Starting a CERT Program

Step 2: Identifying Resources

CERT Resource Requirements Worksheet

Listed below are resources you will need to start your CERT program. You may identify others, especially if you speak with one of the CERT Program Coordinators, but this information will get you started.

Category Items
Administrative Equipment & Supplies Classroom and Exercise Facilities
Course Materials Instructor Guides
Student Manuals (1 per student)
Classroom Supplies Chart Paper
Masking Tape
Certificates of Completion
Wallet Cards
Audio/Visual Equipment Computer (with PowerPoint 2000 software)
Computer Projector
VHS Player
TV Monitor(s)
Easel Stands
Fire Suppression Equipment Class A:B:C Fire Extinguishers (1 for every 5 students)
Dry Chemical Fire Extinguisher (1)
Fire Pan & Propane Tank
Fire Suppression Supplies:
Pyrex® Jar w/Lid (optional)
Cotton Swabbing (optional)
Wooden Matches
Fire Pan
Road Flares and Pole
Propane Fuel
Medical Equipment Mannequin
Medical Supplies Examination Gloves
Triangular Bandages
4" x 4" Bandages
Search and Rescue Supplies Blanket
Pry Bar or Long 2 x 4
Wood (for leveraging and cribbing)
Miscellaneous Supplies Hard Hats
Work Gloves
Other (List):
Training Props Mockups of utility (gas and propane) valves,
    breaker boxes, fuse boxes, etc.
Other (List):
Personnel Firefighters
EMTs or Paramedics
Other (List):
Advertising Materials Registration Forms
Other (List):
Information Management Tools Tools to track:
Who takes the course
When they graduate
Refresher training and exercises
How often CERTs are deployed