Starting a CERT Program

Step 6: Establishing a Training Cadre

Preparing Instructors

a CERT assistance simulation

Even if the instructors you select are experienced, you should meet with them as a team to help them see the big picture and their role in it. If you are an experienced instructor or Program Coordinator, you may have other techniques that you use to train instructors. Don't feel constrained by these suggestions. You know your program and instructors better than anyone!

Training the Trainers

Experienced CERT Program Coordinators have been successful in training their instructors using the steps listed below.

Feedback at every point in this process is critical to developing good instructors. Be sure that all instructors are aware of your expectations for them and for the training. Provide constructive critique of training skills, and incorporate lessons learned into future classes.

Monitoring Training

The program manager should monitor training to guard against:

By using this structured approach, you will ensure that your instructors are: