Starting a CERT Program

Step 2: Identifying Resources

Words of Advice: Tips for Obtaining Resources

map of Washington

Dale Kleos - Whatcom County, Washington
People, People, People

People, people, people–you need people to train, to organize, to carry out public relations. Every aspect of every little detail needs to be taken into account. Without committed community members the program won't get off the ground.

map of Oregon

Rachel Jacky - Portland, Oregon
Everyone Who Has Something To Contribute

The same resources that are necessary to support a new CERT program are also necessary to sustain the program–the people, community members, program volunteers, emergency responders–everyone who has something to contribute.

For a new CERT program, you need two things:

Any other resources (funding, political support, etc.) won't help much if you don't have committed volunteers and trainers.

map of Wyoming

Stew Anderson - Natrona County, Wyoming
Find a Champion

The most important things to get a program started is to have a champion to spearhead the program and the citizens wanting to do more for their community. Also it's important to have the necessary equipment to do effective training.

map of Tennessee

Joe Lowry - Memphis, Tennessee
It's a Team Effort

Number one is the people. People are needed to form the teams, to administratively support the program, to support the teams, to support the training, volunteers are needed to attend the training and be prepared to deal with events. We need people to plan in the event of an emergency, we need people to respond to an emergency, we need people to help those after an emergency.

The program cannot be carried out without a strong team of supporters. This includes everyone from the volunteers that make the coffee and checks the participants in to the businesses that financially support the program's efforts to the professionals that train the citizens and finally the citizens who get trained. It's all a team effort. One piece of the puzzle cannot be left undone.