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Working With Students

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Students have proven to be a huge asset to some CERT programs. Students have used local CERT programs to fulfill local community service requirements. In other areas, student CERT members have gone on for training as volunteer firefighters and EMTs. But working with students raises some issues that you will need to address before including them in your program.

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Developing a Strategy

Before deciding whether to allow students to participate in your CERT program, you should develop a strategy for who can participate and how.

Topic Points to Consider
Who Can Participate
  • Students as young as 14 have participated in some CERT programs with parental permission. Other programs allow student participation only if a parent also participates. Consider the needs in your community to determine what age or other restrictions to place on student participation.
How Students Participate
  • Students who lack maturity may take unnecessary risks during classroom activities, exercises, and activation.
  • State laws may prohibit students under a specified age from participating in some types of tasks or from participating during specified hours (e.g., after 10 p.m.).

Recruiting Students

Recruiting students can be easy, especially if you have the cooperation of the local school district. Some suggestions for recruiting students include the following:

Training Students

Students do not require changes in or accommodations to the training to be successful, but may require additional safeguards to ensure their safety. When training student volunteers: