Maintaining a CERT Program

Step 4: Maintaining Records

Words of Advice: Tips for Maintaining Records

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map of Wyoming

Stew Anderson - Natrona County, Wyoming

Track Important Information

Recordkeeping is important so that you know:

The other records we keep are CERT member addresses and contact information so we know where CERT members are located.

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Rachel Jacky - Portland, Oregon

Reasons To Keep Good and Accessible Records

There are operational, administrative, and political reasons to keep good and accessible records.

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Joe Lowry - Memphis, Tennessee

Maintain Up-to-Date Rosters

Up-to-date rosters are a pretty important tool for team leaders, fire station captains, or anyone who needs a reliable list for contacting program participants.

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Dale Kleos - Whatcom, Washington

Stay in Communication

One main reason we keep records is for communication. Accurate records are needed in order to stay in communication with the graduates. In addition, we have registered emergency workers. Keeping records allows CERT volunteers to be eligible for benefits and insurance as part of that registry.

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Frank Lucier - San Francisco, California

Safeguard Personal Information

We are in the business of training and every business keeps records, especially training records. But as with any personal information, you have to get the people's permission to share their information with neighborhood team leaders. We ask the participants, before the end of each training session, if we can share their personal information with the team leaders.

We only kept data that was critical to the program–name, address, phone number, email addresses, training dates, other classes taken, special skills, team assigned to, and team position. Our City Attorney felt that keeping other information (Social Security numbers, driver's license numbers, etc.) could cause some legal issues if they ever got in the wrong hands.

Bottom line is that we guarded personal information with our lives. We kept it on only one computer and this computer was not hooked up to the Internet or our internal network.