Starting a CERT Program

Step 1: Assessing Needs

Community Hazard Analysis: Review Worksheet

Review your community's hazard analysis, and consider how CERTs could contribute in response to your community's high-risk and high-impact hazards. Some items to consider as you complete your review are listed below.

1. Complete the matrix below to determine if the risks posed by your community's highest-risk hazards can be met by CERTs, given their areas of training, level of training, and experience.
2. In addition to the basic CERT training for response in neighborhoods or workplaces, what other ways could CERT assist your organization?
3. What other roles could CERTs play (e.g., distributing smoke alarms, providing medical support at community events)?
4. What additional training would be required?
5. What equipment will you give CERT and what will they have to supply on their own?
6. What is the minimum number of CERTs that would be required to make the program viable?
7. How will you divide your community to make CERT team assignments (e.g., by neighborhood, fire district, police precinct)?