Starting a CERT Program

Step 2: Identifying Resources

CERT Program Personnel Resources

CERT practice

As the CERT Program Coordinator, you will not be able to make the program successful if you don't have help. To run a healthy, growing CERT program, you will need:

Use this information to determine your personnel needs and decide how you will staff the program.

Your CERT instructor cadre is another critical resource. The section titled "Establishing a Training Cadre" presents resources on recruiting, selecting, and preparing instructors.

CERT Program Coordinator

As the CERT Program Coordinator, you are responsible for the overall success of the program for your community. But what does a Program Coordinator do? Some of your key responsibilities are listed below. As you progress through program development and introduce program maintenance, you will identify other responsibilities. When you do, add them to this list as a reminder of what it takes to run a CERT program.

General Management



Administrative Assistance (Paid or Volunteer)

CERT will generate a lot of telephone calls and a lot of paperwork. While you are marketing the program to key stakeholders and running classes, you will need someone reliable to assist you by:

You may be able to delegate other responsibilities. CERT members may have leadership, administrative, and creative talents that can help you. Remember, it is their program.