WNJ CZC7272RLH CZC7272RLS CZC7272RM2 CZC7272RM6 CZC7290DYF CZC7290DZ1 CZC73312RZ CZC7363P2Z CZC7363P3M CZC7364RTL CZC7364RV2 CZC7364RV6 CZC7414GGD CZC7414GJH FRB4210XQ9 FRB4210XQZ FRB4210XSV FRB4250QGW FRB4250SM6 FRB4250SM8 FRB4250SZY FRB4250T0D FRB4250T0H FRB4250T0Q FRB4250T10 FRB4250T11 FRB4260139 CZC5492LLJ CZC7244NXQ CZC5391VF7 5100635 5100637 5100640 5100652 5115311 5126769 5126770 5140808 5148400 5170751 5170752 5199050 5205317 5213739 5225432 5225433 6120270 CZC5240Q12 CZC5240Q15 CZC5240Q19 CZC5240Q1B CZC5460C82 CZC5462HW6 CZC6030779 CZC6130L37 CZC6181MTD CZC6181MTG CZC6181MTS CZC6181MTT CZC6181MTY CZC62803T3 CZC62803TG CZC62803TX CZC6322Q86 CZC6394DG6 CZC64255C5 CZC7080QKF CZC7132V7S CZC7132V7Y CZC7212G4Y CZC7212G53 CZC721500Y FRB4250T0F FRB426012Z CZC528244Z CZC603077D CZC61030GC 5077175 5126785 5132684 5156286 5156287 5156288 5156289 5156290 5165839 5165840 5165841 5165842 5165843 5165844 5165845 5165846 5165847 5165848 5165849 5165850 5165851 5165852 5175459 5175467 5175468 5182673 5182692 5182696 5199062 5205307 5205316 5205321 5205323 5205329 5205780 5213738 5222755 5225444 5225448 6111282 6111283 6161279 6161280 6161281 6161302 6161303 6161318 6161319 6161320 6161321 6161334 6161354 6161355 6161356 6161357 6161358 6161359 6161361 6161362 6161363 6161364 6161365 6161366 6161367 6161368 6161369 6161370 6161371 6161372 6161373 6161374 6161375 6161376 6161377 6161392 6161393 6161394 6161395 6161396 6161397 6161398 6161399 6161400 6161401 6161402 6161403 6161404 6161405 6161406 6161407 6161408 6161409 6161410 6161411 6161412 6161413 6161414 6161415 6161416 6161427 6161437 6161446 6186166 6186171 6197698 6203596 6203824 6269008 6315249 CZC5240Q10 CZC5240Q17 CZC5240Q1Y CZC5240Q20 CZC5280BRZ CZC5280BS1 CZC5280BS8 CZC5280BSG CZC5280BSH CZC5280BSP CZC5280BSV CZC5282452 CZC5282458 CZC528245D CZC530039Z CZC53003B0 CZC53003BD CZC53003BT CZC53003BY CZC5391VDY CZC5391VF5 CZC5391VF8 CZC5391VG0 CZC5391VG1 CZC5391VG7 CZC5391VG8 CZC5391VGB CZC5391VGH CZC5391VGM CZC5391VGS CZC5460C7X CZC5460C7Z CZC5462BV2 CZC5462BV9 CZC5472F7T CZC5472F8G CZC5492LK8 CZC5492LKD CZC5492LKG CZC5492LKQ CZC5492LKW CZC5492LL5 CZC5510Y5Q CZC5510Y5R CZC5510Y5S CZC5510Y69 CZC5510Y6D CZC61544W1 CZC6181MT6 CZC6261MW1 CZC6261MW6 CZC6261MWG CZC6261MWJ CZC6261MWL CZC6261MWQ CZC6261MX1 CZC62803TZ CZC63128WG CZC63128WX CZC6322Q7H CZC6394DGQ CZC6394DHC CZC64006JV CZC64006JX CZC64006K4 CZC6425587 CZC6425590 CZC64255B2 CZC64255B8 CZC64255BG CZC64255BP CZC64255BS CZC64255C8 CZC64255C9 CZC64255CF CZC64511LL CZC6482WJZ CZC6482WK2 CZC6482WK9 CZC6482WKJ CZC7080QJ2 CZC7080QJ9 CZC7080QJF CZC7080QJN CZC7080QJT CZC7080QK9 CZC7132V7C CZC7132V81 CZC7132V82 CZC7212G4S CZC7212G4X CZC721500Z CZC7244NXT CZC7250WN9 CZC7250WNF CZC7290DYG CZC7290DYS CZC73312RB CZC7364RRL CZC7364RRM CZC7364RRV CZC7364RS8 CZC7364RSN CZC7364RTT CZC7364RTY CZC7414GGR FRB4210XRC FRB4210XRR FRB4210XSP FRB4210XSY FRB4210XSZ FRB4250SM5 FRB4250SMG FRB4250SWT FRB4250T0P FRB426011S FRB426012C FRB4260133 FRB426013Q CZC6261MWB CZC6261MWY 5100628 5100642 5100644 5100645 5115308 5115310 5123582 5123586 5123587 5126768 5126773 5156048 5156074 5156283 5165855 5165860 5171810 5199048 5205306 5213742 5213748 5222752 6111290 6255417 6327416 CZC5240Q1T CZC528244S CZC528245H CZC528245J CZC5391VFB CZC5391VG4 CZC5492LJL CZC5492LK2 CZC5492LKF CZC5492LKV CZC5492LL8 CZC5521M4D CZC6130L2R CZC62803T8 CZC62803TF CZC62803TP CZC6383VV6 CZC6383VVF CZC6383VVH CZC6383VVJ CZC6394DGR CZC6394DGS CZC6425596 CZC64255B4 CZC64511LH CZC6482WLF CZC7132V6Z CZC7272RLT CZC7272RLZ CZC7272RM0 CZC73312S0 CZC7364RRN CZC7414GGW FRB4210XS8 CZC5492LK6 5225446 6203582 CZC5521M47 CZC5521M50 CZC6103069 CZC61030GL CZC6130L3D CZC6261MWF CZC64511LX CZC6482WKP CZC7080QKD CZC721500G CZC721500H CZC721500J CZC724149X CZC72414B7 CZC72414BI CZC7250WN8 CZC7272RM7 CZC7290DYK CZC7290DYL CZC7290DYT CZC7290DYY CZC73312RF CZC73312RP CZC7363P37 5182681 5182682 5225439 5225440 6022568 6043180 6065613 6131586 6131596 6203667 6228511 6279463 6307436 CZC5280BRX CZC528244P CZC528244X CZC53003BL CZC5391VF0 CZC5391VG3 CZC5391VGR CZC5472F7W CZC5492LKH CZC5492LKK CZC5510Y67 CZC603076F CZC603076M CZC603076T CZC603076Y CZC61544VJ CZC6181MTL CZC6322Q7G CZC6322Q7W CZC6322Q80 CZC6322Q8C CZC6394DFQ CZC6394DH3 CZC6394DH4 CZC6482WKK CZC6482WKS CZC7414GM8 FRB4210XPW FRB4210XPZ FRB4210XQD FRB4210XQF FRB4210XQG FRB4210XQV FRB4210XQY FRB4210XRD FRB4210XRP FRB4210XSS FRB4210XSX FRB4250QG9 FRB4250QGG FRB4250QGL FRB4250SM7 FRB4250SZR FRB4250T0N FRB4250T0V FRB426012N FRB426013F FRB426014Q 5126787 5170740 5170741 5170743 5175466 5205326 5205327 5205328 5222754 6022570 6030463 CZC5391VFK CZC5492LL9 CZC5521M48 CZC601030GK CZC6228603 CZC64255CB CZC6482WJV CZC7080QJL CZC7080QJZ CZC7364RTP FRB4250QG3 6061493 6061494 6061495 CZC6261MW9 CZC721500B CZC7364RV9 CZC6394DGP CZC6394DGY 6303248 CZC6322Q81 CZC721500Q CZC64006K0 5077170 5077172 5100630 5100647 5126777 5126778 5126780 5182680 5199046 6061497 6061498 6061499 6061500 6061501 6061502 6061503 6061504 CZC5462HW1 CZC5521M4F CZC5521M4J CZC61030GB CZC61030GJ CZC61030GN CZC61544VB CZC7080QJV CZC7080QK0 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5170759 5170761 5182700 5182719 5199053 5199066 5199070 5205303 5205771 6120283 6310167 CZC5240Q1K CZC5240Q1R CZC5240Q1S CZC528244Q CZC5282455 CZC5282456 CZC5282457 CZC528245F CZC528245P CZC53003B6 CZC53003BB CZC53003BM CZC53003BN CZC53003BP CZC53003BW CZC5391VDR CZC5391VDZ CZC5391VF6 CZC5391VFL CZC5391VFX CZC5391VGF CZC5460C7W CZC5462HVZ CZC5472F84 CZC5472F85 CZC5492LK1 CZC5492LKY CZC5492LLC CZC5521M43 CZC5521M4H CZC6030771 CZC61030GT CZC6130L2M CZC6130L34 CZC6130L36 CZC61544V8 CZC6181MTR CZC6261MW7 CZC6261MWD CZC6261MWP CZC6261MWX CZC63128WK CZC6322Q87 CZC6394DFT CZC64006JS CZC64006KG CZC64006KK CZC642558X CZC64255BQ CZC64511L3 CZC64511LF CZC64511M2 CZC64511M3 CZC64511M4 CZC7105QDS CZC7212G4F CZC7212G54 CZC7212G55 CZC721500P CZC7244NXH CZC7244NXK CZC7272RLW CZC7290DYD CZC7290DYH CZC7290DYM CZC7290DYQ CZC729ODZ4 CZC73312RS CZC7363P32 CZC7364RVB CZC7364RVG FRB4210XPX FRB4210XQJ FRB4210XQM FRB4210XS2 FRB4210XSH FRB4250SWR FRB4250SZ6 FRB4250SZ7 FRB4250T0Z FRB4260131 FRB426013W FRB426014M CZC6181MTB CZC6425594 5100634 5115309 5129989 5140813 5156291 5165863 5171826 5171827 5175461 5199056 5199057 5205309 6203592 6255652 6279447 6299949 CZC5391VGK CZC5472F87 CZC603076G CZC603076J CZC603076L CZC603076W CZC6030774 CZC61544V6 CZC61544VF CZC6181MTX CZC62803T4 CZC63128WH CZC6394DGZ CZC64006JN CZC64006K6 CZC64006KP CZC64006L9 CZC64255CK CZC6482WJR CZC6482WJT CZC6482WK1 CZC6482WKD CZC7080QJK CZC7080QJP CZC7212G4H FRB4210XQX FRB4210XR1 FRB4210XS7 FRB4250T0J CZC5472F80 CZC5460C7J CZC603076R CZC6030777 CZC61030G0 CZC61030G5 CZC61030GF CZC642559Y CZC642889N CZC7364RRH CZC5280BSR CZC53003B4 CZC5460C7H CZC5460C7M CZC5460C7R CZC5460C7S CZC5460C7T CZC5460C7V CZC5460C80 CZC5460C83 CZC5460C84 CZC5460C88 CZC5460C89 CZC5472F82 CZC5472F8B CZC5472F8D CZC5472F8P CZC5492LL0 CZC5492LLB CZC63128W9 CZC63128WP CZC6394DGF CZC64006K8 CZC64006KH CZC6482WLD CZC7302PJX CZC73312RD 5089747 CZC63128X4 CZC7105QDX CZC7105QFK FRB4250SMB FRB4250SMD CZC6391G9T CZC7080QJC 5205305 CZC7105QFM CZC7363P3F FRB4250T0C CZC6425598 CZC64511LZ CZC7364RTV CZC5492LL2 999999.01 999999.02 999999.03 999999.04 5170753 5213740 CZC52303S6 CZC52303S8 CZC528244V CZC53003BC CZC53003BH CZC53003BJ CZC5391VF3 CZC5462BV7 CZC5492LJP CZC5492LKR CZC5492LKX CZC5510Y5Y CZC5521M40 CZC5521M45 CZC5521M49 CZC5521M4B CZC5521M4C CZC5521M4R CZC5521M4V CZC5521M4X CZC5521M4Y CZC61030GM CZC6130L2X CZC6181MT7 CZC6261MWS CZC62803TD CZC62803TJ CZC62803TW CZC63128WB CZC63128WN CZC63128WR CZC63128X2 CZC63128X6 CZC6322Q82 CZC6322Q8B CZC6391G9V CZC6394DG0 CZC6394DG1 CZC64006JW CZC64006JZ CZC64006KD CZC64006KX CZC64006KZ CZC64006L2 CZC642558V CZC642558W CZC642559C CZC642559K CZC64255B0 CZC64255B3 CZC64255B5 CZC64255B7 CZC64255BF CZC64255BH CZC64255BM CZC73312RG CZC73312RH CZC73312RL CZC73312S1 CZC7363P2W CZC7363P34 CZC7363P38 CZC7363P3C CZC7363P3G CZC7363P3J CZC7363P3K CZC7364RT6 5089744 5100656 5126786 5129985 5156054 5165856 5165857 5171825 5175450 5175451 5175452 5182675 5182690 5199052 5199067 5199068 5213711 5213743 5222753 5225437 5225438 6004814 6048672 6049786 6049787 6061486 6061487 6061488 6061489 6061490 6061491 6061492 6095066 6161298 6279448 6315265 CZC5240Q1M CZC5280BS4 CZC5280BSF CZC5280BSM CZC5280BST CZC5282454 CZC5391VDV CZC5441LL0 CZC5462BV6 CZC5492LJV CZC5492LJZ CZC5510Y5W CZC5521M42 CZC5521M46 CZC5521M4P CZC5521M4Q CZC6130L2V CZC61544W0 CZC61544V9 CZC61544VH CZC61544VL CZC61544VQ CZC61544VV CZC61544VY CZC6181MTV CZC6394DFY CZC6394DG4 CZC6394DG8 CZC6394DGH CZC6394DGK CZC6394DH0 CZC6394DH9 CZC64006K9 CZC64006KL CZC64006KR CZC64006KW CZC642558N CZC64511L6 CZC6482WK7 CZC6482WKX CZC6482WL3 CZC6482WLB CZC7105QF0 CZC7132V6T CZC7132V70 CZC7132V73 CZC7132V7K CZC7212G42 CZC73312RQ CZC73312RR CZC73312RW CZC7364RTR CZC7414GGT CZC7414GGZ FRB4250QG5 FRB4250QGR FRB4250QGY FRB4250QH3 FRB4250SWV FRB4250SWW FRB4250SZ9 FRB4250SZW FRB4250SZZ FRB4250T02 FRB4250T04 FRB4250T0M FRB426011Q FRB4260129 FRB426013N FRB426013Z FRB4260140 CZC7364RTZ 5182721 5089743 5089745 5089746 5140815 5156050 5205320 5205322 6061496 6111274 6111275 6228473 6228586 CZC5240Q1C CZC5391VFY CZC5391VG6 CZC5492LKT CZC5492LL6 CZC62803TH CZC7364RS5 FRB426014P 5165859 5170762 5170766 5171811 5171812 5175448 5182684 5182693 5182699 5182705 5182707 5182708 5182722 5199041 5199042 5205301 5222765 6004796 6065625 6095050 CZC5240Q1D CZC5240Q1H CZC5391VFQ CZC5391VFV CZC5391VG2 CZC5391VGD CZC5391VGJ CZC5460C7F CZC5460C7N CZC5460C7Q CZC5460C86 CZC5492LJX CZC5492LKC CZC5521M4M CZC5521M4Z CZC6130L2Y CZC6261MWC CZC63128WY CZC6322Q7R CZC64006KS CZC64006KY CZC642558Q CZC642559D CZC64255BW CZC7080QJ7 CZC7364RS9 CZC7414GGV 5132682 5148395 5148396 5148397 5165864 5165865 5165866 5165867 5171809 5182715 5182716 5182717 5199051 5205310 5205311 5225447 CZC5492LKB CZC5510Y5X CZC5521M4W CZC6181MTH CZC62803TN CZC6394D67 FRB4250SMJ CZC5391VGG CZC642558M CZC6425592 5182713 5170760 CZC551046P CZC7105QDV CZC7364RTW FRB4210XS1 FRB4250SZN CZC6425594 5165858 5225425 CZC5280BRW CZC5460C87 CZC5492LKL CZC603076N CZC61030G6 CZC6322Q7F CZC6322Q7K CZC6322Q7S CZC6394DGG CZC642558P CZC6425597 CZC642559B CZC7080QJ8 CZC7080QK7 FRB426012P FRB426012T 5126774 5129986 5129987 5129988 5156272 5170746 5170747 5213726 5225424 5225430 5225435 CZC5240Q1F CZC5462BV3 CZC6181MT4 CZC6181MTN CZC6181MTQ CZC7244NXM CZC7244NXQ CZC5472F88 CZC5472F8S 5213735 5225441 CZC53003BK CZC6130L2H CZC6291WTN CZC63128WM CZC64511M0 CZC72414B3 CZC72414B6 CZC7250WNB CZC7364RRG CZC7364RTK 5175454 5140807 5156083 5213707 5225426 5225436 CZC53003B2 CZC53003B5 CZC5492LK4 CZC63128X1 CZC642559F CZC64255B1 CZC7105QF1 CZC724149T FRB4210XSD FRB4250SWZ FRB426011G FRB426013M 5182679 5089740 5123579 5123580 5123581 5156273 5156274 5156280 5182677 5199043 5199044 5199047 5199069 5199071 5199072 5225442 CZC5280BSS CZC53003B1 CZC5460C7B CZC5462BTZ CZC6130L3C CZC64006L6 CZC642559Q CZC642559T CZC642559W CZC64255B6 CZC64255B9 CZC64255BD CZC64255BL CZC64255BV CZC64255C7 CZC7080QJM CZC7105QDR CZC7132V7P CZC7414GGC FRB4260120 FRB4260124 FRB4260125 FRB426013X 5100641 5115306 5156055 5156057 5165854 5170738 5170748 5170749 5171820 5171821 5171822 5171823 5175464 5175465 5182683 5205319 5205772 5205773 5205774 5205775 CZC5240Q13 CZC5240Q14 CZC5460C85 CZC5462HW5 CZC5492LL3 CZC61030G4 CZC61030GD CZC61030H2 CZC61544VD CZC61544VM CZC61544VZ CZC6261MWH CZC6322Q7Q CZC64255BT CZC64255BY CZC7105QF2 CZC7105QF9 CZC7105QFD CZC7105QFJ CZC72126A6 CZC7212G4J 5100633 5100643 5140822 5148392 5156049 5170744 5213709 5213746 5213747 5213749 6064621 6064622 6064623 6064624 6064625 6064626 6064627 6064628 6064629 6064630 6064631 6064632 6064633 CZC5521M4K CZC61030GX CZC6130L3G CZC6181MT5 CZC6181MT9 CZC6181MTM CZC62803TC CZC62803TQ CZC62803TT CZC62803V0 CZC63128WD CZC63128WJ CZC63182WL CZC642558L CZC6425595 CZC642559V CZC64255C1 CZC64255CJ CZC64511LQ CZC73312RY CZC7364RRR CZC7364RTQ CZC7364RVD FRB4250SMF FRB4250SMH FRB4250SWS CZC6383VVK CZC6391G9W CZC6391G9X CZC64006KN CZC64006KT CZC64006KV CZC64006L3 CZC72414B4 CZC7364RRY CZC7244NXD CZC7244NXP 5065152 5065156 5065157 5065158 5065159 5077167 5077168 5148393 5156278 5156279 5156281 5175445 5175446 5175447 5175449 5199076 5199077 5199078 5199079 CZC5280BS5 CZC5280BSK CZC5460C7Y CZC5462HW0 CZC5462HW8 CZC5462HVY CZC5472F8T CZC5492LJS CZC5521M44 CZC6130L2J CZC6130L2L CZC6130L2T CZC63128WF CZC63128WZ CZC63128X7 CZC63128X8 CZC63128XQ CZC64006JH CZC64255BC CZC64255BJ CZC64255C2 CZC64255CD CZC6482WKG CZC7080QHY CZC7105QDY CZC7105QF8 CZC7105QFB CZC7105QFQ CZC7132V72 CZC7212G50 CZC721500K CZC7244NX4 CZC7244NX8 CZC7244NXC CZC7250WNP CZC7364RSH CZC7364RSS CZC7414GGL CZC7414GHT CZC5460C7K CZC7105QFF 5065150 5065151 5065153 5065154 5065155 5077171 5077174 5126775 5126776 5126779 5140806 5140819 5140820 5140821 5156052 5156053 5156275 5156276 5156282 5156285 5165861 5170757 5175442 5182694 5182695 5182701 5182712 5182714 5199054 5199064 5199065 5213703 5225427 5225429 5225445 6120325 6161422 6197653 CZC528245K CZC5391VFC CZC5391VFG CZC5391VFR CZC5391VFW CZC5391VGN CZC5472F8L CZC5492LJY CZC5510Y5T CZC62803T5 CZC62803TL CZC62803TS CZC63128WW CZC6394DH7 CZC64006JK CZC64006JR CZC64006KM CZC642558J CZC6425599 CZC64255CH CZC64511LN CZC64511LS CZC64511M9 CZC7105QDP CZC7105QDT CZC7105QDZ CZC7105QFG CZC7105QFR CZC7105QFS CZC7132V7X CZC7212G4P CZC7212G4Q CZC7244NX5 CZC7244NXF CZC7364RSK CZC7364RSL CZC7364RSV FRB4250QH1 FRB426012S 5205318 5213708 5213736 5213744 5213750 5225434 CZC6394DG3 CZC6482WK8 CZC6130L33 CZC7080QK5 CZC7244NX7 5126781 5126782 5126783 5126784 5140824 5148389 CZC6482WJS CZC6482WKF CZC6482WLG CZC6482WLJ CZC7250WNN
Recalling Firm: GE Healthcare, Wauwatosa, WI, by letter on December 13, 2007.
Manufacturer: GE Healthcare Finland Oy, Helsinki, Finland. Firm initiated recall is ongoing.
Failure to alarm: An active monitor could become disconnected from the unit without any notification or alarm.
2,146 devices
Nationwide and Internationally

a)  1 Liter Latex-Free Breathing Bags; Reservoir Bag; Vendor Part Number: 720059B,
    Medline Item Number: 40056; Available in various Anesthesia Circuit Kits and
    Complete Delivery System kits including:
    1) Item Number CDS980230I, NICU-OR CDS;
    2) Item Number DYNJ22691, Basin Supply Pack;
    3) Item Number DYNJ24724, Spine-Crani Anesthesia Kit;
    4) Item Number DYNJAAHY11, Hyperinflation System-UHS-1L;
    5) Item Number DYNJAP0010, Anesthesia Circuit Ped-LF;
    6) Item Number DYNJAP0011A, Pediatric Circuit-LF;
    7) Item Number DYNJAP0012, Pediatric Anesthesia 40 In. CI;
    8) Item Number DYNJAP0100, Pedi Breathing Circuit-LF;
    9) Item Number DYNJAP0101, Anesthesia Circuit-Ped;
    10) Item Number DYNJAP4012, Anesthesia Circuit Ped;
    11) Item Number DYNJAP4013, Anesthesia Circuit;
    12) Item Number DYNJAP4702A, Anesth Circuit Ped GS Line;
    13) Item Number DYNJAP4707, Anesth Circuit 40in Ped-LF;
    14) Item Number DYNJAP4722, Anes Cir 40 Ped GSEPW HYBABYH;
    15) Item Number DYNJAP4729A, Circ Ped Anes Super-LF;
    16) Item Number DYNJAP4730A, Circuit Pediatric Anesthesia;
    17) Item Number DYNJAP4732, Anesth Circ Ped 40in 2B/V;
    18) Item Number DYNJAP4740, Anesth Circ 40in Ped;
    19) Item Number DYNJAP6101, Anesthesia Circuit;
    20) Item Number DYNJAP6105, Anesth Circuit 60in Ped;
    21) Item Number DYNJAP6106, Anes Circ Ped 60in BI GSE-LF;
    22) Item Number DYNJAP6107, Anesth Circ Ped 60in ANG HME;
    23) Item Number DYNJAP6108, Anesth Circuit 60in Ped;
    24) Item Number DYNJAP6109, Anesth Circ Ped 60in B/V 1L-LF;
    25) Item Number DYNJAP6111, Anes Cir Ped 60 GSEPW PALL FIL;
    26) Item Number DYNJAP6112, Anesthesia-Peds Circuit;
    27) Item Number DYNJAP6113, Circuit Pedi 60in;
    28) Item Number DYNJAP6114, Anesth Circ 60in Ped;
    29) Item Number DYNJAP6116, Anesth Circ 60in Ped;
    30) Item Number DYNJAP6120A, Pediatric Circuit 40in LF;
    31) Item Number DYNJAP6124, Anesth Circ Pedi 60in 1L GSL;
    32) Item Number DYNJAP6127, Anes Circ Pedi 60in-LF;
    33) Item Number DYNJAP6130, Anesth Circ Ped 60in 1L-LF;
    34) Item Number DYNJAP6132A, Circuit Pediatric Anesthesia;
    35) Item Number DYNJAP6133, Anesth Circuit Peds 60in-LF;
    36) Item Number DYNJAP6136, Circuit Peds Anesthesia;
    37) Item Number DYNJAP6137, Circuit Pediatric Anesthesia;
    38) Item Number DYNJAP7217A, Anesth Circuit 72in Exp Ped BI;
    39) Item Number DYNJAP7225A, Circuit Pediatric Anesthesia;
    40) Item Number DYNJAP7227, Anes. 90in Exp Pedi -LF;
    41) Item Number DYNJAP7233, Anes. Circuit 90in Exp Pedi-LF;
    42) Item Number DYNJAP7234A, Anesthesia 72in Pediatric Exp;
    43) Item Number DYNJAP7235A, Anesth Circ 72in Ped;
    44) Item Number DYNJAP7236A, Anesthesia Pedi 72in;
    45) Item Number DYNJAP7237, Circuit Pedi 90in EXP;
    46) Item Number DYNJAP7241A, Circuit Pediatric Anesthesia;
    47) Item Number DYNJAP7243B, Circ Anesth Ped 2 B/V LFree;
    48) Item Number DYNJAP7246C, Circuit Pediatric Anesthesia;
    49) Item Number DYNJAP7247, Anes Circ Peds 90in Exp;
    50) Item Number DYNJAP7248, Anesth Circ Ped 72in Exp;
    51) Item Number DYNJAP7261, Circuit Pediatric Anesthesia;
    52) Item Number DYNJAP7262, Circuit Pediatric Anesthesia;
    53) Item Number DYNJAP7263, Pediatric Anesthesia Circuits;
    54) Item Number DYNJAP9005, Anesthesia Circuit;
    55) Item Number DYNJAP9721A, Anesth Circuit Pedi HMEF LF;
    56) Item Number DYNJAP9725, Pedi Expand Circuit;
    57) Item Number DYNJAP9726, Anesth Circ Ped 90in;
    58) Item Number DYNJAP9729, Anesth Circ 90in Exp Ped;
    59) Item Number DYNJAP9730A, Circuit Pediatric 60in CORR-LF;
    60) Item Number DYNJAP9732A, Circuit Pediatric Anesthesia;
    61) Item Number DYNJAP9735, Peds Circuit;
    62) Item Number DYNJAP9739, Circuit Pediatric Anesthesia;
    63) Item Number DYNJAP9740, Circuit Pediatric Anesthesia;
    64) Item Number DYNJAP9743, Circuit Pediatric Anesthesia;
    65) Item Number DYNJAPF6003, Anesth Circ 60in Ped Unilimb;
    66) Item Number DYNJAPF6005A, Anesth Circ 60in Uni Peds;
    67) Item Number DYNJAPF6006, Anes Circ Peds 60in Uni;
    68) Item Number DYNJAPF6009, Peds Anesthesia Circuit-LF;
    69) Item Number DYNJAPF6011, Circuit Pediatric Anesthesia;
    70) Item Number DYNJAPF6013, Circuit Pediatric Anesthesia;
    71) Item Number DYNJAPF6014, Pediatric Circuit;
    72) Item Number DYNJQ9160A, T&A Procedure,
Recall # Z-1162-2008;
b) 3 Liter Latex-Free Breathing Bag; Reservoir Bag; Vendor Part Number: 720057B,
    Medline Item Number: 40053; Available in various Anesthesia Circuit Kits and
    Complete Delivery System Kits including:
    1) Item Number DYNJ09422, Anesthesia Kit-LF;
    2) Item Number DYNJAA9010A, Anesthesia Circuit Adult Expand;
    3) Item Number 00-GS2675K, Pacemaker Kit;
    4) Item Number ACC010004A, Anesthesia Drawer 6;
    5) Item Number ACC010015, Anesthesia Drawer 8;
    6) Item Number ACC010015A, Anesthesia Drawer 8;
    7) Item Number ACC010031, Anesthesia Case Cart Drawer 6;
    8) Item Number ACC010036, Anesthesia Drawer 6;
    9) Item Number ACC010056, Anesthesia Cart Drawer 6;
    10) Item Number CDS760048M, D&C CDS;
    11) Item Number CDS760050L, Vag Hyster CDS;
    12) Item Number CDS760054F, Laparoscopy CDS;
    13) Item Number CDS780080J, Major Spinal CDS;
    14) Item Number CDS780081G, Minor Spine CDS-LF;
    15) Item Number CDS780127C, Lumbar CDS;
    16) Item Number CDS780150A, Craniotomy CDS-LF;
    17) Item Number CDS780151A, Spinallami-Fusion-Disk-Lumb-LF;
    18) Item Number CDS840144B, Open Heart CDS;
    19) Item Number CDS840270C, Carotid CDS;
    20) Item Number CDS840325B, Major Vascular CDS;
    21) Item Number CDS840336A, Heart-LF;
    22) Item Number CDS840337A, Vascular Minor CDS-LF;
    23) Item Number CDS840338A, Carotid Endarectomy CDS-LF;
    24) Item Number CDS840384A, Open Heart CDS;
    25) Item Number CDS840429, Arrowhead Open Heart CDS;
    26) Item Number CDS840463A, Accessory Pack;
    27) Item Number CDS840494, AV Fistula CDS;
    28) Item Number CDS860094C, Laparoscopic Colon Resection;
    29) Item Number CDS860109A, Laparoscop Bilat Tubal Lig-LF;
    30) Item Number CDS860159, Major ABD Procedure CDS-Pack A;
    31) Item Number CDS860159A, Major ABD Procedure CDS;
    32) Item Number CDS860160A, Minor ABD Procedure CDS;
    33) Item Number CDS860161, Lithotomy Major CDS;
    34) Item Number CDS860161A, Lithotomy Major CDS;
    35) Item Number CDS860200, Lap Appy Kit;
    36) Item Number CDS860200A, Lap Appy Kit;
    37) Item Number CDS860201, Lap Chole Kit;
    38) Item Number CDS860201A, Lap Chole Kit;
    39) Item Number CDS860202, Lap Nissen Kit;
    40) Item Number CDS860202A, Lap Nissen Kit;
    41) Item Number CDS920108C, Laparoscopy CDS;
    42) Item Number CDS930145C, Lap Chole CDS;
    43) Item Number CDS930178F, Lap Chole Somc CDS-LF;
    44) Item Number CDS930183A, Lap Chole CDS-LF;
    45) Item Number CDS930208B, Lap Chole CDS;
    46) Item Number CDS940836B, Shoulder CDS;
    47) Item Number CDS940836C, Shoulder CDS;
    48) Item Number CDS940837B, Knee CDS;
    49) Item Number CDS940844C, Shoulder Arthroscopy CDS;
    50) Item Number CDS940859C, Arthroscopy CDS-LF;
    51) Item Number CDS940896F, Arthroscopy CDS;
    52) Item Number CDS940900F, Shoulder CDS;
    53) Item Number CDS941067A, Knee Replacement Total-LF;
    54) Item Number CDS941068B, Total Hip CDS-LF;
    55) Item Number CDS941248, Extremity Ortho CDS;
    56) Item Number CDS941248A, Extremity Ortho CDS;
    57) Item Number CDS941325, Dr Zeegan Total Hip Encino;
    58) Item Number CDS941326, Dr Zeegan Total Hip Encino;
    59) Item Number CDS980153B, Basic CDS;
    60) Item Number CDS980211C, O.R. Turnover Kit;
    61) Item Number CDS980228K, Breast Biopsy CDS;
    62) Item Number CDS980232L, Plastic CDS;
    63) Item Number CDS980395, D&C/Vaginal Minor CDS-LF;
    64) Item Number CDS980510D, Neuro Associates Laminectomy;
    65) Item Number CDS980701, Shoulder Arthroscopy Procedure;
    66) Item Number CDS980702, Knee Arthroscopy Procedure;
    67) Item Number CDS980703, Extremity Procedure;
    68) Item Number CDS980704, Spine Procedure;
    69) Item Number CDS980749, Minor CDS;
    70) Item Number CDS980794, Lithotomy CDS;
    71) Item Number CDS980796, Knee Arthroscopy CDS;
    72) Item Number CDS980797, Gyn Abd CDS;
    73) Item Number CDS980798, C-Section CDS;
    74) Item Number CDS980799, Lap Chole CDS;
    75) Item Number CDS980800, Hand CDS-Dr Casey;
    76) Item Number CDS980801A, Lap Gastric CDS;
    77) Item Number CDS980817, Total Hip CDS;
    78) Item Number CDS980818, AV Fistula CDS;
    79) Item Number CDS980819, Knee Arthroscopy CDS;
    80) Item Number CDS980820, Shoulder Arthroscopy CDS;
    81) Item Number CDS980821, Spine CDS;
    82) Item Number CDS980822, Total Knee CDS;
    83) Item Number CDS980823, Hand CDS;
    84) Item Number CDS980831, Gastric Bypass CDS;
    85) Item Number CDS980846, Spinal CDS-LF;
    86) Item Number CDS980847, Laparoscopy CDS-LF;
    87) Item Number CDS980848, Universal Drape CDS;
    88) Item Number CDS980849, Vascular Split Drape CDS;
    89) Item Number CDS980850, Laminectomy CDS;
    90) Item Number CDS980851, Head and Neck CDS;
    91) Item Number CDS980904, Minor Procedure CDS;
    92) Item Number CMPJ21747A, Extremity Pack;
    93) Item Number CMPJY0146D, Peripheral Vascular-LF;
    94) Item Number DYNJAA0063, Anesthesia Super Circuit;
    95) Item Number DYNJAA0261B, Anesthesia Super Circuit-LF;
    96) Item Number DYNJAA0266A, Anesth Super Circ 60in Uni;
    97) Item Number DYNJAA0283B, Anesth Circ 40in Adult 3LTR-LF;
    98) Item Number DYNJAA4751, Custom Circuit-Adult;
    99) Item Number DYNJAA4755A, Anesthesia Circuit;
    100) Item Number DYNJAA4757A, Anesth Circ 40in Adult Discnct;
    101) Item Number DYNJAA4761, Anesth Circ 40in Adult;
    102) Item Number DYNJAA4765C, Kit Anesthesia Accessory;
    103) Item Number DYNJAA4774, Anesth Circ 40in Adult;
    104) Item Number DYNJAA4776A, Circuit Adult Anesthesia;
    105) Item Number DYNJAA4778, Anesth Circ Adult 40in 2BV SWI;
    106) Item Number DYNJAA4791A, Circuit Adult Anesthesia;
    107) Item Number DYNJAA4792, Circuit Anes Adult 40in Corr;
    108) Item Number DYNJAA4798, Anes Circ 40 Ltx Free Gas Lin;
    109) Item Number DYNJAA4805, Circuit Adult Anesthesia;
    110) Item Number DYNJAA4808, Adult Anesthesia Circuit;
    111) Item Number DYNJAA4808A, Adult Anesthesia Circuit;
    112) Item Number DYNJAA4809, Circuit Adult Anesthesia-LF;
    113) Item Number DYNJAA4809A, Circuit Adult Anesthesia-LF;
    114) Item Number DYNJAA4811A, Circuit Adult Anesthesia;
    115) Item Number DYNJAA4812, Adult Anesthesia Circuit;
    116) Item Number DYNJAA4815, Adult Anesthesia Circuit;
    117) Item Number DYNJAA4816, Circuit Adult Anesthesia;
    118) Item Number DYNJAA4817, Circuit Adult Anesthesia;
    119) Item Number DYNJAA4819, Anesthesia Circuit Adult Kit;
    120) Item Number DYNJAA4820, Circuit Adult Anesthesia;
    121) Item Number DYNJAA4821, Adult Anesthesia Circuit;
    122) Item Number DYNJAA4828, Circuit Adult Anesthesia;
    123) Item Number DYNJAA6420B, AVH Breathing Circuit-LF;
    124) Item Number DYNJAA6445, Anesthesia Circuit 60 LFree;
    125) Item Number DYNJAA6453, Anesth Circ Adult 60in;
    126) Item Number DYNJAA6459A, Anesthesia Circuit;
    127) Item Number DYNJAA6461B, Anes Circ Adult 90in EXP-LF;
    128) Item Number DYNJAA6474, Circuit Adult Anesthesia;
    129) Item Number DYNJAA6475, Circuit Adult Anesthesia;
    130) Item Number DYNJAA6483, Circuit Adult Anesthesia;
    131) Item Number DYNJAA6485A, Adult Anesthesia Circuit;
    132) Item Number DYNJAA6486, Circuit Adult Anesthesia;
    133) Item Number DYNJAA6489, Circuit Adult Anesthesia;
    134) Item Number DYNJAA6490, Adult Anesthesia Circuit;
    135) Item Number DYNJAA9010A, Anesthesia Circuit Adult Exp;
    136) Item Number DYNJAA9040, Anesthesia Circuit;
    137) Item Number DYNJAA9700B, Circuit Adult Anesthesia;
    138) Item Number DYNJAA9714C, Nurses Kit-LF;
    139) Item Number DYNJAA9717, Anesth Circuit 90 Inch HME-LF;
    140) Item Number DYNJAA9724A, Anesthesia Circuit Adult;
    141) Item Number DYNJAA9726, Anesthesia Circuit;
    142) Item Number DYNJAA9729A, Anesth Circuit 60 HME;
    143) Item Number DYNJAA9748, Anesthesia Circuit-LF;
    144) Item Number DYNJAA9762, Anesth Circuit 90in EXP Adult;
    145) Item Number DYNJAA9774A, Anesth Circuit Expan Swiv;
    146) Item Number DYNJAA9777C, Circuit Adult Anesthesia;
    147) Item Number DYNJAA9779, Anesth Circ 90in EXP Adult;
    148) Item Number DYNJAA9783, Adult Anesthesia;
    149) Item Number DYNJAA9814, Adult Expandable Circuit;
    150) Item Number DYNJAA9819, Anesth Circuit 90in EXP-LF;
    151) Item Number DYNJAA9821, Anesth Circ Adult 90in EXP;
    152) Item Number DYNJAA9833, Anesth Circ 120in EXP Adult;
    153) Item Number DYNJAA9834, Adult Circuit 90in Expandable;
    154) Item Number DYNJAA9835B, Circuit Adult Anesthesia;
    155) Item Number DYNJAA9836, Anesth Circ 90inch EXP Adult;
    156) Item Number DYNJAA9837, Anesth Circ 90in EXP Adult;
    157) Item Number DYNJAA9840, Circuit Adlt 90in Expand;
    158) Item Number DYNJAA9842, Anesth Circ 90in EXP Adult-LF;
    159) Item Number DYNJAA9844B, Circ Anesth 90in GSP 2 B/V-LF;
    160) Item Number DYNJAA9845, Anesth Circuit 90in Swivel;
    161) Item Number DYNJAA9864A, Circuit Adult Anesthesia;
    162) Item Number DYNJAA9865, Anesthesia Circuit;
    163) Item Number DYNJAA9871, Circuit Adult 90in EXP-LF;
    164) Item Number DYNJAA9874, Anesthesia Circuit;
    165) Item Number DYNJAA9879, Circuit Anes Adult 90in EXP-LF;
    166) Item Number DYNJAA9880, Circuit Adult Anes 90in EXP;
    167) Item Number DYNJAA9884, Circuit Adult 90in EXP-LF;
    168) Item Number DYNJAA9888, Adult Anesthesia Circuit-LF;
    169) Item Number DYNJAA9889B, Anesthesia Circuit Adult;
    170) Item Number DYNJAA9890, Circuit Adult Anesthesia;
    171) Item Number DYNJAA9894, Circuit Adult Anesthesia;
    172) Item Number DYNJAA9898, Circuit Adult Anesthesia;
    173) Item Number DYNJAA9899, Circuit Adult Anesthesia;
    174) Item Number DYNJAA9900, Circuit Adult Anesthesia;
    175) Item Number DYNJAA9900B, Circuit Adult Anesthesia;
    176) Item Number DYNJAA9902, Circuit Adult Anesthesia;
    177) Item Number DYNJAA9903, Circuit Adult Anes-SM-MRMC-RC;
    178) Item Number DYNJAA9905, Circuit Adult Anesthesia;
    179) Item Number DYNJAA9907, Circuit Adult Anesthesia;
    180) Item Number DYNJAA9915, Circuit Adult Anesthesia;
    181) Item Number DYNJAA9918, Adult Anesthesia Circuit-LF;
    182) Item Number DYNJAA9919, Circuit Adult Anesthesia;
    183) Item Number DYNJAA9920, Circuit Adult Anesthesia;
    184) Item Number DYNJAA9921, Circuit Adult Anesthesia;
    185) Item Number DYNJAA9924, Adult Anesthesia Circuit;
    186) Item Number DYNJAA9925, Anesthesia Circuits;
    187) Item Number DYNJAA9927, Anesthesia Super Circuit Kit;
    188) Item Number DYNJAA9928, Adult Anesthesia Circuit;
    189) Item Number DYNJAA9930, Adult Anesthesia Circuit;
    190) Item Number DYNJAA9931, Anesthesia Circuit;
    191) Item Number DYNJAAF6258A, Anesthesia Circuit;
    192) Item Number DYNJAAF6262, Anesthesia Circuit Valley Hlth;
    193) Item Number DYNJAAF6288A, Circuit Adult Uni 50in-LF;
    194) Item Number DYNJAAF6293, Anesth Circ 72in Unilimb Adult;
    195) Item Number DYNJAAF6295, Anesth Circ Adult Uni;
    196) Item Number DYNJAAF6297A, Adult Anes Circuit-LF;
    197) Item Number DYNJAAF6298A, Adult Anes Circuit-LF;
    198) Item Number DYNJAAF6302, Adult Anesthesia Circuit;
    199) Item Number DYNJAAF6324, Adult Anesthesia Circuit;
    200) Item Number DYNJAAF6326, Circuit Adult Anesthesia;
    201) Item Number DYNJAAF6327, Adult Anesthesia Circuit;
    202) Item Number DYNJAAF6329, Circuit Adult Anesthesia;
    203) Item Number DYNJAAF6330, Anesthesia Circuit Adult;
    204) Item Number DYNJAAF6331, Adult Anesthesia Circuit;
    205) Item Number DYNJAAF6341, Adult Anesthesia Circuit;
    206) Item Number DYNJAAF6342, Circuit Adult Anesthesia;
    207) Item Number DYNJAAF6343, Circuit Adult Anesthesia;
    208) Item Number DYNJAAF6344, Circuit Adult Anesthesia;
    209) Item Number DYNJAAF6345, Adult Anesthesia Circuit;
    210) Item Number DYNJAAF6346, Anesth Circuit 72in Uni Adult;
    211) Item Number DYNJAAHY13, Circuit Anes Mapleson D-LF;
    212) Item Number DYNJAAHY14, Circuit Adult Uni 192in GSE;
    213) Item Number DYNJT2590, Lap General CDS;
    214) Item Number DYNJT2591A, Knee ACL CDS,
Recall # Z-1163-2008;
c) 2 Liter Latex-Free Breathing Bag; Reservoir Bag; Vendor Part Number: 720058B,
    Medline Item Number: 40054; Available in various Anesthesia Circuit Kits and
    Complete Delivery System Kits including:
    1) Item Number CDS980652A, Thoracic Anesthesia Pack;
    2) Item Number CDS980955, Affinity Shoulder Arthroscopy;
    3) Item Number CDS980956, Affinity Total Hip CDS;
    4) Item Number CDS980957, Affinity Total Knee CDS;
    5) Item Number DYNJAA4758B, Circuit Adult Anesthesia;
    6) Item Number DYNJAA4777, Adult 40in Anesth w/HME-LF;
    7) Item Number DYNJAA9796, Anes Circuit 90in EXP Adult-LF;
    8) Item Number DYNJAA9847A, Adult Circuit;
    9) Item Number DYNJAA9904, Circuit Adult Anesthesia;
    10) Item Number DYNJAA9904A, Circuit Adult Anesthesia;
    11) Item Number DYNJAA9906, Circuit Adult Anesthesia;
    12) Item Number DYNJAA9933, Anesthesia Super Circuit;
    13) Item Number DYNJAAF6318A, Adult Anesthesia Circuit;
    14) Item Number DYNJAP4726, Pedi Circuit 40in;
    15) Item Number DYNJAP4737A, Circuit Pediatric Anesthesia;
    16) Item Number DYNJAP4737B, Circuit Pediatric Anesthesia;
    17) Item Number DYNJAP4737C, Circuit Pediatric Anesthesia;
    18) Item Number DYNJAP4744, Pediatric Anesthesia Circuit;
    19) Item Number DYNJAP6138, Circuit Pediatric Anesthesia;
    20) Item Number DYNJAP7258, Circuit Pediatric Anesthesia;
    21) Item Number DYNJAP7259, Peds Anesthesia Circuit;
    22) Item Number DYNJAPF6007, Circuit Ped Uni 60in-LF;
    23) Item Number DYNJAPF6012,
Recall: Z-1164-2008
a) All lots manufactured after October 2006:
    1) Lot Numbers: 07JB0905;
    2) Lot Number: 07HD1853;
    3) Lot Number: 07KB5026;
    4) Lot Number: 07HD3686;
    5)  Lot Number: 07KD3028;
    6) Lot Numbers: 07HD4225, 07JD4412 and 07KD0167;
    7) Lot Numbers: 07JD3974 and 07KD2230;
    8) Lot Numbers: 07ID1739, 07ID3570 and 07JD2943;
    9) Lot Number: 07ID2242;
    10) Lot Numbers: 07ID1545, 07JD2944 and 07JD3987;
    11) Lot Number: 07ID1524;
    12) Lot Number: 07HD3333;
    13) Lot Numbers: 06LD3453, 07HD2988 and 07JD3927;
   14) Lot Number: 07ID2432;
    15) Lot Numbers: 07ID4021 and 07JD4476;
    16) Lot Number: 07HD3649;
    17) Lot Numbers: 07ED4394 and 07KB1986;
    18) Lot Numbers: 07ID0168, 07ID2021, 07ID4063, 07JD1340 and 07JD4573;
    19) Lot Number: 07JD1161;
    20) Lot Numbers: 07ID0137 and 07KD2092;
    21) Lot Number: 07KD0278;
    22) Lot Number: 07JD0779;
    23)  Lot Numbers: 07ID0135 and 07JD0018;
    24) Lot Numbers: 07HD4400, 07JD0205 and 07KD2228;
    25) Lot Numbers: 07ID1373 and 07KB4359;
    26) Lot Number: 07ID1546;
    27) Lot Number: 07HD4394;
    28) Lot Numbers: 07HD3332 and 07KD0567;
    29) Lot Number: 07ID2441;
    30) Lot Number: 07ID1521;
    31) Lot Numbers: 07HD3288, 07JD0019 and 07KD0358;
    32) Lot Number: 07ID2266;
    33) Lot Numbers: 07HD3650 and 07KD0363;
    34) Lot Number: 07JD0020;
    35) Lot Number: 07JD0206;
    36) Lot Number: 07KD1036;
    37) Lot Number: 07GD2133;
    38) Lot Numbers: 07CD3854 and 07DD3017;
    39) Item Number: DYNJAP7225A, Lot Numbers: 07GD1534 and 07HD3562;
    40) Lot Number: 07JD1538;
    41) Lot Numbers: 07CD0839 and 07ED0027;
    42) Lot Numbers: 07HD3459 and 07ID2630;
    43) Lot Number: 07ID2244;
    44)  Lot Numbers: 07HD1578 and 07ID0169;
    45) Lot Numbers: 06KD0647, 06LD3890, 07BD0978, 07BD3099, 07CD3597,
          07DD3536, 07GD3218, 07HD3876, 07JD1158 and 07JD3969;
    46) Lot Number: 07HD3110;
    47) Lot Numbers: 07DD3540, 07ED4104, 07GD1839 and 07JD1190;
    48) Lot Numbers: 07IB2772 and 07JD0023;
    49) Lot Number: 07JD1541;
    50) Lot Number: 07KD1275;
    51) Lot Numbers: 07HD2917, 07ID3527 and 07JD2945;
    52) Lot Number: 07HD3564;
    53) Lot Number: 07ID0954;
    54) Lot Number: 07HD1253;
    55) Lot Numbers: 07ID2017 and 07KD2298;
    56) Lot Number: 07JB3948;
    57) Lot Number: 07HD2409;
    58) Lot Number: 07JD2946;
    59) Lot Number: 07ID1106;
    60) Lot Numbers: 07CD1687, 07ED0308, 07GD2552, 07HD2648, 07JD0024   
          and 07KD2223;
    61) Lot Number: 07DD4279;
    62) Lot Numbers: 07DD0014 and 07DD3537;
    63) Lot Number: 07DD1134;
    64) Lot Numbers: 07ID0387, 07ID1751, 07JD1148, 07KD0651 and 07KD1360;
    65) Lot Numbers: 07CD1292, 07DD2344, 07ED0732, 07GD3088 and 07HD1080;
    66) Lot Number: 07ID1348;
    67) Lot Numbers: 07HD2210 and 07ID2019;
    68) Lot Numbers: 07ID2076 and 07JD3978;
    69) Lot Number: 07HD4155;
    70) Lot Numbers: 07ED3128, 07GD1327 and 07ID1374;
    71) Lot Number: 07ID0924;
    72) Lot Numbers: 07BB1382, 07CB0600 and 07CB2528;
b) All lots manufactured after October 2006:
    1) Lot Number(s): 07AD2431, 07ED1171, 07FD0986 and 07GD2699;
    2) Lot Number(s): 06KD0470, 06LD3329, 07AD3822, 07AD4358
        and 07HD3295;
    3) Lot Number(s): 07ID2989;
    4) Lot Number(s): 07HD1850;
    5) Lot Number(s): 07ED3319 and 07GD1409;
    6) Lot Number(s): 07ID2781;
    7) Lot Number(s): 07ID3356;
    8) Lot Number(s): 07GD3908;
    9) Lot Number(s): 07JD0955;
    10) Lot Number(s): 07IB2033;
    11) Lot Number(s): 07HB0383;
    12) Lot Number(s): 07HD0309;
    13) Lot Number(s): 07ID3376;
    14) Lot Number(s): 07HD2880;
    15) Lot Number: 07AD4385, 07DD3000, 07EB2335 and 07FB0786;
    16) Lot Number(s): 07BD1234, 07ED3375, 07FB2636, 07HB0382,
          7HB1155 and 07HB2927;
    17) Lot Number(s): 07BD4019, 07CD2926, 07FD1473, 07GB1293 and 07IB3415;
    18) Lot Number(s): 07CD2326;
    19) Lot Number(s): 07CD2354;
    20) Lot Number(s): 07BD1712;
    21) Lot Number(s): 07AD3267, 07GD3398, 07HB0377, 07HB1614 and 07IB2544;
    22) Lot Number(s): 07AD4393, 07EB1526 and 07HB2822;
    23) Lot Number(s): 07BD1721, 07EB1377, 07EB2694 and 07JB0441;
    24) Lot Number(s): 07BB2640, 07EB1713, 07HB3147 and 07IB0469;
    25) Lot Number(s): 07FB2624, 07GB3695 and 07IB2392;
    26) Lot Number(s): 07JD1168;
    27) Lot Number(s): 07JD1170;
    28) Lot Number(s): 07HD2053;
    29) Lot Number(s): 07GB0028, 07HB1342, 07HB2825 and 07IB1735;
    30) Lot Number(s): 07BD0203 and 07CD3891
    31) Lot Number(s): 07EB0667, 07FB2140, 07GB2805 and 07HB2823;
    32) Lot Number(s): 07GB1298;
    33) Lot Number(s): 07AD2448, 07BD2109 and 07CD3361;
    34) Lot Number(s): 07EB0665, 07FB2520 and 07IB2854;
    35) Lot Number(s): 07CB0292 and 07GB1777;
    36) Lot Number: 07HB3748;
    37) Lot Number(s): 07CB0971, 07GB0032 and 07HB3327;
    38) Lot Number(s): 07IB2695 and 07IB3323
    39) Lot Number: 07CB0724;
    40) Lot Number: 07IB2397;
    41) Lot Number: 07IB2040;
    42) Lot Number(s): 07BD0419 and 07BD1236;
    43) Lot Number: 07HD3194;
    44) Lot Number(s): 07ED2055, 07FB2141, 07GB1198, 07HB0185 and
    45) Lot Number(s): 07HD2395, 07HD2894, 07ID0410, 07ID1525 and
    46) Lot Number(s): 07BB0310, 07BB2177, 07DB1981 and 07FB0922;
    47) Lot Number(s): 07HB2928;
    48) Lot Number(s): 07BB0816, 07CB1831, 07EB2017, 07GB2618, 07IB2042
          and 07JB1297;
    49) Lot Number: 07HD0758;
    50) Lot Number: 07ID1408;
    51) Lot Number(s): 07HB2923 and 07IB2386
    52) Lot Number(s): 07HB2830 and 07JB0623
    53) Lot Number(s): 07AD3293, 07GB3699 and 07IB3416;
    54) Lot Number(s): 07BD4018, 07CD2932, 07EB2149, 07FB2398 and
    55) Lot Number: 07BD0238;
    56) Lot Number(s): 07FB0011, 07GB0862 and 07HB2926;
    57) Lot Number(s): 07AB2984, 07DB1789 and 07EB0575;
    58) Lot Number(s): 07AB3152 and 07DB1429;
    59) Lot Number(s): 07GD2828 and 07ID3811;
    60) Lot Number(s): 07BB2436, 07EB0679, 07FB0908, 07GB2130, 07IB0877
           and 07IB2043;
    61) Lot Number: 07JB0431;
    62) Lot Number: 07JB0875;
    63) Lot Number(s): 07FB0342, 07GB0023 and 07HB2936;
    64) Lot Number: 07JG0038;
    65) Lot Number(s): 07GB1780 and 07HB1153;
    66) Lot Number: 07GB1908;
    67) Lot Number(s): 07FB2626, 07HB2824 and 07HB3284;
    68) Lot Number(s): 07GB2450 and 07JB1024
    69) Lot Number(s): 07JD0762 and 07JD1353;
    70) Lot Number: 07GG1799;
    71) Lot Number: 07HG0901;
    72) Lot Number: 07HG0336;
    73) Lot Number: 07HG0424;
    74) Lot Number(s): 07HG0426 and 07HG0678;
    75) Lot Number: 07HB3544;
    76) Lot Number: 07HB2940;
    77) Lot Number: 07ID3858;
    78) Lot Number: 07ID2696;
    79) Lot Number: 07ID2697;
    80) Lot Number: 07ID2698;
    81) Lot Number(s): 07ID2699;
    82) Lot Number: 07ID3857;
    83) Lot Number: 07ID2700;
    84) Lot Number: 07HB3758;
    85) Lot Number(s): 07IB2156 and 07IB3031;
    86) Lot Number: 07IB2155 and 07JB1326;
    87) Lot Number: 07ID2895;
    88) Lot Number: 07ID2892;
    89) Lot Number: 07ID2893;
    90) Lot Number: 07ID2894;
    91) Lot Number: 7JD1193;
    92) Lot Number: 07CD3683;
    93) Lot Number: 07JD0233;
    94) Lot Number(s): 07BD1218, 07FD2268 and 07GD3483;
    95) Lot Number: 07HD3458;
    96) Lot Number(s): 07BD0007, 07CD3097, 07FD0995, 07GD3474 and 07JD0008;
    97) Lot Number(s): 07DD2175, 07GD2614, 07ID2910 and 07JB0510;
    98) Lot Number: 07FD1245;
    99) Lot Number: 06JD1180;
    100) Lot Number(s): 06JD3969, 06LD0329, 07AD3249, 07CD2866, 07FD1850,
            07GD3141 and 07ID3529;
    101) Lot Number(s): 07ED3321, 07HD2674 and 07JB0815;
    102) Lot Number: 07HD3543;
    103) Lot Number(s): 07IB3301, 07AD3250, 07FD1249 and 07GD3473;
    104) Lot Number: 07ID0143;
    105) Lot Number(s): 07JB0818, 07DD1385, 07GD1823 and 07ID2682;
    106) Lot Number(s): 06KD1613, 07AD1653, 07FD1363, 07HD0086 and
    107) Lot Number(s): 07JB0819, 07ED3324 and 07GD2939;
    108) Lot Number(s): 07JB1563, 07FD0991, 07FD2266 and 07ID2691;
    109) Lot Number(s): 07CD4296, 07FD1247 and 07GD3573;
    110) Lot Number(s): 07DD2013 and 07DD2013Z;
    111) Lot Number(s): 07JB0475 and 07GD3595;
    112) Lot Number(s): 07CD3606, 07DD3012, 07ED3339 and 07GD1601;
    113) Lot Number(s): 07HD2208 and 07JD1189;
    114) Lot Number: 07HD3460;
    115) Lot Number(s): 07FD1852, 07HD4223 and 07JD0947;
    116) Lot Number(s): 07GD1570 and 07ID0400;
    117) Lot Number(s): 07JB1109 and 07HD2035;
    118) Lot Number: 07HD2542;
    119) Lot Number: 07ID3545;
    120) Lot Number: 07ID3132;
    121) Lot Number: 07ID3133;
    122) Lot Number: 07ID3566;
    123) Lot Number(s): 07BD1213, 07CD3099, 07FD1853 and 07ID2690;
    124) Lot Number(s): 06KD1164, 07AD2804, 07ED3419, 07FD2065, 07GD1811
            and 07ID3544;
    125) Lot Number(s): 06JD3029, 07BD3638, 07CD3860, 07FD0992, 07HD0227
            and 07JD0013;
    126) Lot Number(s): 07GD1321 and 07ID2684;
    127) Lot Number(s): 07BD0562, 07CD4301, 07FD2267, 07GD1509, 07HD2211
             and 07JB1650;
    128) Lot Number(s): 06JD3397, 07BD3634, 07GD1830, 07HD2654, 07HD4142
            and 07ID0705;
    129) Lot Number(s): 06JD0389, 06LD2328, 07AD3246, 07CD1502Z, 07DD0723,
            07ED3328, 07FD1856, 07HD3287 and 07JD0745;
    130) Lot Number(s): 07FD1846, 07GD1843, 07HD2647 and 07ID2666;
    131) Lot Number(s): 07GD3936, 07HD2036 and 07ID4039;
    132) Lot Number: 07HD0572;
    133) Lot Number: 07ID3824;
    134) Lot Number: 07JD0595;
    135) Lot Number(s): 06KD0470, 06LD3329, 07AD3822, 07AD4358 and
    136) Lot Number(s): 07AD3240, 07CD3101 and 07DD2177;
    137) Lot Number(s): 07DD1140, 07GD2265, 07HD0692 and 07ID3879;
    138) Lot Number(s): 07ED3325, 07GD1511 and 07HD3481;
    139) Lot Number(s): 07ED3329, 07GD2196 and 07ID2683;
    140) Lot Number(s): 07JB0816, 07BD0292, 07FD1412 and 07HD4093;
    141) Lot Number(s): 07AD4482, 07CD2681, 07ED3543, 07FD0971,
            07HD2212 and 07ID3883;
    142) Lot Number(s): 07ED3330, 07HD2213 and 07ID2688;
    143) Lot Number(s): 07DD0241, 07DD0241Z, 07FD1625 and 07GD1837;
    144) Lot Number(s): 07JB0478, 07ED3331 and 07HD3334;
    145) Lot Number(s): 07AD4951, 07FD1409, 07GD2198 and 07HD4257;
    146) Lot Number(s): 07GD3594, 07HD0690, 07ID3119 and 07JD0230;
    147) Lot Number(s): 07BD0195, 07BD2655, 07ED3332, 07GD1507 and 07HD4255;
    148) Lot Number(s): 07DD2803 and 07ID3880;
    149) Lot Number(s): 06KD1949, 07AD4956, 07CD4293, 07FD1627, 07HD2037
            and 07ID3124;
    150) Lot Number(s): 07BD2651, 07DD2181, 07HD2048 and 07IB2728;
    151) Lot Number: 06JD4351;
    152) Lot Number(s): 07BD3652, 07DD0227, 07FD1248, 07HD3316 and 07ID3878;
    153) Lot Number(s): 07DD0228, 07DD0228Z, 07GD1542 and 07HD3315;
    154) Lot Number(s): 07AD4084, 07ED3322, 07FD1858 and 07ID2692;
    155) Lot Number(s): 07AD3251, 07AD4952, 07ED3320, 07FD2072,
            07HD2049 and 07ID2909;
    156) Lot Number(s): 07DD0726, 07FD0993, 07GD3476 and 07JD0203;
    157) Lot Number(s): 07DD0239, 07DD0239Z, 07GD1869 and 07ID3382;
    158) Lot Number(s): 07BD3943, 07CD3102 and 07HD2047;
    159) Lot Number(s): 07AD3253, 07BD3123, 07CD3103, 07FD0987, 07GD1600,
            07HD2050, 07HD2922, 07ID2934 and 07JD0781;
    160) Lot Number(s): 07CD3623, 07GD2195 and 07JD0015;
    161) Lot Number(s): 07BD2911, 07DD0495, 07GD2283, 07ID2908 and 07JB0842;
    162) Lot Number(s): 07BD3257, 07ED3326, 07GD2670 and 07JD1188;
    163) Lot Number(s): 07BD0553, 07BD2637, 07CD3863 and 07HD0081;
    164) Lot Number(s): 07DD0694, 07GD1508 and 07ID3882;
    165) Lot Number(s): 07JB0820, 07GD1308 and 07HD2408;
    166) Lot Number(s): 07BD0559, 07FD1845, 07GD3938 and 07ID3117;
    167) Lot Number(s): 07JB0503, 07BD3945, 07CD4294, 07FD0972, 07GD2668
             and 07ID2687;
    168) Lot Number(s): 07BD2490, 07DD0684, 07FD1243, 07GD2930 and 07JD0942;
    169) Lot Number: 07ID0134;
    170) Lot Number: 07BD0189, 07CD2682, 07FD1859 and 07HD4256;
    171) Lot Number: 07BD2306;
    172) Lot Number(s): 07FD0970, 07GD1510, 07GD3937 and 07ID2686;
    173) Lot Number(s): 07BD2907, 07FD1860, 07HD0578 and 07ID3565;
    174) Lot Number: 07FD1246;
    175) Lot Number: 07IB3073;
    176) Lot Number(s): 07DD2343, 07FD0973, 07GD1490, 07HD0577,
            07ID3094 and 07JD0946;
    177) Lot Number(s): 07CD3620, 07GD1506 and 07ID3125;
    178) Lot Number(s): 07ED3323, 07GD3571 and 07JD0778;
    179) Lot Number: 07GD1370;
    180) Lot Number: 07FD1861;
    181) Lot Number: 07GD2288;
    182) Lot Number(s): 07GD1599 and 07ID0405;
    183) Lot Number(s): 07GD1598 and 07ID3531;
    184) Lot Number(s): 07HD1779 and 07JD0958;
    185) Lot Number: 07HD1793;
    186) Lot Number: 07HD2215;
    187) Lot Number: 07ID2681;
    188) Lot Number: 07ID0371;
    189) Lot Number: 07ID2680;
    190) Lot Number: 07JD0364;
    191) Lot Number(s): 07BD2652, 07DD0242, 07FD0994, 07GD2201 and 07ID2689;
    192) Lot Number(s): 07BD1511, 07DD0240, 07ED3544, 07FD1410, 07GD2938,
            07HD3304 and 07ID3538;
    193) Lot Number(s): 06JD2484, 06LD2319, 07DD0709, 07GD1498 and 07HD3552;
    194) Lot Number(s): 07IB2810, 07BD2650, 07ED3327, 07GD1543 and 07HD3871;
    195) Lot Number: 07BD2915;
    196) Lot Number(s): 06KD0463, 06LD3452, 07AD4085, 07FD1406 and 07GD3142;
    197) Lot Number(s): 07IB3086, 06JD3221, 06LD0318, 07CD4297, 07GD2194,
            07HD3480 and 07ID3741;
    198) Lot Number(s): 07FD1844, 07GD3572 and 07ID2685;
    199) Lot Number(s): 07BD3422, 07CD3540, 07FD2069 and 07HD4247;
    200) Lot Number(s): 07CD2879, 07CD3617, 07FD0974, 07FD1848, 07GD3260,
            07HD0922, 07ID3091 and 07JD0933;
    201) Lot Number: 07ID3089;
    202) Lot Number(s): 07DD1133, 07ED3333 and 07GD3794;
    203) Lot Number(s): 07DD1125, 07GD1863 and 07ID1104;
   204) Lot Number(s): 07FD1244 and 07HD4285;
    205) Lot Number(s): 07HD2038 and 07ID3093;
    206) Lot Number(s): 07GD1337 and 07GD2157;
    207) Lot Number(s): 07HD0226 and 07ID3807;
    208) Lot Number(s): 07HD3162; 209) Lot Number: 07ID0138;
    210) Lot Number: 07JD0231;
    211) Lot Number(s): 06JD2830, 07AD1669, 07CD2886, 07FD1420, 07HD0675
            and 07ID1346;
    212) Lot Number: 06KD3560;
    213) Lot Number: 07JB0017;
    214) Lot Number: 07JB0632
c) All lots manufactured after October 2006:
    1) Lot Number: 07JD0594;
    2) Lot Number: 07KD0352;
    3) Lot Number: 07KD0281;
    4) Lot Number: 07KD0282;
    5) Lot Number(s): 07DD2346, 07ID2931 and 07KB2367;
    6) Lot Number(s): 07DD2800, 07DD4133, 07ID3130, 07JB1784, 07KB3600;
    7) Lot Number(s): 07DD1377, 07DD2347, 07GD1504, 07ID3383, 07JB2589;
    8) Lot Number(s): 07FD0840, 07FD3218, 07ID2679 and 07KB1977;
    9) Lot Number(s): 07ED1416, 07ED3547 and 07FD1256;
   10) Lot Number: 07JB2027;
   11) Lot Number(s): 07DD2538 and 07FD0568;
   12) Lot Number(s): 07JD1295 and 07KD2315;
   13) Lot Number(s): 07ID3358, 07JD0005 and 07KD3034;
   14) Lot Number(s): 07DD1381 and 07KD1419;
   15) Lot Number: 07AD0945;
   16) Lot Number: 07DD2005;
   17) Lot Number(s): 07ID3877 and 07KD2238;
   18) Lot Number: 07GD1491;
   19) Lot Number: 07ID3357;
   20) Lot Number: 07KB4822;
   21) Lot Number(s): 07GD1121 and 07JD0740; 22) Lot Number: 07GD1295;
   23) Lot Number: 07DD3724
Recalling Firm: Medline Industries, Inc., Mundelein, IL, by letter on December 5, 2007.
Manufacturer: Ventlab Corp., Mocksville, NC. Firm initiated recall is ongoing.
Separation from Bushing: The breathing bag may separate from the bushing during use.
571,500 packs

Zoll E Series Defibrillator with 12 Lead ECG, Automated external defibrillator, Software Version 3.00 and higher, Recall # Z-1167-2008
Serial Numbers: AB05D000031 AB05D000034 AB05F000276 AB05F000277 AB05F000278 AB05F000279 AB05F000280 AB05F000281 AB05F000282 AB05F000283 AB05F000284 AB05F000286 AB05F000287 AB05F000288 AB05F000289 AB05F000290 AB05F000291 AB05F000292 AB05F000293 AB05F000294 AB05F000295 AB05F000296 AB05F000297 AB05F000298 AB05F000299 AB05F000300 AB05F000301 AB05F000302 AB05F000303 AB05F000304 AB05F000305 AB05F000306 AB05F000307 AB05F000308 AB05F000309 AB05F000310 AB05F000311 AB05F000312 AB05F000313 AB05F000314 AB05F000315 AB05F000316 AB05F000317 AB05F000318 AB05F000319 AB05F000320 AB05F000321 AB05F000322 AB05F000323 AB05F000324 AB05F000325 AB05F000326 AB05F000327 AB05F000328 AB05F000329 AB05F000330 AB05F000331 AB05F000332 AB05F000333 AB05F000334 AB05F000335 AB05F000336 AB05F000337 AB05F000338 AB05F000339 AB05F000340 AB05F000341 AB05F000342 AB05F000343 AB05F000344 AB05F000345 AB05F000346 AB05F000347 AB05F000348 AB05F000349 AB05F000350 AB05F000351 AB05F000352 AB05F000353 AB05F000354 AB05F000355 AB05F000356 AB05F000357 AB05F000358 AB05F000359 AB05F000360 AB05F000361 AB05F000362 AB05F000363 AB05F000364 AB05F000365 AB05F000366 AB05F000367 AB05F000368 AB05F000369 AB05F000370 AB05F000371 AB05F000372 AB05F000373 AB05F000374 AB05F000375 AB05F000376 AB05F000377 AB05F000378 AB05F000379 AB05F000380 AB05F000381 AB05F000382 AB05F000384 AB05F000385 AB05F000386 AB05F000387 AB05F000388 AB05F000389 AB05F000390 AB05F000391 AB05F000392 AB05F000393 AB05F000395 AB05F000396 AB05F000397 AB05F000398 AB05F000399 AB05F000401 AB05F000402 AB05F000403 AB05F000404 AB05F000405 AB05F000406 AB05F000407 AB05F000408 AB05F000409 AB05F000411 AB05F000412 AB05F000413 AB05F000414 AB05F000415 AB05F000416 AB05F000417 AB05F000419 AB05F000420 AB05F000421 AB05F000422 AB05F000423 AB05F000424 AB05F000425 AB05F000426 AB05F000427 AB05F000429 AB05F000430 AB05F000431 AB05F000432 AB05F000433 AB05F000434 AB05F000436 AB05F000437 AB05F000438 AB05F000439 AB05F000440 AB05F000441 AB05F000442 AB05F000443 AB05F000444 AB05F000445 AB05F000446 AB05F000447 AB05F000448 AB05F000449 AB05F000450 AB05F000451 AB05F000452 AB05F000453 AB05F000454 AB05F000455 AB05F000456 AB05F000457 AB05F000458 AB05F000459 AB05F000460 AB05F000461 AB05F000462 AB05F000463 AB05F000464 AB05F000465 AB05F000466 AB05F000467 AB05F000468 AB05F000469 AB05F000470 AB05F000471 AB05F000472 AB05F000473 AB05F000474 AB05F000475 AB05F000476 AB05F000477 AB05F000478 AB05F000479 AB05F000480 AB05F000481 AB05F000482 AB05F000483 AB05F000484 AB05F000485 AB05F000486 AB05F000487 AB05F000488 AB05F000489 AB05F000491 AB05F000492 AB05F000493 AB05F000494 AB05F000495 AB05F000496 AB05F000497 AB05F000498 AB05F000499 AB05F000500 AB05F000501 AB05F000502 AB05F000503 AB05F000504 AB05F000505 AB05F000506 AB05F000508 AB05F000511 AB05F000512 AB05F000513 AB05F000514 AB05F000515 AB05F000579 AB05H000516 AB05H000517 AB05H000518 AB05H000519 AB05H000520 AB05H000521 AB05H000522 AB05H000523 AB05H000524 AB05H000525 AB05H000526 AB05H000527 AB05H000528 AB05H000529 AB05H000530 AB05H000531 AB05H000532 AB05H000533 AB05H000534 AB05H000535 AB05H000536 AB05H000537 AB05H000538 AB05H000539 AB05H000540 AB05H000541 AB05H000542 AB05H000543 AB05H000544 AB05H000545 AB05H000546 AB05H000547 AB05H000548 AB05H000549 AB05H000550 AB05H000551 AB05H000552 AB05H000553 AB05H000554 AB05H000555 AB05H000556 AB05H000557 AB05H000558 AB05H000559 AB05H000560 AB05H000561 AB05H000562 AB05H000563 AB05H000564 AB05H000565 AB05I000566 AB05I000567 AB05I000568 AB05I000569 AB05I000570 AB05I000571 AB05I000572 AB05I000574 AB05I000575 AB05I000576 AB05I000577 AB05I000578 AB05I000579 AB05I000580 AB05I000581 AB05I000582 AB05I000583 AB05I000584 AB05I000585 AB05I000586 AB05I000587 AB05I000588 AB05I000589 AB05I000590 AB05I000591 AB05I000592 AB05I000593 AB05I000594 AB05I000595 AB05I000596 AB05I000597 AB05I000598 AB05I000599 AB05I000601 AB05I000602 AB05I000603 AB05I000604 AB05I000605 AB05I000606 AB05I000607 AB05I000608 AB05I000609. AB05I000610 AB05I000611 AB05I000612 AB05I000613 AB05I000614 AB05I000615 AB05I000616 AB05I000617 AB05I000618 AB05I000619 AB05I000620 AB05I000621 AB05I000622 AB05I000623 AB05I000624 AB05I000625 AB05I000626 AB05I000627 AB05I000628 AB05I000629 AB05I000630 AB05I000631 AB05I000632 AB05I000633 AB05I000634 AB05I000635 AB05I000636 AB05I000637 AB05I000638 AB05I000639 AB05I000640 AB05I000641 AB05I000642 AB05I000643 AB05I000644 AB05I000645 AB05I000646 AB05I000647 AB05I000648 AB05I000649 AB05I000650 AB05I000651 AB05I000652 AB05I000653 AB05I000654 AB05I000655 AB05I000656 AB05I000657 AB05I000658 AB05I000659 AB05I000660 AB05I000661 AB05I000662 AB05I000663 AB05I000665 AB05I000666 AB05I000667 AB05I000673 AB05I000674 AB05I000675 AB05I000676 AB05I000677 AB05I000678 AB05I000679 AB05I000680 AB05I000681 AB05I000682 AB05I000685 AB05I000686 AB05I000687 AB05I000688 AB05I000689 AB05I000690 AB05I000692 AB05I000694 AB05I000695 AB05I000696 AB05I000697 AB05I000698 AB05I000699 AB05I000700 AB05I000701 AB05I000702 AB05I000704 AB05I000705 AB05I000706 AB05I000707 AB05I000708 AB05I000709 AB05I000710 AB05I000711 AB05J000716 AB05J000717 AB05J000718 AB05J000719 AB05J000726 AB05J000727 AB05J000734 AB05J000736 AB05J000737 AB05J000738 AB05J000740 AB05K000741 AB05K000742 AB05K000743 AB05K000744 AB05K000745 AB05K000746 AB05K000747 AB05K000748 AB05K000749 AB05K000750 AB05K000751 AB05K000752 AB05K000753 AB05K000754 AB05K000755 AB05K000756 AB05K000757 AB05K000758 AB05K000759 AB05K000760 AB05K000761 AB05K000762 AB05K000763 AB05K000764 AB05K000765 AB05K000766 AB05K000767 AB05K000768 AB05K000769 AB05K000770 AB05K000771 AB05K000772 AB05K000773 AB05K000774 AB05K000775 AB05K000776 AB05K000777 AB05K000778 AB05K000779 AB05K000780 AB05K000781 AB05K000782 AB05K000783 AB05K000784 AB05K000785 AB05K000786 AB05K000787 AB05K000788 AB05K000789 AB05K000790 AB05K000791 AB05K000792 AB05K000793 AB05K000794 AB05K000795 AB05K000796 AB05K000797 AB05K000798 AB05K000799 AB05K000800 AB05K000801 AB05K000802 AB05K000803 AB05K000804 AB05K000805 AB05K000806 AB05K000807 AB05K000808 AB05K000809 AB05K000810 AB05K000811 AB05K000812 AB05K000813 AB05K000814 AB05K000815 AB05K000816 AB05K000817 AB05K000818 AB05K000819 AB05K000820 AB05K000821 AB05K000822 AB05K000823 AB05K000824 AB05K000825 AB05K000826 AB05K000827 AB05K000828 AB05K000829 AB05K000830 AB05K000831 AB05K000832 AB05K000833 AB05K000834 AB05K000835 AB05K000836 AB05K000837 AB05K000838 AB05K000839 AB05K000840 AB05K000841 AB05K000842 AB05K000843 AB05K000844 AB05K000845 AB05K000846 AB05K000847 AB05K000848 AB05K000849 AB05K000850 AB05K000851 AB05K000852 AB05K000853 AB05K000854 AB05K000855 AB05K000856 AB05K000859 AB05K000860 AB05K000861 AB05L000876 AB05L000877 AB05L000878 AB05L000879 AB05L000880 AB05L000881 AB05L000882 AB05L000883 AB05L000884 AB05L000885 AB05L000886 AB05L000887 AB05L000888 AB05L000889 AB05L000890 AB05L000891 AB05L000892 AB05L000893 AB05L000894 AB05L000895 AB05L000896 AB05L000897 AB05L000898 AB05L000899 AB05L000900 AB05L000901 AB05L000902 AB05L000903 AB05L000904 AB05L000905 AB05L000906 AB05L000907 AB05L000908 AB05L000909 AB05L000910 AB05L000911 AB05L000912 AB05L000913 AB05L000914 AB05L000915 AB05L000916 AB05L000917 AB05L000918 AB05L000919 AB05L000925 AB05L000926 AB05L000927 AB05L000928 AB05L000929 AB05L000930 AB05L000931 AB05L000932 AB05L000933 AB05L000934 AB05L000935 AB05L000936 AB05L000937 AB05L000938 AB05L000939 AB05L000940 AB05L000941 AB05L000942 AB05L000943 AB05L000944 AB05L000945 AB05L000946 AB05L000947 AB05L000948 AB05L000949 AB05L000950 AB05L000951 AB05L000952 AB05L000953 AB05L000954 AB05L000955 AB05L000956 AB05L000957 AB05L000958 AB06A000959 AB06A000960 AB06A000961 AB06A000962 AB06A000964 AB06A000965 AB06A000966 AB06A000967 AB06A000968 AB06A000969 AB06A000970 AB06A000971 AB06A000972 AB06A000973 AB06A000974 AB06A000975 AB06A000976 AB06A000977 AB06A000978 AB06A000979 AB06A000980 AB06A000981 AB06A000982 AB06A000983 AB06A000984 AB06A000985 AB06A000986 AB06A000987 AB06A000988 AB06A000989 AB06A000990 AB06A000991 AB06A000992 AB06A000993 AB06A000994 AB06A000995 AB06A000996 AB06A000997 AB06A000998 AB06A000999 AB06A001000 AB06A001001 AB06A001002 AB06A001003 AB06A001004 AB06A001005 AB06A001006 AB06A001007 AB06A001008 AB06A001009 AB06A001010 AB06A001011 AB06A001012 AB06A001013 AB06A001014 AB06A001015 AB06A001016 AB06A001017 AB06A001018 AB06A001019 AB06A001020 AB06A001021 AB06A001022 AB06A001023 AB06A001024 AB06A001025 AB06A001026 AB06A001027 AB06A001028 AB06A001029 AB06A001030 AB06A001031 AB06A001032 AB06A001033 AB06A001034 AB06A001035 AB06A001036 AB06A001037 AB06A001038 AB06A001039 AB06A001040 AB06A001041 AB06A001042 AB06A001043 AB06A001044 AB06A001045 AB06A001046 AB06A001047 AB06A001048 AB06A001049 AB06A001050 AB06A001051 AB06A001052 AB06A001053 AB06A001054 AB06A001055 AB06A001056 AB06A001057 AB06A001058 AB06A001059 AB06A001060 AB06A001061 AB06A001062 AB06A001063 AB06A001064 AB06A001065 AB06A001066 AB06A001067 AB06A001068 AB06A001069 AB06B001071 AB06B001073 AB06B001074 AB06B001075 AB06B001076 AB06B001077 AB06B001078 AB06B001079 AB06B001080 AB06B001083 AB06B001084 AB06B001085 AB06B001086 AB06B001087 AB06B001088 AB06B001089 AB06B001090 AB06B001091 AB06B001092 AB06B001093 AB06B001094 AB06B001095 AB06B001096 AB06B001097 AB06B001098 AB06B001099 AB06B001100 AB06B001101 AB06B001102 AB06B001103 AB06B001104 AB06B001105 AB06B001106 AB06B001107 AB06B001108 AB06B001109 AB06B001110 AB06B001111 AB06B001112 AB06B001113 AB06B001114 AB06B001115 AB06B001116 AB06B001117 AB06B001118 AB06B001119 AB06B001120 AB06B001121 AB06B001122 AB06B001123 AB06B001124 AB06B001125 AB06B001126 AB06B001127 AB06B001128 AB06B001129 AB06B001130 AB06B001131 AB06B001132 AB06B001133 AB06B001134 AB06B001135 AB06B001136 AB06B001137 AB06B001138 AB06B001139 AB06B001140 AB06B001141 AB06B001142 AB06B001144 AB06B001145 AB06B001146 AB06B001147 AB06B001148 AB06B001149 AB06B001150 AB06B001151 AB06B001152 AB06B001155 AB06B001156 AB06B001157 AB06B001159 AB06B001160 AB06B001161 AB06B001162 AB06B001163 AB06B001164 AB06B001165 AB06B001166 AB06B001167 AB06B001168 AB06B001169 AB06B001170 AB06B001171 AB06B001172 AB06B001173 AB06B001174 AB06B001175 AB06B001176 AB06B001177 AB06B001178 AB06B001179 AB06B001180 AB06B001181 AB06C001182 AB06C001183 AB06C001184 AB06C001185 AB06C001186 AB06C001187 AB06C001196 AB06C001197 AB06C001198 AB06C001199 AB06C001200 AB06C001201 AB06C001202 AB06C001203 AB06C001204 AB06C001205 AB06C001206 AB06C001207 AB06C001209 AB06C001216 AB06C001217 AB06C001218 AB06C001219 AB06C001228 AB06C001236 AB06C001237 AB06C001238 AB06C001239 AB06C001240 AB06C001241 AB06C001242 AB06C001243 AB06C001244 AB06C001245 AB06C001246 AB06C001247 AB06C001248 AB06C001249 AB06C001250 AB06C001251 AB06C001252 AB06C001253 AB06C001254 AB06C001255 AB06C001256 AB06C001257 AB06C001258 AB06C001259 AB06C001260 AB06C001261 AB06C001262 AB06C001263 AB06C001264 AB06C001265 AB06C001266 AB06C001267 AB06C001268 AB06C001269 AB06C001270 AB06C001271 AB06C001272 AB06C001273 AB06C001275 AB06C001278 AB06C001279 AB06C001280 AB06C001281 AB06C001282 AB06C001283 AB06C001284 AB06C001285 AB06C001286 AB06C001287 AB06C001288 AB06C001289 AB06C001290 AB06C001291 AB06C001292 AB06C001293 AB06C001294 AB06C001295 AB06C001296 AB06C001297 AB06C001298 AB06C001299 AB06C001300 AB06C001301 AB06C001302 AB06C001303 AB06C001304 AB06C001305 AB06C001306 AB06C001307 AB06C001311 AB06C001318 AB06C001319 AB06C001320 AB06C001321 AB06C001322 AB06C001323 AB06C001324 AB06C001326 AB06C001327 AB06C001328 AB06C001329 AB06C001330 AB06C001331 AB06C001332 AB06C001333 AB06C001334 AB06C001335 AB06C001336 AB06C001337 AB06C001338 AB06C001339 AB06C001340 AB06C001343 AB06C001344 AB06C001346 AB06C001347 AB06C001348 AB06C001349 AB06C001350 AB06C001351 AB06C001352 AB06C001353 AB06C001354 AB06C001355 AB06C001356 AB06C001357 AB06C001358 AB06C001359 AB06C001360 AB06C001361 AB06C001362 AB06C001363 AB06C001364 AB06C001365 AB06C001366 AB06C001367 AB06C001368 AB06C001369 AB06C001370 AB06C001371 AB06C001372 AB06C001373 AB06C001374 AB06C001375 AB06C001376 AB06C001377 AB06D001385 AB06D001386 AB06D001387 AB06D001388 AB06D001389 AB06D001390 AB06D001391 AB06D001392 AB06D001393 AB06D001394 AB06D001395 AB06D001396 AB06D001397 AB06D001398 AB06D001399 AB06D001400 AB06D001401 AB06D001402 AB06D001403 AB06D001404 AB06D001405 AB06D001406 AB06D001407 AB06D001408 AB06D001409 AB06D001410 AB06D001411 AB06D001412 AB06D001413 AB06D001414 AB06D001415 AB06D001416 AB06D001417 AB06D001418 AB06D001419 AB06D001420 AB06D001421 AB06D001422 AB06D001423 AB06D001424 AB06D001425 AB06D001426 AB06D001427 AB06D001428 AB06D001429 AB06D001430 AB06D001431 AB06D001432 AB06D001433 AB06D001434 AB06D001435 AB06D001436 AB06D001437 AB06D001438 AB06D001439 AB06D001440 AB06D001441 AB06D001442 AB06D001443 AB06D001444 AB06D001445 AB06D001446 AB06D001447 AB06D001453 AB06D001454 AB06D001455 AB06D001456 AB06D001457 AB06D001458 AB06D001459 AB06D001460 AB06D001461 AB06D001462 AB06D001463 AB06D001464 AB06D001465 AB06D001466 AB06D001467 AB06D001468 AB06D001469 AB06D001470 AB06D001471 AB06D001472 AB06D001473 AB06D001474 AB06D001475 AB06D001476 AB06D001477 AB06D001478 AB06D001479 AB06D001480 AB06D001481 AB06D001482 AB06D001483 AB06D001484 AB06D001485 AB06D001486 AB06D001487 AB06D001488 AB06D001489 AB06D001490 AB06D001491 AB06D001492 AB06D001493 AB06D001494 AB06D001495 AB06D001496 AB06D001497 AB06D001498 AB06D001499 AB06D001500 AB06D001501 AB06D001502 AB06D001503 AB06D001504 AB06D001505 AB06D001506 AB06D001507 AB06D001508 AB06D001509 AB06D001510 AB06D001511 AB06D001512 AB06D001513 AB06D001514 AB06D001515 AB06D001516 AB06D001517 AB06D001518 AB06D001519 AB06D001520 AB06D001521 AB06D001522 AB06D001523 AB06D001524 AB06D001525 AB06D001526 AB06D001527 AB06D001528 AB06D001529 AB06D001530 AB06D001531 AB06D001532 AB06D001533 AB06D001534 AB06D001535 AB06D001536 AB06D001537 AB06D001538 AB06D001539 AB06D001540 AB06D001541 AB06D001542 AB06D001543 AB06D001544 AB06D001545 AB06D001546 AB06D001547 AB06D001548 AB06D001549 AB06D001550 AB06D001551 AB06D001552 AB06D001553 AB06D001554 AB06D001555 AB06D001556 AB06D001557 AB06D001558 AB06D001559 AB06D001560 AB06D001561 AB06D001562 AB06D001564 AB06D001565 AB06D001566 AB06D001567 AB06D001568 AB06D001569 AB06D001570 AB06D001571 AB06D001572 AB06D001573 AB06D001574 AB06D001575 AB06D001576 AB06D001577 AB06D001578 AB06D001579 AB06D001580 AB06D001581 AB06D001582 AB06D001583 AB06E001584 AB06E001585 AB06E001586 AB06E001587 AB06E001588 AB06E001589 AB06E001590 AB06E001591 AB06E001592 AB06E001593 AB06E001594 AB06E001595 AB06E001596 AB06E001597 AB06E001598 AB06E001599 AB06E001600 AB06E001601 AB06E001602 AB06E001603 AB06E001604 AB06E001605 AB06E001606 AB06E001607 AB06E001608 AB06E001609 AB06E001610 AB06E001611 AB06E001612 AB06E001613 AB06E001614 AB06E001615 AB06E001616 AB06E001617 AB06E001618 AB06E001619 AB06E001620 AB06E001621 AB06E001622 AB06E001623 AB06E001624 AB06E001625 AB06E001626 AB06E001627 AB06E001628 AB06E001629 AB06E001630 AB06E001631 AB06E001632 AB06E001633 AB06E001634 AB06E001635 AB06E001636 AB06E001637 AB06E001638 AB06E001639 AB06E001640 AB06E001641 AB06E001642 AB06E001643 AB06E001644 AB06E001645 AB06E001648 AB06E001654 AB06E001655 AB06E001656 AB06E001659 AB06E001673 AB06E001674 AB06E001675 AB06E001676 AB06E001677 AB06E001678 AB06E001679 AB06E001681 AB06E001682 AB06E001683 AB06E001684 AB06E001685 AB06E001686 AB06E001687 AB06E001688 AB06E001689 AB06E001690 AB06E001691 AB06E001692 AB06E001693 AB06E001694 AB06E001695 AB06E001696 AB06E001697 AB06E001698 AB06E001699 AB06E001700 AB06E001701 AB06E001702 AB06E001703 AB06E001704 AB06E001705 AB06E001706 AB06E001707 AB06E001708 AB06E001709 AB06E001710 AB06F001711 AB06F001718 AB06F001719 AB06F001720 AB06F001721 AB06F001722 AB06F001723 AB06F001724 AB06F001725 AB06F001726 AB06F001727 AB06F001728 AB06F001729 AB06F001730 AB06F001731 AB06F001732 AB06F001733 AB06F001734 AB06F001735 AB06F001736 AB06F001737 AB06F001738 AB06F001739 AB06F001740 AB06F001741 AB06F001742 AB06F001743 AB06F001744 AB06F001745 AB06F001746 AB06F001747 AB06F001748 AB06F001749 AB06F001750 AB06F001751 AB06F001752 AB06F001753 AB06F001754 AB06F001755 AB06F001756 AB06F001757 AB06F001758 AB06F001759 AB06F001760 AB06F001761 AB06F001762 AB06F001763 AB06F001764 AB06F001765 AB06F001766 AB06F001767 AB06F001768 AB06F001769 AB06F001770 AB06F001771 AB06F001772 AB06F001773 AB06F001774 AB06F001775 AB06F001776 AB06F001777 AB06F001781 AB06F001782 AB06F001783 AB06F001784 AB06F001785 AB06F001786 AB06F001787 AB06F001788 AB06F001789 AB06F001790 AB06F001791 AB06F001792 AB06F001793 AB06F001794 AB06F001795 AB06F001796 AB06F001797 AB06F001798 AB06F001799 AB06F001800 AB06F001801 AB06F001802 AB06F001803 AB06F001804 AB06F001805 AB06F001806 AB06F001807 AB06F001808 AB06F001809 AB06F001810 AB06F001812 AB06F001813 AB06F001820 AB06F001821 AB06F001823 AB06F001832 AB06F001833 AB06F001834 AB06F001835 AB06F001840 AB06F001841 AB06F001842 AB06F001843 AB06F001844 AB06F001845 AB06F001846 AB06F001847 AB06F001848 AB06F001849 AB06F001850 AB06F001851 AB06F001852 AB06F001853 AB06F001854 AB06F001861 AB06F001862 AB06F001863 AB06F001864 AB06F001865 AB06F001866 AB06F001867 AB06F001868 AB06F001869 AB06F001870 AB06F001871 AB06F001872 AB06F001873 AB06F001874 AB06F001875 AB06F001876 AB06F001877 AB06F001878 AB06F001879 AB06F001880 AB06F001881 AB06F001882 AB06F001883 AB06F001884 AB06F001885 AB06F001886 AB06F001887 AB06F001888 AB06F001889 AB06F001890 AB06F001891 AB06F001892 AB06F001893 AB06F001894 AB06F001898 AB06F001901 AB06F001902 AB06F001903 AB06F001904 AB06F001905 AB06F001906 AB06F001907 AB06F001908 AB06F001909 AB06F001910 AB06F001911 AB06F001912 AB06F001913 AB06F001914 AB06F001915 AB06F001916 AB06F001917 AB06F001918 AB06F001919 AB06F001920 AB06F001921 AB06F001922 AB06F001923 AB06F001924 AB06F001925 AB06F001926 AB06F001927 AB06F001928 AB06F001929 AB06F001931 AB06F002051 AB06G001932 AB06G001933 AB06G001934 AB06G001935 AB06G001936 AB06G001937 AB06G001938 AB06G001939 AB06G001940 AB06G001941 AB06G001942 AB06G001943 AB06G001944 AB06G001945 AB06G001947 AB06G001949 AB06G001950 AB06G001951 AB06G001953 AB06G001954 AB06G001955 AB06G001956 AB06G001957 AB06G001958 AB06G001959 AB06G001960 AB06G001961 AB06G001962 AB06G001963 AB06G001964 AB06G001965 AB06G001966 AB06G001967 AB06G001969 AB06G001970 AB06G001971 AB06G001972 AB06G001974 AB06G001975 AB06G001976 AB06G001977 AB06G001978 AB06G001979 AB06G001980 AB06G001981 AB06G001982 AB06G001983 AB06G001984 AB06G001985 AB06G001986 AB06G001987 AB06G001988 AB06G001989 AB06G001991 AB06G001992 AB06G001993 AB06G001994 AB06G001995 AB06G001996 AB06G001997 AB06G001998 AB06G001999 AB06G002000 AB06G002001 AB06G002002 AB06G002003 AB06G002004 AB06G002005 AB06G002007 AB06G002008 AB06G002009 AB06G002010 AB06G002012 AB06G002014 AB06G002015 AB06G002016 AB06G002017 AB06G002018 AB06G002019 AB06G002020 AB06G002021 AB06G002022 AB06G002023 AB06G002024 AB06G002025 AB06G002026 AB06G002027 AB06G002028 AB06G002029 AB06G002030 AB06G002031 AB06G002032 AB06G002035 AB06G002036 AB06G002037 AB06G002038 AB06G002039 AB06G002040 AB06G002041 AB06G002042 AB06G002043 AB06G002044 AB06G002045 AB06G002046 AB06G002047 AB06G002048 AB06G002049 AB06G002050 AB06G002051 AB06G002052 AB06G002053 AB06G002054 AB06G002055 AB06G002056 AB06G002057 AB06G002058 AB06G002059 AB06G002060 AB06G002061 AB06G002062 AB06G002063 AB06G002064 AB06G002065 AB06G002066 AB06G002067 AB06G002068 AB06G002069 AB06G002070 AB06G002071 AB06G002072 AB06G002073 AB06G002074 AB06G002075 AB06G002076 AB06G002077 AB06G002078 AB06G002079 AB06G002080 AB06G002081 AB06G002082 AB06G002088 AB06G002089 AB06G002090 AB06G002091 AB06G002092 AB06G002093 AB06G002094 AB06G002095 AB06G002096 AB06G002097 AB06G002098 AB06G002099 AB06G002100 AB06G002101 AB06G002102 AB06G002103 AB06G002104 AB06G002105 AB06G002106 AB06G002113 AB06G002120 AB06G002121 AB06G002122 AB06G002123 AB06G002124 AB06G002125 AB06G002126 AB06G002127 AB06G002234 AB06G002239 AB06H002128 AB06H002129 AB06H002130 AB06H002131 AB06H002132 AB06H002133 AB06H002134 AB06H002135 AB06H002136 AB06H002137 AB06H002138 AB06H002139 AB06H002140 AB06H002141 AB06H002142 AB06H002143 AB06H002144 AB06H002145 AB06H002146 AB06H002147 AB06H002148 AB06H002149 AB06H002150 AB06H002151 AB06H002152 AB06H002153 AB06H002154 AB06H002155 AB06H002156 AB06H002157 AB06H002158 AB06H002159 AB06H002160 AB06H002161 AB06H002162 AB06H002163 AB06H002164 AB06H002165 AB06H002166 AB06H002167 AB06H002168 AB06H002169 AB06H002170 AB06H002171 AB06H002172 AB06H002173 AB06H002174 AB06H002175 AB06H002176 AB06H002177 AB06H002178 AB06H002179 AB06H002180 AB06H002181 AB06H002182 AB06H002183 AB06H002184 AB06H002185 AB06H002186 AB06H002187 AB06H002188 AB06H002189 AB06H002190 AB06H002191 AB06H002192 AB06H002193 AB06H002194 AB06H002195 AB06H002196 AB06H002198 AB06H002199 AB06H002200 AB06H002201 AB06H002202 AB06H002203 AB06H002204 AB06H002205 AB06H002206 AB06H002207 AB06H002208 AB06H002209 AB06H002210 AB06H002211 AB06H002212 AB06H002213 AB06H002214 AB06H002215 AB06H002216 AB06H002217 AB06H002218 AB06H002219 AB06H002220 AB06H002221 AB06H002222 AB06H002223 AB06H002224 AB06H002225 AB06H002226 AB06H002227 AB06H002228 AB06H002229 AB06H002230 AB06H002231 AB06H002232 AB06H002233 AB06H002234 AB06H002235 AB06H002236 AB06H002237 AB06H002238 AB06H002239 AB06H002240 AB06H002241 AB06H002242 AB06H002243 AB06H002244 AB06H002245 AB06H002246 AB06H002248 AB06H002249 AB06H002250 AB06H002251 AB06H002252 AB06H002253 AB06H002254 AB06H002255 AB06H002256 AB06H002261 AB06H002265 AB06H002266 AB06H002267 AB06H002268 AB06H002293 AB06H002294 AB06H002295 AB06H002296 AB06H002297 AB06H002298 AB06H002299 AB06I002300 AB06I002302 AB06I002303 AB06I002304 AB06I002305 AB06I002306 AB06I002308 AB06I002309 AB06I002310 AB06I002311 AB06I002312 AB06I002313 AB06I002314 AB06I002315 AB06I002316 AB06I002317 AB06I002318 AB06I002320 AB06I002321 AB06I002322 AB06I002323 AB06I002324 AB06I002325 AB06I002326 AB06I002327 AB06I002328 AB06I002329 AB06I002330 AB06I002331 AB06I002332 AB06I002333 AB06I002334 AB06I002335 AB06I002337 AB06I002338 AB06I002339 AB06I002340 AB06I002341 AB06I002342 AB06I002343 AB06I002344 AB06I002345 AB06I002346 AB06I002347 AB06I002348 AB06I002349 AB06I002350 AB06I002351 AB06I002352 AB06I002353 AB06I002354 AB06I002360 AB06I002361 AB06I002362 AB06I002363 AB06I002364 AB06I002365 AB06I002366 AB06I002367 AB06I002368 AB06I002369 AB06I002370 AB06I002371 AB06I002372 AB06I002373 AB06I002374 AB06I002375 AB06I002376 AB06I002377 AB06I002378 AB06I002379 AB06I002380 AB06I002381 AB06I002382 AB06I002383 AB06I002384 AB06I002385 AB06I002386 AB06I002387 AB06I002388 AB06I002389 AB06I002390 AB06I002391 AB06I002392 AB06I002393 AB06I002394 AB06I002395 AB06I002396 AB06I002397 AB06I002398 AB06I002399 AB06I002400 AB06I002401 AB06I002402 AB06I002403 AB06I002404 AB06I002405 AB06I002406 AB06I002407 AB06I002408 AB06I002409 AB06I002410 AB06I002411 AB06I002412 AB06I002413 AB06I002414 AB06I002415 AB06I002416 AB06I002417 AB06I002418 AB06I002419 AB06I002420 AB06I002422 AB06I002423 AB06I002424 AB06I002425 AB06I002426 AB06I002427 AB06I002428 AB06I002429 AB06I002430 AB06I002431 AB06I002432 AB06I002433 AB06I002434 AB06I002435 AB06I002436 AB06I002437 AB06I002438 AB06I002439 AB06I002441 AB06I002442 AB06I002443 AB06I002444 AB06I002445 AB06I002446 AB06I002447 AB06I002448 AB06I002449 AB06I002450 AB06I002451 AB06I002452 AB06I002453 AB06I002456 AB06I002457 AB06I002458 AB06I002459 AB06I002460 AB06I002461 AB06I002462 AB06I002463 AB06I002464 AB06I002465 AB06I002466 AB06I002467 AB06I002468 AB06I002469 AB06I002470 AB06I002471 AB06I002472 AB06I002473 AB06I002474 AB06I002475 AB06I002476 AB06I002477 AB06I002478 AB06I002479 AB06I002480 AB06I002481 AB06I002482 AB06I002483 AB06I002484 AB06I002485 AB06I002486 AB06I002487 AB06I002488 AB06I002489 AB06I002490 AB06I002491 AB06I002492 AB06I002493 AB06I002494 AB06I002495 AB06I002496 AB06I002497 AB06I002498 AB06I002499 AB06I002500 AB06I002501 AB06I002502 AB06I002503 AB06I002504 AB06I002505 AB06I002506 AB06I002507 AB06I002508 AB06I002509 AB06I002510 AB06I002511 AB06I002512 AB06I002513 AB06I002514 AB06I002515 AB06I002516 AB06I002517 AB06I002518 AB06I002519 AB06I002520 AB06I002521 AB06I002522 AB06I002524 AB06I002525 AB06I002526 AB06I002527 AB06I002528 AB06I002529 AB06I002530 AB06I002531 AB06I002532 AB06I002533 AB06I002534 AB06I002535 AB06I002536 AB06I002537 AB06I002540 AB06I002542 AB06I002543 AB06I002544 AB06I002545 AB06I002546 AB06I002547 AB06I002548 AB06I002549 AB06I002550 AB06I002551 AB06I002552 AB06I002553 AB06I002554 AB06I002555 AB06I002556 AB06I002557 AB06I002558 AB06I002559 AB06I002560 AB06I002561 AB06I002562 AB06I002563 AB06I002564 AB06I002565 AB06I002566 AB06I002567 AB06I002568 AB06I002569 AB06I002570 AB06I002571 AB06I002573 AB06I002574 AB06I002575 AB06I002576 AB06I002577 AB06I002578 AB06I002579 AB06I002580 AB06I002581 AB06I002582 AB06I002583 AB06I002584 AB06I002585 AB06I002586 AB06I002587 AB06I002588 AB06I002589 AB06I002590 AB06I002591 AB06I002592 AB06I002593 AB06I002594 AB06I002595 AB06I002596 AB06I002597 AB06I002598 AB06I002599 AB06I002600 AB06I002601 AB06I002602 AB06I002603 AB06I002604 AB06I002605 AB06I002606 AB06I002607 AB06I002608 AB06I002609 AB06I002610 AB06I002611 AB06I002612 AB06I002613 AB06I002614 AB06I002615 AB06I002616 AB06I002617 AB06I002618 AB06I002619 AB06I002620 AB06I002621 AB06I002622 AB06I002623 AB06I002624 AB06I002625 AB06I002626 AB06I002627 AB06I002628 AB06I002629 AB06I002630 AB06I002631 AB06I002632 AB06I002633 AB06I002634 AB06I002635 AB06I002636 AB06I002637 AB06I002638 AB06I002639 AB06I002640 AB06I002641 AB06I002642 AB06I002643 AB06I002644 AB06I002645 AB06I002646 AB06I002647 AB06I002648 AB06I002650 AB06I002651 AB06I002652 AB06I002653 AB06I002657 AB06I002658 AB06I002659 AB06I002660 AB06I002661 AB06I002662 AB06I002663 AB06I002664 AB06I002665 AB06I002666 AB06I002667 AB06I002668 AB06I002669 AB06I002670 AB06I002671 AB06I002672 AB06I002673 AB06I002674 AB06I002675 AB06I002676 AB06I002677 AB06I002678 AB06I002679 AB06I002680 AB06I002681 AB06I002682 AB06I002683 AB06I002684 AB06I002685 AB06I002686 AB06I002687 AB06I002688 AB06I002689 AB06I002690 AB06I002691 AB06I002692 AB06I002693 AB06I002694 AB06I002695 AB06I002696 AB06I002697 AB06I002698 AB06I002699 AB06I002700 AB06I002701 AB06I002702 AB06I002703 AB06I002704 AB06I002705 AB06I002706 AB06I002707 AB06I002708 AB06I002709 AB06I002710 AB06I002711 AB06I002712 AB06I002713 AB06I002714 AB06I002715 AB06I002740 AB06I002741 AB06I002742 AB06I002743 AB06I002744 AB06I002745 AB06I002746 AB06I002747 AB06J002748 AB06J002749 AB06J002751 AB06J002752 AB06J002753 AB06J002754 AB06J002755 AB06J002756 AB06J002757 AB06J002758 AB06J002759 AB06J002760 AB06J002761 AB06J002762 AB06J002763 AB06J002764 AB06J002765 AB06J002766 AB06J002767 AB06J002768 AB06J002769 AB06J002770 AB06J002771 AB06J002772 AB06J002773 AB06J002774 AB06J002775 AB06J002776 AB06J002777 AB06J002778 AB06J002779 AB06J002780 AB06J002781 AB06J002782 AB06J002783 AB06J002784 AB06J002785 AB06J002786 AB06J002787 AB06J002788 AB06J002789 AB06J002790 AB06J002792 AB06J002793 AB06J002795 AB06J002796 AB06J002797 AB06J002798 AB06J002799 AB06J002800 AB06J002801 AB06J002802 AB06J002803 AB06J002804 AB06J002805 AB06J002806 AB06J002807 AB06J002808 AB06J002809 AB06J002810 AB06J002811 AB06J002812 AB06J002813 AB06J002814 AB06J002815 AB06J002816 AB06J002817 AB06J002818 AB06J002819 AB06J002820 AB06J002821 AB06J002822 AB06J002823 AB06J002824 AB06J002825 AB06J002826 AB06J002827 AB06J002833 AB06J002834 AB06J002835 AB06J002836 AB06J002837 AB06J002838 AB06J002839 AB06J002840 AB06J002841 AB06J002842 AB06J002845 AB06J002846 AB06J002847 AB06J002848 AB06J002849 AB06J002850 AB06J002851 AB06J002852 AB06J002853 AB06J002854 AB06J002856 AB06J002857 AB06J002858 AB06J002859 AB06J002860 AB06J002861 AB06J002862 AB06J002863 AB06J002864 AB06J002865 AB06J002866 AB06J002867 AB06J002868 AB06J002869 AB06J002870 AB06J002871 AB06J002872 AB06J002873 AB06J002874 AB06J002875 AB06J002876 AB06J002877 AB06J002878 AB06J002879 AB06J002880 AB06J002881 AB06J002882 AB06J002883 AB06J002884 AB06J002885 AB06J002886 AB06J002887 AB06J002888 AB06J002889 AB06J002890 AB06J002891 AB06J002892 AB06J002893 AB06J002894 AB06J002895 AB06J002896 AB06J002897 AB06J002898 AB06J002899 AB06J002900 AB06J002901 AB06J002902 AB06J002903 AB06J002904 AB06J002905 AB06J002906 AB06J002907 AB06J002913 AB06J002914 AB06J002915 AB06J002916 AB06J002917 AB06J002920 AB06J002921 AB06J002922 AB06J002923 AB06J002924 AB06J002925 AB06J002926 AB06J002927 AB06J002928 AB06J002929 AB06J002930 AB06J002931 AB06J002932 AB06J002933 AB06J002936 AB06J002937 AB06J002938 AB06J002939 AB06J002940 AB06J002941 AB06J002942 AB06J002943 AB06J002944 AB06J002945 AB06J002946 AB06J002947 AB06J002948 AB06J002949 AB06J002950 AB06J002951 AB06J002952 AB06J002953 AB06J002954 AB06J002955 AB06J002956 AB06J002957 AB06J002958 AB06J002959 AB06J002960 AB06J002961 AB06J002962 AB06J002963 AB06J002964 AB06J002966 AB06J002967 AB06J002968 AB06J002969 AB06J002970 AB06J002971 AB06J002972 AB06J002973 AB06J002974 AB06J002975 AB06J002976 AB06J002977 AB06J002978 AB06J002979 AB06J002980 AB06J002981 AB06J002982 AB06J002983 AB06J002984 AB06J002985 AB06J002986 AB06J002987 AB06J002988 AB06J002989 AB06J002990 AB06J002991 AB06J002992 AB06J002993 AB06J002994 AB06J002995 AB06J002996 AB06J002997 AB06J002998 AB06J002999 AB06J003000 AB06J003001 AB06J003002 AB06J003003 AB06J003004 AB06J003005 AB06J003006 AB06J003007 AB06J003008 AB06J003009 AB06J003010 AB06J003011 AB06J003012 AB06J003013 AB06J003014 AB06J003015 AB06J003016 AB06J003017 AB06J003018 AB06J003019 AB06J003020 AB06J003021 AB06J003022 AB06J003023 AB06J003024 AB06J003025 AB06J003026 AB06J003027 AB06J003028 AB06J003029 AB06J003030 AB06J003031 AB06J003032 AB06J003033 AB06J003034 AB06J003035 AB06J003036 AB06J02794 AB06K003048 AB06K003049 AB06K003050 AB06K003052 AB06K003053 AB06K003054 AB06K003055 AB06K003056 AB06K003057 AB06K003058 AB06K003059 AB06K003060 AB06K003061 AB06K003062 AB06K003063 AB06K003064 AB06K003065 AB06K003066 AB06K003067 AB06K003068 AB06K003069 AB06K003070 AB06K003071 AB06K003072 AB06K003073 AB06K003074 AB06K003075 AB06K003076 AB06K003077 AB06K003078 AB06K003079 AB06K003080 AB06K003081 AB06K003082 AB06K003083 AB06K003084 AB06K003085 AB06K003086 AB06K003087 AB06K003089 AB06K003090 AB06K003091 AB06K003092 AB06K003093 AB06K003094 AB06K003095 AB06K003096 AB06K003097 AB06K003098 AB06K003099 AB06K003100 AB06K003101 AB06K003102 AB06K003103 AB06K003104 AB06K003105 AB06K003106 AB06K003107 AB06K003108 AB06K003109 AB06L003112 AB06L003113 AB06L003114 AB06L003115 AB06L003116 AB06L003117 AB06L003118 AB06L003119 AB06L003120 AB06L003121 AB06L003122 AB06L003123 AB06L003124 AB06L003125 AB06L003126 AB06L003127 AB06L003128 AB06L003129 AB06L003130 AB06L003131 AB06L003132 AB06L003133 AB06L003134 AB06L003135 AB06L003136 AB06L003137 AB06L003138 AB06L003139 AB06L003140 AB06L003141 AB06L003142 AB06L003143 AB06L003145 AB06L003146 AB06L003147 AB06L003148 AB06L003149 AB06L003150 AB06L003151 AB06L003152 AB06L003153 AB06L003154 AB06L003155 AB06L003156 AB06L003157 AB06L003158 AB06L003159 AB06L003160 AB06L003161 AB06L003162 AB06L003163 AB06L003164 AB06L003165 AB06L003166 AB06L003167 AB06L003168 AB06L003169 AB06L003170 AB06L003171 AB06L003172 AB06L003173 AB06L003174 AB06L003175 AB06L003176 AB06L003178 AB06L003183 AB06L003184 AB06L003185 AB06L003186 AB06L003187 AB06L003188 AB06L003189 AB06L003190 AB06L003191 AB06L003192 AB06L003194 AB06L003195 AB06L003196 AB06L003197 AB06L003198 AB06L003199 AB06L003201 AB06L003202 AB06L003203 AB06L003204 AB06L003205 AB06L003206 AB06L003207 AB06L003208 AB06L003209 AB06L003210 AB06L003211 AB06L003212 AB06L003213 AB06L003217 AB06L003222 AB06L003223 AB06L003224 AB06L003235 AB06L003236 AB06L003237 AB06L003238 AB06L003239 AB06L003240 AB06L003241 AB06L003242 AB06L003243 AB06L003244 AB06L003245 AB06L003246 AB06L003247 AB06L003248 AB06L003249 AB06L003250 AB06L003251 AB06L003255 AB06L003256 AB06L003257 AB06L003258 AB06L003259 AB06L003260 AB06L003261 AB06L003262 AB06L003263 AB06L003264 AB06L003265 AB06L003266 AB06L003267 AB06L003268 AB06L003269 AB06L003270 AB06L003271 AB06L003272 AB06L003273 AB06L003274 AB06L003275 AB06L003276 AB06L003277 AB06L003278 AB06L003279 AB06L003280 AB06L003281 AB06L003282 AB06L003283 AB06L003284 AB06L003285 AB06L003286 AB06L003287 AB06L003288 AB06L003289 AB06L003290 AB06L003291 AB06L003292 AB06L003293 AB06L003299 AB06L003300 AB06L003301 AB06L003302 AB06L003303 AB06L003304 AB06L003305 AB06L003306 AB06L003307 AB06L003308 AB06L003309 AB06L003310 AB06L003311 AB06L003312 AB06L003315 AB06L003316 AB06L003317 AB06L003318 AB06L003319 AB06L003323 AB06L003324 AB06L003325 AB06L003326 AB06L003327 AB06L003328 AB06L003329 AB06L003330 AB06L003331 AB06L003332 AB06L003333 AB06L003334 AB06L003335 AB06L003338 AB06L003339 AB06L003340 AB06L003341 AB06L003342 AB06L003343 AB06L003344 AB06L003345 AB06L003346 AB06L003347 AB06L003348 AB06L003349 AB06L003350 AB07A003371 AB07A003372 AB07A003373 AB07A003374 AB07A003375 AB07A003377 AB07A003378 AB07A003379 AB07A003380 AB07A003381 AB07A003382 AB07A003383 AB07A003384 AB07A003385 AB07A003386 AB07A003387 AB07A003388 AB07A003389 AB07A003390 AB07A003449 AB07A003450 AB07A003451 AB07A003452 AB07A003453 AB07A003454 AB07A003455 AB07A003456 AB07A003457 AB07A003458 AB07A003459 AB07A003460 AB07A003461 AB07A003462 AB07A003463 AB07A003464 AB07A003465 AB07A003466 AB07A003467 AB07A003468 AB07A003469 AB07A003470 AB07A003471 AB07A003472 AB07A003473 AB07A003474 AB07B003475 AB07B003476 AB07B003477 AB07B003478 AB07B003479 AB07B003480 AB07B003481 AB07B003482 AB07B003483 AB07B003495 AB07B003496 AB07B003497 AB07B003498 AB07B003499 AB07B003500 AB07B003501 AB07B003502 AB07B003503 AB07B003504 AB07B003505 AB07B003506 AB07B003507 AB07B003508 AB07B003509 AB07B003510 AB07B003511 AB07B003512 AB07B003513 AB07B003514 AB07B003515 AB07B003516 AB07B003517 AB07B003518 AB07B003519 AB07B003520 AB07B003521 AB07B003522 AB07B003523 AB07B003524 AB07B003525 AB07B003526 AB07B003527 AB07B003529 AB07B003530 AB07B003531 AB07B003532 AB07B003533 AB07B003534 AB07B003535 AB07B003536 AB07B003537 AB07B003538 AB07B003539 AB07B003540 AB07B003541 AB07B003542 AB07B003543 AB07B003544 AB07B003545 AB07B003546 AB07B003553 AB07B003555 AB07B003556 AB07B003557 AB07B003558 AB07B003559 AB07B003560 AB07B003561 AB07B003562 AB07B003564 AB07B003565 AB07B003566 AB07B003567 AB07B003568 AB07B003569 AB07B003570 AB07B003571 AB07B003572 AB07B003573 AB07B003574 AB07B003575 AB07B003576 AB07B003577 AB07B003578 AB07B003579 AB07B003580 AB07B003581 AB07B003582 AB07B003583 AB07B003584 AB07B003585 AB07B003586 AB07B003587 AB07B003588 AB07B003589 AB07B003590 AB07B003591 AB07B003592 AB07B003593 AB07B003594 AB07B003596 AB07B003597 AB07B003598 AB07B003599 AB07B003600 AB07B003601 AB07B003602 AB07B003603 AB07B003604 AB07B003605 AB07B003606 AB07B003607 AB07B003608 AB07B003609 AB07B003610 AB07B003611 AB07B003613 AB07B003614 AB07B003615 AB07B003616 AB07B003617 AB07B003618 AB07B003619 AB07B003620 AB07B003621 AB07B003622 AB07B003623 AB07B003624 AB07B003625 AB07B003626 AB07B003627 AB07B003628 AB07B003629 AB07B003630 AB07B003631 AB07B003632 AB07B003633 AB07B003634 AB07B003635 AB07B003636 AB07B003637 AB07B003638 AB07B003639 AB07B003640 AB07B003642 AB07B003643 AB07B003644 AB07B003645 AB07B003646 AB07B003647 AB07B003649 AB07B003650 AB07B003651 AB07B003652 AB07B003653 AB07B003654 AB07B003655 AB07B003656 AB07B003658 AB07B003659 AB07B003661 AB07B003663 AB07B003665 AB07B003666 AB07B003667 AB07B003668 AB07B003669 AB07B003670 AB07B003671 AB07B003672 AB07B003673 AB07C003675 AB07C003676 AB07C003677 AB07C003678 AB07C003679 AB07C003680 AB07C003681 AB07C003683 AB07C003684 AB07C003685 AB07C003686 AB07C003687 AB07C003688 AB07C003690 AB07C003691 AB07C003692 AB07C003693 AB07C003694 AB07C003695 AB07C003696 AB07C003697 AB07C003699 AB07C003700 AB07C003701 AB07C003704 AB07C003705 AB07C003706 AB07C003707 AB07C003708 AB07C003709 AB07C003710 AB07C003711 AB07C003712 AB07C003713 AB07C003714 AB07C003715 AB07C003716 AB07C003717 AB07C003718 AB07C003719 AB07C003720 AB07C003721 AB07C003722 AB07C003723 AB07C003724 AB07C003725 AB07C003726 AB07C003728 AB07C003729 AB07C003730 AB07C003731 AB07C003732 AB07C003733 AB07C003734 AB07C003735 AB07C003736 AB07C003737 AB07C003738 AB07C003739 AB07C003740 AB07C003741 AB07C003742 AB07C003743 AB07C003744 AB07C003745 AB07C003746 AB07C003747 AB07C003748 AB07C003749 AB07C003750 AB07C003751 AB07C003752 AB07C003753 AB07C003754 AB07C003755 AB07C003756 AB07C003757 AB07C003758 AB07C003759 AB07C003760 AB07C003761 AB07C003762 AB07C003770 AB07C003771 AB07C003772 AB07C003773 AB07C003774 AB07C003775 AB07C003776 AB07C003777 AB07C003778 AB07C003779 AB07C003780 AB07C003784 AB07C003787 AB07C003788 AB07C003789 AB07C003790 AB07C003791 AB07C003792 AB07C003793 AB07C003794 AB07C003795 AB07C003796 AB07C003797 AB07C003798 AB07C003799 AB07C003800 AB07C003801 AB07C003802 AB07C003803 AB07C003804 AB07C003805 AB07C003806 AB07C003807 AB07C003808 AB07C003809 AB07C003810 AB07C003811 AB07C003813 AB07C003814 AB07C003815 AB07C003816 AB07C003817 AB07C003818 AB07C003820 AB07C003821 AB07C003822 AB07C003823 AB07C003826 AB07C003827 AB07C003828 AB07C003829 AB07C003830 AB07C003831 AB07C003832 AB07C003834 AB07C003835 AB07C003836 AB07C003837 AB07C003838 AB07C003839 AB07C003840 AB07C003841 AB07C003842 AB07C003843 AB07C003844 AB07C003845 AB07C003846 AB07C003847 AB07C003848 AB07C003849 AB07C003850 AB07C003851 AB07C003852 AB07C003853 AB07C003854 AB07C003855 AB07C003856 AB07C003857 AB07C003858 AB07C003859 AB07C003860 AB07C003861 AB07C003862 AB07C003863 AB07C003864 AB07C003865 AB07C003866 AB07C003867 AB07C003868 AB07C003869 AB07C003870 AB07C003871 AB07C003872 AB07C003873 AB07C003874 AB07C003875 AB07C003876 AB07C003877 AB07C003878 AB07C003879 AB07C003880 AB07C003881 AB07C003882 AB07C003883 AB07C003884 AB07C003885 AB07C003886 AB07C003887 AB07C003888 AB07C003889 AB07C003890 AB07C003891 AB07C003892 AB07C003893 AB07C003894 AB07C003895 AB07C003897 AB07C003898 AB07C003899 AB07C003900 AB07C003901 AB07C003902 AB07C003903 AB07C003904 AB07C003905 AB07C003906 AB07C003907 AB07C003908 AB07C003909 AB07C003910 AB07C003911 AB07C003912 AB07C003913 AB07C003914 AB07C003915 AB07C003916 AB07C003917 AB07C003918 AB07C003919 AB07C003924 AB07C003926 AB07C003928 AB07C003929 AB07C003930 AB07C003931 AB07C003932 AB07C003933 AB07C003934 AB07C003935 AB07C003936 AB07C003937 AB07C003940 AB07C003941 AB07C003942 AB07C003943 AB07C003944 AB07C003945 AB07C003948 AB07C003949 AB07C003950 AB07C003951 AB07C003952 AB07C003953 AB07C003955 AB07C003956 AB07C003957 AB07C003958 AB07C003959 AB07C003961 AB07D003967 AB07D003968 AB07D003969 AB07D003971 AB07D003972 AB07D003973 AB07D003974 AB07D003975 AB07D003976 AB07D003977 AB07D003978 AB07D003979 AB07D003980 AB07D003981 AB07D003982 AB07D003983 AB07D003985 AB07D003986 AB07D003987 AB07D003988 AB07D003989 AB07D003990 AB07D003991 AB07D003997 AB07D003998 AB07D003999 AB07D004000 AB07D004001 AB07D004002 AB07D004003 AB07D004004 AB07D004005 AB07D004006 AB07D004007 AB07D004008 AB07D004009 AB07D004010 AB07D004011 AB07D004012 AB07D004013 AB07D004014 AB07D004015 AB07D004016 AB07D004017 AB07D004018 AB07D004019 AB07D004020 AB07D004021 AB07D004022 AB07D004023 AB07D004024 AB07D004025 AB07D004026 AB07D004027 AB07D004028 AB07D004029 AB07D004030 AB07D004031 AB07D004032 AB07D004033 AB07D004034 AB07D004035 AB07D004036 AB07D004037 AB07D004038 AB07D004039 AB07D004040 AB07D004041 AB07D004042 AB07D004043 AB07D004044 AB07D004045 AB07D004046 AB07D004047 AB07D004048 AB07D004049 AB07D004050 AB07D004051 AB07D004052 AB07D004053 AB07D004054 AB07D004055 AB07D004056 AB07D004057 AB07D004058 AB07D004059 AB07D004060 AB07D004061 AB07D004062 AB07D004063 AB07D004064 AB07D004065 AB07D004066 AB07D004067 AB07D004068 AB07D004069 AB07D004070 AB07D004073 AB07D004074 AB07D004076 AB07D004077 AB07D004078 AB07D004079 AB07D004080 AB07D004081 AB07D004082 AB07D004084 AB07D004085 AB07D004086 AB07D004087 AB07D004088 AB07D004089 AB07D004090 AB07D004091 AB07D004092 AB07D004093 AB07D004094 AB07D004095 AB07D004096 AB07D004097 AB07D004098 AB07D004099 AB07D004100 AB07D004101 AB07D004102 AB07D004103 AB07D004104 AB07D004105 AB07D004106 AB07D004107 AB07D004108 AB07D004109 AB07D004110 AB07D004111 AB07D004112 AB07D004113 AB07D004114 AB07D004115 AB07D004116 AB07D004117 AB07D004118 AB07D004119 AB07D004120 AB07D004121 AB07D004122 AB07D004123 AB07D004124 AB07D004125 AB07D004126 AB07D004127 AB07D004128 AB07D004129 AB07D004130 AB07D004131 AB07D004132 AB07D004133 AB07D004134 AB07D004135 AB07D004136 AB07D004137 AB07D004138 AB07D004139 AB07D004140 AB07D004141 AB07D004142 AB07E004143 AB07E004144 AB07E004145 AB07E004146 AB07E004147 AB07E004148 AB07E004149 AB07E004150 AB07E004151 AB07E004152 AB07E004153 AB07E004155 AB07E004156 AB07E004157 AB07E004158 AB07E004159 AB07E004161 AB07E004162 AB07E004163 AB07E004166 AB07E004167 AB07E004168 AB07E004169 AB07E004170 AB07E004171 AB07E004174 AB07E004183 AB07E004184 AB07E004185 AB07E004186 AB07E004187 AB07E004188 AB07E004189 AB07E004190 AB07E004191 AB07E004192 AB07E004193 AB07E004194 AB07E004195 AB07E004196 AB07E004197 AB07E004198 AB07E004199 AB07E004200 AB07E004201 AB07E004202 AB07E004203 AB07E004204 AB07E004205 AB07E004206 AB07E004207 AB07E004208 AB07E004209 AB07E004210 AB07E004211 AB07E004212 AB07E004213 AB07E004214 AB07E004215 AB07E004216 AB07E004217 AB07E004218 AB07E004219 AB07E004220 AB07E004221 AB07E004222 AB07E004223 AB07E004224 AB07E004225 AB07E004226 AB07E004227 AB07E004228 AB07E004229 AB07E004230 AB07E004231 AB07E004232 AB07E004233 AB07E004234 AB07E004235 AB07E004236 AB07E004237 AB07E004238 AB07E004239 AB07E004240 AB07E004241 AB07E004242 AB07E004243 AB07E004244 AB07E004245 AB07E004246 AB07E004247 AB07E004248 AB07E004249 AB07E004250 AB07E004251 AB07E004252 AB07E004253 AB07E004254 AB07E004255 AB07E004256 AB07E004257 AB07E004258 AB07E004259 AB07E004260 AB07E004261 AB07E004262 AB07E004263 AB07E004264 AB07E004265 AB07E004266 AB07E004267 AB07E004268 AB07E004269 AB07E004270 AB07E004271 AB07E004272 AB07E004273 AB07E004274 AB07E004275 AB07E004276 AB07E004277 AB07E004278 AB07E004279 AB07E004280 AB07E004281 AB07E004282 AB07E004283 AB07E004284 AB07E004285 AB07E004286 AB07E004287 AB07E004288 AB07E004289 AB07E004290 AB07E004291 AB07E004292 AB07E004293 AB07E004294 AB07E004295 AB07E004296 AB07E004297 AB07E004298 AB07E004299 AB07E004300 AB07E004301 AB07E004302 AB07E004303 AB07E004304 AB07E004307 AB07E004308 AB07E004309 AB07E004310 AB07E004311 AB07E004312 AB07E004313 AB07E004314 AB07E004315 AB07E004316 AB07E004317 AB07E004318 AB07E004319 AB07E004320 AB07E004321 AB07E004322 AB07E004325 AB07E004326 AB07E004338 AB07E004339 AB07E004342 AB07E004343 AB07E004344 AB07E004346 AB07E004347 AB07E004361 AB07E004362 AB07E004363 AB07E004365 AB07E004366 AB07E004367 AB07E004368 AB07E004369 AB07E004370 AB07E004371 AB07E004372 AB07E004373 AB07E004374 AB07E004375 AB07E004376 AB07E004377 AB07E004378 AB07E004379 AB07E004386 AB07E004387 AB07E004388 AB07E004389 AB07E004390 AB07E004391 AB07E004392 AB07E004393 AB07E004394 AB07E004395 AB07E004396 AB07E004397 AB07E004398 AB07E004399 AB07E004400 AB07E004401 AB07F004407 AB07F004408 AB07F004409 AB07F004410 AB07F004411 AB07F004412 AB07F004413 AB07F004414 AB07F004415 AB07F004416 AB07F004417 AB07F004418 AB07F004419 AB07F004420 AB07F004421 AB07F004422 AB07F004423 AB07F004425 AB07F004426 AB07F004427 AB07F004428 AB07F004429 AB07F004430 AB07F004431 AB07F004432 AB07F004433 AB07F004434 AB07F004435 AB07F004436 AB07F004437 AB07F004438 AB07F004439 AB07F004440 AB07F004442 AB07F004444 AB07F004445 AB07F004446 AB07F004447 AB07F004448 AB07F004449 AB07F004450 AB07F004451 AB07F004452 AB07F004453 AB07F004454 AB07F004455 AB07F004456 AB07F004460 AB07F004461 AB07F004462 AB07F004463 AB07F004465 AB07F004466 AB07F004467 AB07F004468 AB07F004469 AB07F004470 AB07F004471 AB07F004472 AB07F004473 AB07F004474 AB07F004475 AB07F004476 AB07F004478 AB07F004479 AB07F004480 AB07F004481 AB07F004482 AB07F004483 AB07F004484 AB07F004485 AB07F004486 AB07F004487 AB07F004488 AB07F004489 AB07F004490 AB07F004491 AB07F004492 AB07F004493 AB07F004494 AB07F004495 AB07F004496 AB07F004497 AB07F004498 AB07F004499 AB07F004500 AB07F004501 AB07F004502 AB07F004503 AB07F004504 AB07F004505 AB07F004506 AB07F004507 AB07F004508 AB07F004509 AB07F004510 AB07F004511 AB07F004512 AB07F004513 AB07F004514 AB07F004515 AB07F004516 AB07F004517 AB07F004518 AB07F004519 AB07F004520 AB07F004523 AB07F004524 AB07F004525 AB07F004526 AB07F004528 AB07F004529 AB07F004530 AB07F004531 AB07F004532 AB07F004533 AB07F004534 AB07F004535 AB07F004536 AB07F004537 AB07F004538 AB07F004539 AB07F004540 AB07F004541 AB07F004542 AB07F004543 AB07F004544 AB07F004545 AB07F004546 AB07F004547 AB07F004549 AB07F004550 AB07F004551 AB07F004552 AB07F004553 AB07F004554 AB07F004555 AB07F004556 AB07F004557 AB07F004559 AB07F004560 AB07F004561 AB07F004562 AB07F004563 AB07F004564 AB07F004565 AB07F004566 AB07F004567 AB07F004568 AB07F004569 AB07F004570 AB07F004571 AB07F004572 AB07F004573 AB07F004574 AB07F004575 AB07F004576 AB07F004577 AB07F004578 AB07F004579 AB07F004580 AB07F004581 AB07F004582 AB07F004583 AB07F004584 AB07F004585 AB07F004586 AB07F004587 AB07F004588 AB07F004589 AB07F004590 AB07F004591 AB07F004592 AB07F004593 AB07F004594 AB07F004595 AB07F004596 AB07F004597 AB07F004598 AB07F004599 AB07F004600 AB07F004601 AB07F004602 AB07F004603 AB07F004604 AB07F004605 AB07F004606 AB07F004607 AB07F004611 AB07F004612 AB07F004613 AB07F004614 AB07F004615 AB07F004616 AB07F004617 AB07F004618 AB07F004619 AB07F004620 AB07F004621 AB07F004622 AB07F004623 AB07F004624 AB07F004625 AB07F004626 AB07F004628 AB07F004629 AB07F004630 AB07F004631 AB07F004632 AB07F004633 AB07F004634 AB07F004635 AB07F004636 AB07F004637 AB07F004638 AB07F004639 AB07F004640 AB07F004641 AB07F004643 AB07F004644 AB07F004645 AB07F004646 AB07F004647 AB07F004648 AB07F004649 AB07F004650 AB07F004651 AB07F004652 AB07F004653 AB07F004654 AB07F004657 AB07F004658 AB07F004659 AB07F004660 AB07F004661 AB07F004662 AB07F004663 AB07F004664 AB07F004665 AB07F004666 AB07F004668 AB07F004669 AB07F004670 AB07F004671 AB07F004672 AB07F004674 AB07F004675 AB07F004676 AB07F004677 AB07F004678 AB07F004679 AB07F004680 AB07F004681 AB07F004682 AB07F004683 AB07F004684 AB07F004685 AB07F004686 AB07F004687 AB07F004688 AB07F004689 AB07F004690 AB07F004691 AB07F004692 AB07F004693 AB07F004694 AB07F004695 AB07F004696 AB07F004697 AB07F004698 AB07F004699 AB07F004700 AB07F004701 AB07F004702 AB07F004703 AB07F004704 AB07F004705 AB07F004706 AB07F004707 AB07F004708 AB07F004709 AB07F004710 AB07F004711 AB07F004712 AB07F004713 AB07F004714 AB07F004715 AB07F004716 AB07F004717 AB07F004718 AB07F004719 AB07F004720 AB07F004721 AB07F004722 AB07F004723 AB07F004724 AB07F004725 AB07F004726 AB07F004727 AB07F004728 AB07F004730 AB07F004731 AB07F004732 AB07F004735 AB07F004736 AB07F004738 AB07F004739 AB07F004740 AB07F004741 AB07F004742 AB07G004755 AB07G004756 AB07G004757 AB07G004758 AB07G004759 AB07G004760 AB07G004761 AB07G004762 AB07G004763 AB07G004764 AB07G004765 AB07G004766 AB07G004767 AB07G004768 AB07G004769 AB07G004770 AB07G004771 AB07G004772 AB07G004773 AB07G004774 AB07G004775 AB07G004776 AB07G004777 AB07G004778 AB07G004779 AB07G004780 AB07G004781 AB07G004782 AB07G004783 AB07G004784 AB07G004785 AB07G004786 AB07G004787 AB07G004788 AB07G004789 AB07G004790 AB07G004791 AB07G004792 AB07G004795 AB07G004796 AB07G004797 AB07G004798 AB07G004799 AB07G004800 AB07G004801 AB07G004802 AB07G004804 AB07G004805 AB07G004806 AB07G004807 AB07G004808 AB07G004809 AB07G004810 AB07G004811 AB07G004812 AB07G004814 AB07G004815 AB07G004816 AB07G004817 AB07G004818 AB07G004819 AB07G004820 AB07G004821 AB07G004823 AB07G004824 AB07G004825 AB07G004826 AB07G004827 AB07G004828 AB07G004830 AB07G004831 AB07G004832 AB07G004833 AB07G004834 AB07G004835 AB07G004836 AB07G004837 AB07G004838 AB07G004839 AB07G004840 AB07G004841 AB07G004842 AB07G004843 AB07G004844 AB07G004845 AB07G004846 AB07G004847 AB07G004848 AB07G004849 AB07G004850 AB07G004851 AB07G004852 AB07G004854 AB07G004855 AB07G004856 AB07G004857 AB07G004858 AB07G004859 AB07G004860 AB07G004861 AB07G004865 AB07G004866 AB07G004867 AB07G004868 AB07G004870 AB07G004871 AB07G004872 AB07G004873 AB07G004874 AB07G004879 AB07G004880 AB07G004881 AB07G004882 AB07G004883 AB07G004884 AB07G004885 AB07G004886 AB07G004887 AB07G004888 AB07G004889 AB07G004890 AB07G004891 AB07G004892 AB07G004893 AB07G004894 AB07G004895 AB07G004896 AB07G004897 AB07G004898 AB07G004899 AB07G004900 AB07G004901 AB07G004902 AB07G004903 AB07G004904 AB07G004905 AB07G004906 AB07G004907 AB07G004908 AB07G004909 AB07G004910 AB07G004911 AB07G004912 AB07G004913 AB07G004914 AB07G004915 AB07G004916 AB07G004917 AB07G004918 AB07G004919 AB07G004920 AB07G004921 AB07G004922 AB07G004923 AB07G004924 AB07G004925 AB07G004926 AB07G004927 AB07G004929 AB07G004930 AB07G004931 AB07G004932 AB07G004933 AB07G004934 AB07G004935 AB07G004936 AB07G004937 AB07G004938 AB07G004939 AB07G004940 AB07G004941 AB07G004942 AB07G004943 AB07G004944 AB07G004945 AB07G004946 AB07G004947 AB07G004948 AB07G004949 AB07G004950 AB07G004951 AB07G004952 AB07G004953 AB07G004954 AB07G004955 AB07G004956 AB07G004957 AB07G004958 AB07H004960 AB07H004961 AB07H004962 AB07H004963 AB07H004964 AB07H004965 AB07H004966 AB07H004967 AB07H004968 AB07H004969 AB07H004970 AB07H004971 AB07H004972 AB07H004973 AB07H004974 AB07H004975 AB07H004976 AB07H004978 AB07H004979 AB07H004980 AB07H004981 AB07H004982 AB07H004983 AB07H004984 AB07H004985 AB07H004986 AB07H004987 AB07H004988 AB07H004989 AB07H004990 AB07H004991 AB07H004992 AB07H004993 AB07H004994 AB07H004995 AB07H004997 AB07H004998 AB07H004999 AB07H005000 AB07H005001 AB07H005002 AB07H005003 AB07H005004 AB07H005005 AB07H005006 AB07H005007 AB07H005008 AB07H005010 AB07H005011 AB07H005012 AB07H005013 AB07H005014 AB07H005022 AB07H005023 AB07H005024 AB07H005025 AB07H005026 AB07H005027 AB07H005028 AB07H005029 AB07H005030 AB07H005031 AB07H005032 AB07H005033 AB07H005034 AB07H005035 AB07H005036 AB07H005037 AB07H005038 AB07H005039 AB07H005040 AB07H005041 AB07H005042 AB07H005043 AB07H005044 AB07H005045 AB07H005046 AB07H005047 AB07H005048 AB07H005049 AB07H005050 AB07H005051 AB07H005053 AB07H005054 AB07H005055 AB07H005056 AB07H005057 AB07H005058 AB07H005059 AB07H005060 AB07H005061 AB07H005062 AB07H005063 AB07H005064 AB07H005065 AB07H005066 AB07H005067 AB07H005068 AB07H005069 AB07H005070 AB07H005071 AB07H005072 AB07H005073 AB07H005074 AB07H005075 AB07H005076 AB07H005077 AB07H005078 AB07H005079 AB07H005080 AB07H005081 AB07H005083 AB07H005084 AB07H005085 AB07H005086 AB07H005087 AB07H005088 AB07H005089 AB07H005090 AB07H005091 AB07H005092 AB07H005093 AB07H005094 AB07H005095 AB07H005096 AB07H005097 AB07H005098 AB07H005099 AB07H005100 AB07H005101 AB07H005107 AB07H005108 AB07H005114 AB07H005115 AB07H005116 AB07H005117 AB07H005118 AB07H005119 AB07H005120 AB07H005121 AB07H005122 AB07H005123 AB07H005124 AB07H005125 AB07H005126 AB07H005127 AB07H005128 AB07H005129 AB07H005130 AB07H005131 AB07H005132 AB07H005133 AB07H005134 AB07H005135 AB07H005136 AB07H005137 AB07H005138 AB07H005139 AB07H005140 AB07H005141 AB07H005142 AB07H005143 AB07H005144 AB07H005145 AB07H005146 AB07H005147 AB07H005148 AB07H005149 AB07H005151 AB07H005152 AB07H005153 AB07H005154 AB07H005155 AB07H005156 AB07H005157 AB07H005158 AB07I005209 AB07I005210 AB07I005211 AB07I005212 AB07I005213 AB07I005214 AB07I005215 AB07I005216 AB07I005217 AB07I005218 AB07I005219 AB07I005220 AB07I005221 AB07I005222 AB07I005223 AB07I005224 AB07I005225 AB07I005226 AB07I005227 AB07I005228 AB07I005229 AB07I005230 AB07I005231 AB07I005232 AB07I005233 AB07I005234 AB07I005235 AB07I005236 AB07I005237 AB07I005238 AB07I005239 AB07I005240 AB07I005243 AB07I005244 AB07I005245 AB07I005246 AB07I005247 AB07I005248 AB07I005249 AB07I005250 AB07I005251 AB07I005252 AB07I005253 AB07I005254 AB07I005255 AB07I005256 AB07I005257 AB07I005258 AB07I005259 AB07I005260 AB07I005262 AB07I005263 AB07I005264 AB07I005265 AB07I005268 AB07I005269 AB07I005270 AB07I005271 AB07I005272 AB07I005273 AB07I005274 AB07I005277 AB07I005281 AB07I005282 AB07I005283 AB07I005284 AB07I005285 AB07I005286 AB07I005287 AB07I005288 AB07I005289 AB07I005290 AB07I005291 AB07I005292 AB07I005293 AB07I005294 AB07I005295 AB07I005296 AB07I005297 AB07I005298 AB07I005299 AB07I005300 AB07I005301 AB07I005302 AB07I005303 AB07I005304 AB07I005305 AB07I005306 AB07I005307 AB07I005308 AB07I005309 AB07I005310 AB07I005311 AB07I005312 AB07I005313 AB07I005314 AB07I005315 AB07I005316 AB07I005317 AB07I005318 AB07I005319 AB07I005320 AB07I005321 AB07I005322 AB07I005323 AB07I005324 AB07I005327 AB07I005328 AB07I005329 AB07I005330 AB07I005331 AB07I005332 AB07I005333 AB07I005334 AB07I005335 AB07I005336 AB07I005337 AB07I005338 AB07I005339 AB07I005340 AB07I005341 AB07I005342 AB07I005343 AB07I005344 AB07I005345 AB07I005346 AB07I005363 AB07I005364 AB07I005365 AB07I005366 AB07I005368 AB07I005369 AB07I005370 AB07I005372 AB07I005373 AB07I005374 AB07I005375 AB07I005376 AB07I005377 AB07I005378 AB07I005379 AB07I005380 AB07I005381 AB07I005382 AB07I005383 AB07I005384 AB07I005385 AB07I005386 AB07I005387 AB07I005388 AB07I005389 AB07I005390 AB07I005393 AB07I005394 AB07I005396 AB07I005397 AB07I005398 AB07I005399 AB07I005400 AB07I005402 AB07I005403 AB07I005404 AB07I005405 AB07I005406 AB07I005407 AB07I005408 AB07I005409 AB07I005410 AB07I005412 AB07I005413 AB07I005414 AB07I005415 AB07I005416 AB07I005417 AB07I005418 AB07I005419 AB07I005420 AB07I005421 AB07I005422 AB07I005423 AB07I005424 AB07I005426 AB07I005428 AB07I005429 AB07I005430 AB07I005431 AB07I005432 AB07I005434 AB07I005435 AB07I005436 AB07I005437 AB07I005438 AB07I005439 AB07I005440 AB07I005441 AB07I005443 AB07I005444 AB07I005445 AB07I005446 AB07I005447 AB07I005449 AB07I005450 AB07I005451 AB07I005452 AB07I005453 AB07I005454 AB07I005455 AB07I005456 AB07I005457 AB07I005458 AB07I005459 AB07I005460 AB07I005461 AB07I005462 AB07I005463 AB07I005464 AB07I005466 AB07I005467 AB07I005470 AB07I005471 AB07I005472 AB07I005473 AB07I005474 AB07I005475 AB07I005476 AB07I005477 AB07I005478 AB07I005479 AB07I005480 AB07I005481 AB07I005482 AB07I005483 AB07I005484 AB07I005485 AB07I005486 AB07I005487 AB07I005488 AB07I005489 AB07I005490 AB07I005491 AB07I005493 AB07I005494 AB07I005495 AB07I005496 AB07I005497 AB07I005499 AB07I005500 AB07I005501 AB07I005502 AB07I005503 AB07I005504 AB07I005505 AB07I005506 AB07I005507 AB07I005508 AB07I005509 AB07I005510 AB07I005511 AB07I005512 AB07I005513 AB07I005514 AB07I005515 AB07I005517 AB07I005518 AB07I005519 AB07I005520 AB07I005523 AB07I005524 AB07I005525 AB07I005526 AB07I005527 AB07I005528 AB07I005529 AB07I005530 AB07I005531 AB07I005532 AB07I005537 AB07I005539 AB07I005541 AB07I005542 AB07I005543 AB07I005544 AB07I005545 AB07I005546 AB07I005547 AB07I005548 AB07I005549 AB07I005551 AB07I005552 AB07I005553 AB07I005554 AB07I005555 AB07I005556 AB07I005557 AB07I005558 AB07I005559 AB07I005560 AB07I005561 AB07I005562 AB07I005563 AB07I005564 AB07I005566 AB07I005567 AB07I005568 AB07I005570 AB07I005571 AB07I005572 AB07I005573 AB07I005574 AB07I005575 AB07I005576 AB07I005577 AB07I005578 AB07I005579 AB07I005581 AB07I005582 AB07I005583 AB07I005584 AB07I005585 AB07I005586 AB07I005587 AB07I005588 AB07I005589 AB07I005590 AB07I005591 AB07I005593 AB07I005594 AB07I005595 AB07I005596 AB07I005597 AB07I005598 AB07I005599 AB07I005600 AB07I005601 AB07I005602 AB07I005603 AB07I005604 AB07I005605 AB07I005606 AB07I005608 AB07I005610 AB07I005611 AB07I005614 AB07I005615 AB07I005616 AB07I005617 AB07I005618 AB07I005619 AB07I005620 AB07I005621 AB07I005622 AB07I005623 AB07I005625 AB07J005626 AB07J005627 AB07J005628 AB07J005629 AB07J005630 AB07J005631 AB07J005632 AB07J005633 AB07J005634 AB07J005635 AB07J005636 AB07J005637 AB07J005638 AB07J005639 AB07J005640 AB07J005641 AB07J005642 AB07J005643 AB07J005644 AB07J005645 AB07J005646 AB07J005647 AB07J005648 AB07J005649 AB07J005650 AB07J005651 AB07J005652 AB07J005653 AB07J005656 AB07J005657 AB07J005658 AB07J005659 AB07J005660 AB07J005661 AB07J005662 AB07J005663 AB07J005664 AB07J005665 AB07J005666 AB07J005667 AB07J005668 AB07J005669 AB07J005670 AB07J005671 AB07J005672 AB07J005673 AB07J005674 AB07J005675 AB07J005676 AB07J005677 AB07J005678 AB07J005679 AB07J005680 AB07J005681 AB07J005682 AB07J005683 AB07J005684 AB07J005685 AB07J005686 AB07J005687 AB07J005688 AB07J005690 AB07J005691 AB07J005692 AB07J005693 AB07J005694 AB07J005695 AB07J005696 AB07J005697 AB07J005698 AB07J005699 AB07J005700 AB07J005701 AB07J005702 AB07J005703 AB07J005704 AB07J005705 AB07J005708 AB07J005709 AB07J005710 AB07J005711 AB07J005712 AB07J005713 AB07J005714 AB07J005715 AB07J005716 AB07J005717 AB07J005718 AB07J005719 AB07J005720 AB07J005721 AB07J005722 AB07J005723 AB07J005724 AB07J005725 AB07J005726 AB07J005727 AB07J005728 AB07J005729 AB07J005730 AB07J005731 AB07J005732 AB07J005733 AB07J005734 AB07J005735 AB07J005736 AB07J005737 AB07J005738 AB07J005739 AB07J005740 AB07J005741 AB07J005742 AB07J005743 AB07J005744 AB07J005745 AB07J005746 AB07J005747 AB07J005748 AB07J005749 AB07J005750 AB07J005751 AB07J005752 AB07J005753 AB07J005754 AB07J005755 AB07J005756 AB07J005757 AB07J005758 AB07J005759 AB07J005760 AB07J005761 AB07J005762 AB07J005763 AB07J005767 AB07J005768 AB07J005769 AB07J005771 AB07J005772 AB07J005773 AB07J005777 AB07J005778 AB07J005779 AB07J005780 AB07J005781 AB07J005782 AB07J005783 AB07J005784 AB07J005785 AB07K005840 AB07K005841 AB07K005842 AB07K005843 AB07K005844 AB07K005845 AB07K005846 AB07K005847 AB07K005849 AB07K005850 AB07K005852 AB07K005853 AB07K005854 AB07K005856 AB07K005857 AB07K005858 AB07K005859 AB07K005860 AB07K005861 AB07K005862 AB07K005864 AB07K005867 AB07K005868 AB07K005869 AB07K005870 AB07K005871 AB07K005872 AB07K005873 AB07K005874 AB07K005879 AB07K005880 AB07K005883 AB07K005885 AB07K005887 AB07K005888 AB07K005889 AB07K005890 AB07K005891 AB07K005892 AB07K005893 AB07K005894 AB07K005895 AB07K005896 AB07K005898 AB07K005899 AB07K005900 AB07K005902 AB07K005903 AB07K005904 AB07K005905 AB07K005906 AB07K005907 AB07K005908 AB07K005909 AB07K005910 AB07K005911 AB07K005912 AB07K005913 AB07K005915 AB07K005916 AB07K005917 AB07K005918 AB07K005919 AB07K005921 AB07K005922 AB07K005923 AB07K005924 AB07K005925 AB07K005927 AB07K005928 AB07K005929 AB07K005930 AB07K005931 AB07K005932 AB07K005933 AB07K005934 AB07K005935 AB07K005936 AB07K005937 AB07K005938 AB07K005939 AB07K005940 AB07K005944 AB07K005947 AB07K005948 AB07K005949 AB07K005950 AB07K005951 AB07K005952 AB07K005953 AB07K005954 AB07K005955 AB07K005956 AB07K005957 AB07K005958 AB07K005959 AB07K005960 AB07K005961 AB07K005962 AB07K005963 AB07K005964 AB07K005965 AB07K005966 AB07L005968 AB07L005969 AB07L005970 AB07L005972 AB07L005973 AB07L005974 AB07L005975 AB07L005976 AB07L005977 AB07L005978 AB07L005979 AB07L005980 AB07L005981 AB07L005982 AB07L005983 AB07L005984 AB07L005985 AB07L005986 AB07L005987 AB07L005988 AB07L005989 AB07L005990 AB07L005991 AB07L005992 AB07L005993 AB07L005994 AB07L005995 AB07L005996 AB07L005998 AB07L005999 AB07L006000 AB07L006001 AB07L006002 AB07L006003 AB07L006004 AB07L006005 AB07L006006 AB07L006007 AB07L006008 AB07L006009 AB07L006010 AB07L006011 AB07L006012 AB07L006013 AB07L006014 AB07L006015 AB07L006017 AB07L006018 AB07L006019 AB07L006020 AB07L006023 AB07L006024 AB07L006025 AB07L006027 AB07L006028 AB07L006029 AB07L006030 AB07L006031 AB07L006032 AB07L006033 AB07L006034 AB07L006035 AB07L006036 AB07L006038 AB07L006039 AB07L006040 AB07L006041 AB07L006042 AB07L006043 AB07L006044 AB07L006045 AB07L006046 AB07L006047 AB07L006048 AB07L006049 AB07L006052 AB07L006053 AB07L006054 AB07L006055 AB07L006056 AB07L006057 AB07L006058 AB07L006060 AB07L006063 AB07L006067 AB07L006071 AB07L006072 AB07L006073 AB07L006075 AB07L006079 AB07L006080 AB07L006081 AB07L006082 AB07L006083 AB07L006084 AB07L006085 AB07L006086 AB07L006087 AB07L006088 AB07L006089 AB07L006090 AB07L006091 AB07L006093 AB07l006095 AB07L006096 AB07L006098 AB07L006099 AB07L006100 AB07L006101 AB07L006102 AB07L006103 AB07L006104 AB07L006105 AB07L006106 AB07L006107 AB07L006108 AB07L006109 AB07L006110 AB07L006111 AB07L006112 AB07L006113 AB07L006114 AB07L006115 AB07L006116 AB07L006118 AB07L006119 AB07L006120 AB07L006121 AB07L006122 AB07L006123 AB07L006125 AB07L006126 AB07L006127 AB07L006128 AB07L006129 AB07L006130 AB07L006132 AB07L006133 AB07L006134 AB07L006135 AB07L006136 AB07L006137 AB07L006138 AB07L006139 AB07L006140 AB07L006141 AB07L006142 AB07L006143 AB07L006144 AB07L006146 AB07L006147 AB07L006149 AB07L006151 AB07L006152 AB07L006153 AB07L006154 AB07L006155 AB07L006156 AB07L006157 AB07L006158 AB07L006160 AB07L006161 AB07L006163 AB07L006164 AB07L006165 AB07L006166 AB07L006167 AB07L006169 AB07L006172 AB07L006173 AB07L006174 AB07L006175 AB07L006176 AB07L006177 AB07L006178 AB07L006179 AB07L006181 AB07L006182 AB07L006184 AB07L006186 AB07L006187 AB07L006188 AB07L006190 AB07L006193 AB08A006203 AB08A006206 AB08A006207 AB08A006210 AB08A006213 AB08A006214 AB08A006216 AB08A006219 AB08A006220 AB08A006221 AB08A006223 AB08A006224 AB08A006227 AB08A006228
Zoll Medical Corporation, World Wide Headquarters, Chelmsford, MA, by letter on January 14, 2008. Firm initiated recall is ongoing.
Incorrect Patient Records: Patient records that have been stored, then later transmitted or printed may not be the correct record. Records that are transmitted or printed immediately following acquisition are correct.
5,018 units
Nationwide and Internationally

Reusable Ohmeda Compatible Finger Clip Sensor, Model Number: E403-02, Product Code: PS2225. To monitor oxygen saturation level of patients under doctor's care, Recall # Z-1188-2008
Serial Numbers: YE508/001, YE508/002, YE508/003, YE508/004, YE508/005, YE508/006, YE508/007, YE508/008, YE508/009, YE508/010; ZC502/001, ZC502/002, ZC502/003, ZC502/004, ZC502/005, ZC502/006; ZG512/001, ZG512/002, ZG512/003, ZG512/004, ZG512/005, ZG512/006, ZG512/007, ZG512/008, ZG512/009, ZG512/010, ZG512/011, ZG512/012, ZG512/013, ZG512/014, ZG512/015; PA514/001, PA514/002, PA514/003, PA514/004, PA514/005, PA514/006, PA514/006, PA514/007, PA514/008, PA514/009, PA514/010; PA515/001, PA515/002, PA515/003, PA515/004, PA515/005, PA515/006, PA515/007, PA515/008, PA515/009, PA515/010, PA515/011, PA515/012, PA515/013, PA515/014, PA515/015, PA515/016, PA515/017, PA515/018, PA515/019, PA515/020, PA515/021, PA515/022, PA515/023, PA515/024, PA515/025, PA515/026, PA515/027, PA515/028, PA515/029, PA515/030, PA515/031, PA515/032, PA515/033, PA515/034 and PA515/035
Kentec Medical Inc., Irvin, CA, by telephone on May 18, 2007 and by letter dated May 23, 2007. Firm initiated recall is ongoing.
Incompatible components: The Finger Clip Sensors - with a Serial Number prefix of PA514, PA515, YE508, ZC502 and ZG512 - are missing an additional diode and higher resistor in its existing configuration making them inoperable when used to interface with those Ohmeda Tuffsat monitors previously re-configured by Ohmeda to include a detection circuit for diodes.
41 units

a) INTELECT INTELECT XT, Model No. 2760. Made in the USA, Recall # Z-1218-2008;
b) INTELECT LEGEND XT, Model No. 2763, Made in the USA, Recall # Z-1219-2008;
c) VECTRA GENISYS, Model No. 2761, Made in the USA, Recall # Z-1220-2008;
d) VECTRA GENISYS, Model No. 2764, Made in the USA, Recall # Z-1221-2008;
e) VECTRA TRANSPORTABLE, Model No. 2783, Made in the USA, Recall # Z-1222-2008;
f) INTELECT VET, Model No. 2756, Made in the USA, Recall # Z-1223-2008;
g) INTELECT VET, Model No. 2843, Made in the USA, Recall # Z-1224-2008;
h) INTELECT ADVANCED, Model No. 2752CC. Made in the USA, Not for sale in the U.S.A,
    Recall # Z-1225-2008;
i) INTELECT ADVANCED, Model No. 2755CS, Made in the USA, Not for sale in the U.S.A,
    Recall # Z-1226-2008;
j) INTELECT ADVANCED, Model No. 2762CC. Made in the USA, Not for sale in the U.S.A,
    Recall # Z-1227-2008;
k) INTELECT ADVANCED, Model No. 2765CS. Made in the USA, Not for sale in the U.S.A,
    Recall # Z-1228-2008;
l) INTELECT ADVANCED, Model No. 2772MC. Made in the USA, Not for sale in the U.S.A,
    Recall # Z-1229-2008;
m) INTELECT ADVANCED STIM, Model No. 2773MS. Made in the USA, Not for sale in the U.S.A,
    Recall # Z-1230-2008;
n) INTELECT MOBILE COMBO, Model No. 2778. Made in the USA, Not for sale in the U.S.A,
    Recall # Z-1231-2008;
o) INTELECT MOBILE, Model No. 2777. Made in the USA, Not for sale in the U.S.A,
    Recall # Z-1232-2008
a) Serial numbers 1000 – 5886;
b) Serial numbers 1000 – 1683;
c) Serial numbers 1000 – 5047;
d) Serial numbers 1000 – 1713;
e) Serial numbers 1000 – 1615;
f) Serial numbers 1000 – 1140;
g) Serial numbers 1000 – 1015;
h) Serial numbers 1000 – 1079;
i) Serial numbers 1000 – 1017;
j) Serial numbers 1000 – 3993;
k) Serial numbers 1000 - 1452;
l) Serial numbers 1000 - 3002;
m) Serial numbers 1000 - 2018;
n) Serial numbers 1000 - 3541;
o) Serial numbers 1000 - 2799
Chattanooga Corp Inc., Hixson, TN, by letters beginning on December 17, 2007. Firm initiated recall is ongoing.
Device malfunction: causing electric shock and burn.
20,000 units
Nationwide and Internationally

Solar HA Humeral Stem with Plasma Coating 7mm to 17 mm Product Catalog Number: 5351-4307, 7mm; 5351-4308, 8mm; 5351-4309, 9mm; 5351-4310, 10mm; 5351-4311, 11mm; 5351-4312, 12mm; 5351-4313, 13mm; 5351-4314, 14mm; 5351-4315, 15mm; 5351-4316, 16mm; and 5351-4317, 17mm. For use as a Shoulder Replacement. Made in USA, Recall # Z-1236-2008
All Lot Codes for the above catalog numbers.
Stryker Howmedica Osteonics Corp., Mahwah, NJ, by letters on November 28, 2007. Firm initiated recall is ongoing.
Delamination: Loosening of the titanium plasma coating on the product was observed on twelve non-distributed units.
915 units

Agfa HeartLab Cardiovascular DICOMstore, Model # L9M8E. The software is used in the Agfa HeartLab Cardiovascular System, Recall # Z-1241-2008
Software version:
Recalling Firm: AGFA Corp., Greenville, SC, by telephone on June 21-26, 2007 and by letter on July 2, 2007. 
Manufacturer: Heartlab, Inc., Westerly, RI. Firm initiated recall is ongoing.
Misidentification: The electrocardiogram (ECG) data of one patient is misidentified as the data of another patient.
43 units
Nationwide and Canada

Agfa HeartLab Cardiovascular Results Management Product, Model Number: L58RZ and L9MWQ, Recall # Z-1242-2008
Version: 2.03 and 2.04
Recalling Firm: AGFA Corp., Greenville, SC, by telephone on July 27, 2007 to August 16, 2007 and by letter on July 27, 2007. 
Manufacturer: Heartlab, Inc., Westerly, RI. Firm initiated recall is ongoing.
Incorrect Results: Erroneous echocardiographic measurement values due to mathematical formula being mis-configured.
6 units
IMPAX® 6.2.1 Network Gateway Server, License Key. Catalog # ABC. The product is used to transfer medical imaging data,
Recall # Z-1306-2008
Code EXEGE000
AGFA Corp., Greenville, SC, by e-mail on December 11, 2007. Firm initiated recall is ongoing.
Failure of Data Transmission: No imaging data could be transmitted by the device, because a key value needed for data transmission was incorrectly entered in the affected units by AGFA Healthcare.
12 units

Dimension Total Prostate Specific Antigen (TPSA) Flex Reagent Cartridge (RF451), Recall # Z-1606-2008
Lot number GB9021 exp 2009-01-21 and Lot number GB9029 exp 2009-01-29
Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics, Inc., Newark, DE, by letter dated March 25, 2008. Firm initiated recall is ongoing.
False Results: The product may exhibit falsely elevated results. The affected lots demonstrate sporadic variability in recovery of calibrator and quality control; therefore this issue may not be readily detected upon calibration or during routine processing of Quality Control.
1,631 cartons
Nationwide, Germany, Singapore, Canada, Japan and AE



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