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Wirtz Labor Library Lecture Series

The Library continues to highlight areas of interest to the Department of Labor by offering a monthly series of lectures. Upcoming events for the lunchtime, brown bag series follow. Dessert will be provided.

Upcoming Lectures

October 15 — Immigration on Employment/Professional Bases

  • Richard Steel, presents Steel on Immigration Law

November 13 — ILAB: A description of Department of Labor's International Labor

  • Charlotte (Charlie) Ponticelli, Deputy Under Secretary for International Affairs

Previous Lectures

September 17 — Construction Chart Book: The U.S. Construction Industry and its Workers

  • Drs. Dong & Gittleman, The Center for Construction Research and Training
  • Contributions made by the Bureau of Labor Statistics
  • Learn more about this lecture

August 13 — Government Benefits

July 16 — Stay Out and Stay Alive Initiative

  • Frank Meilinger, Program Information Specialist and Program Manager for the SOSA Campaign, Mine Safety and Health Administration
  • Learn more about this lecture

June 18 — Reporting on Government Agencies

May 21 — Education: the Priority of a Chinese Mother

April 16 — Child Labor: The History of Child Labor Laws and Strategies to Promote Compliance


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