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    Labor month in review 2008:
ArrowAugust 2008:
(Download the PDF 73K)
The August Review; BLS budget update
ArrowJuly 2008:
(Download the PDF 67K)
The July Review; Redesigned BLS Web site
ArrowJune 2008:
(Download the PDF 74K)
The June Review; Focus on unemployment; Coal mining safety
ArrowMay 2008:
(Download the PDF 63K)
The May Review; Issues in Labor Statistics; Department of corrections?
ArrowApril 2008:
(Download the PDF 63K)
The April Review; Data on minimum wage workers; Another Spotlight
ArrowMarch 2008:
(Download the PDF 66K)
The March Review; Industries at a glance;  Career guides; Erratum
ArrowFebruary 2008:
(Download the PDF 65K)
The February Review; Skiing employment: East and West 
ArrowJanuary 2008:
(Download the PDF 70K)
The January Review; BLS budget; CWC Online and The Editor’s Desk; Cell phone expenditures
  Labor month in review 2007:
ArrowDecember 2007:
(Download the PDF 68K)
The December Review; Nonmetropolitan area occupational data now available; A note to subscribers
ArrowNovember 2007:
(Download the PDF 67K)
The November Review; New information on labor market churning; Spotlight on Statistics 
ArrowOctober 2007:
(Download the PDF 67K)
The October Review; Profile of health educators; Comparing metropolitan area pay by occupation; Coming soon in MLR 
ArrowSeptember 2007:
(Download the PDF 73K)
The September Review; Work fatalities in 2006; Multifactor productivity; Service-providing productivity; Taking leave 
ArrowJuly/August 2007:
(Download the PDF 81K)
The July/August Review; Multifactor productivity up again; The “average day”; Work at home; Auto industry concentration 
ArrowJune 2007:
(Download the PDF 66K)
The June Review; Families and employment; Multifactor productivity; Time use 
ArrowMay 2007:
(Download the PDF 61K)
The May Review; Private compensation costs; Manufacturing productivity; 2006 Klein Awards 
ArrowApril 2007:
(Download the PDF 56K)
The April Review; Essentials spending; Work experience; State unemployment rates 
ArrowMarch 2007:
(Download the PDF 75K)
The March Review; Fewer idled in 2006; Productivity growth in 2006; Extended mass layoffs, 2006  
ArrowFebruary 2007:
(Download the PDF 87K)
The February Review; Telemarketing hot spots; Ask for volunteers; Union membership in 2006; Compensation costs rise in 2006
ArrowJanuary 2007:
(Download the PDF 102K)
The January Review; 2007 Julius Shiskin Award; Multifactor productivity; Women professionals; Mothers in the workforce 
  Labor month in review 2006:
ArrowDecember 2006:
(Download the PDF 60K)
The December Review; Consumer expenditure, 2005; Injuries at work; Automotive quality; Foreign compensation costs 
ArrowNovember 2006:
(Download the PDF 58K)
The November Review; Workplace violence; Harmonized price indexes 
ArrowOctober 2006:
(Download the PDF 36K)
The October Review; Job tenure; Factory productivity; Relative pay
ArrowSeptember 2006:
(Download the PDF 32K)
The September Review; Work fatalities; Displaced workers  
ArrowAugust 2006:
(Download the PDF 34K)
The August Review; Injuries and health workers; Workers at minimum wage; Productivity in information 
ArrowJuly 2006:
(Download the PDF 34K)
The July Review; Working poor; Health benefit costs; Coming soon in MLR 
ArrowJune 2006:
(Download the PDF 32K)
The June Review; Veterans and unemployment; A century well spent; Earnings in big occupations 
ArrowMay 2006:
(Download the PDF 32K)
The May Review; Work and families; Factory productivity; 2005 Klein Awards 
ArrowApril 2006:
(Download the PDF 32K)
The April Review; State jobless rates 2005; Turnover 2001–2005; Multifactor productivity 1995–2004; Class of 2005 at work; New services productivity measures 
ArrowMarch 2006:
(Download the PDF 32K)
The March Review; Recessions and long-term unemployment; Fewer in work stoppages; Revised international productivity data; Do you use the monthly tables? 
ArrowFebruary 2006:
(Download the PDF 35K)
The February Review; Mass layoffs in 2005; Union membership in 2005; Compensation up 3 percent in 2005; Price changes in 2005; Absences and occupation 
ArrowJanuary 2006:
(Download the PDF 32K)
The January Review; Unemployment and work experience in 2004; Relative pay in cities; Shiskin Award nominations 
Labor month in review 2005:
ArrowDecember 2005:
(Download the PDF 32K)
The December Review; Jobless evacuees; Productivity compared; Injuries and illnesses, 2004 
ArrowNovember 2005:
(Download the PDF 31K)
The November Review; Hurricanes and labor markets
ArrowOctober 2005:
(Download the PDF 31K)
The October Review; Another day at the …; Work at home; Productivity up overall in retail
ArrowSeptember 2005:
(Download the PDF 34K)
The September Review; Computers at work; Youths and summer work; Workplace fatalities
ArrowAugust 2005:
(Download the PDF 32K)
The August Review; Flexible work and working shifts; Consumer spending in 2003; Contingent workers
ArrowJuly 2005:
(Download the PDF 21K)
2005: the July Review; 1915: the July Review; Mothers in the labor force; The World According to TED
ArrowJune 2005:
(Download the PDF 18K)
The June Review; Women’s data book released; Foreign-born workers; Highest and lowest pay
ArrowMay 2005:
(Download the PDF 15K)
The May Review; Klein Award winners; Work stoppages in 2004; Working poor in 2003; Student employment, 1997–2003
ArrowApril 2005:
(Download the PDF 16K)
The April Review; State unemployment rates; Employee compensation; Common work injuries; The Class of 2004
ArrowMarch 2005:
(Download the PDF 17K)
The March Review; Extended mass layoffs in 2004; Seasonally-adjusted mass layoff statistics; Fatalities charted
ArrowFebruary 2005:
(Download the PDF 16K)
The February Review; Union membership; Ad agents profiled; State unemployment trends; Price trends in 2004; Errata
ArrowJanuary 2005:
(Download the PDF 18K)
The January Review; Experience of unemployment in 2003; Workplace injuries; Day of injury; Volunteers in 2004
Labor month in review 2004:
ArrowDecember 2004:
(Download the PDF 19K)
The December Review; Factory compensation; Car quality 2005; Clarification
ArrowNovember 2004: The November Review; Occupations and poverty; Comparing factory productivity and costs; Women’s earnings
ArrowOctober 2004: The October Review; Fatal work injuries in 2003; Time-use survey results; Job tenure
ArrowSeptember 2004: The September Review; More than 10 jobs before 40; Summer youth labor force; Veterans’ unemployment in August 2003; Review chief retires
ArrowAugust 2004: The August Review; Veterans’ unemployment; Fatalities among athletes
ArrowJuly 2004: The July Review; Information sector productivity; Employee benefits
ArrowJune 2004: The June Review; Going on to college; Fewer IT layoffs in first quarter 2004; Productivity growth in first quarter 2004; Employment dynamics in third quarter 2003
ArrowMay 2004: The May Review; Mothers’ labor force participation; Women’s working hours; Employees’ health insurance payments; International unit labor costs
ArrowApril 2004: The April Review; States’ unemployment in 2003; Fewer strikes, more strikers; Lost-time injuries in 2002; Factory productivity
ArrowMarch 2004: The March Review; Labor productivity gains in 2002, 2003; Fewer mass layoffs in 2003; Juggling work and school; Multifactor productivity in manufacturing, 2001
ArrowFebruary 2004: The February Review; Union membership 2003; Real weekly earnings flat in 2003; Productivity in retailing
ArrowJanuary 2004: The January Review; One in nine had some unemployment in 2002; Increase in volunteering; Work injuries and illnesses in 2002
 Labor month in review 2003:
ArrowNovember 2003: The November-December Review; Information sector productivity; Employment dynamics; Fastest growing counties; Consumer spending in 2002
ArrowOctober 2003: The October Review; September 11 related to layoffs; Work fatalities lower in 2002; Health care benefits; Retirement plans; International productivity comparison
ArrowSeptember 2003: The September Review; Summer jobs more scarce, summer school more common; Where’s the high-tech?
ArrowAugust 2003: The August Review; Families see more unemployment; Highest earnings in Middle Atlantic; Real product per worker
ArrowJuly 2003: The July Review; Location and wages; The high school class of 2002; Education and the working poor
ArrowJune 2003: The June Review; Productivity jumps at nonfinancials in 2002; Consumer spending in 2001; Trivia answer
ArrowMay 2003: The May Review; Mass layoff statistics restored; Drop in multifactor productivity; Klein Award winners announced
ArrowApril 2003: The April Review: Fewer work stoppages in 2002; Time lost to injuries in 2001; Added value from associate degree
ArrowMarch 2003: The March Review; Students at work; New service-sector productivity measures; Union membership rate declines; International productivity estimates revised
ArrowFebruary 2003: The February Review; Substantial changes in CPS; Volunteer work measured; Payrolls longest in hospitals, schools, factories
ArrowJanuary 2003: The January Review; One in four volunteer; High and low paying jobs in 2001; Work experience in 2001
   Labor month in review 2002:
ArrowDecember 2002: The December Review; Employment by county in 2001; Annual pay in 2001; Quality changes in cars and light trucks
ArrowNovember 2002: The November Review; Wages overseas fall to two-thirds of U.S.; Moonlighting in 2001; Fewer teens join labor force; Using computers for work
ArrowOctober 2002: The October Review; Fatal injuries at work raised by 9/11 attacks; Tenure gap narrows; Plant closings up in 2001; Average annual pay up 2.5 percent; Multifactor productivity rises again in manufacturing
ArrowSeptember 2002: The September Review; Chained CPI; Ten jobs by age 36
ArrowAugust 2002: The August Review; Regional trends in 2000; JOLTS starts; Veterans in the labor force
ArrowJuly 2002: The July Review; Injuries in eating and drinking places; Average compensation $23.15 an hour ; Women’s earning and education; New productivity series
ArrowJune 2002: The June Review; Katharine Abraham receives Shiskin Award; Jobless rate 35.9 percent for dropouts; Elderly budget greatest share on housing
ArrowMay 2002: The May Review; Joblessness rises among families; Shift work versus flexible schedules; Lost-time injuries; Industry productivity in 1990s 
ArrowApril 2002: The April Review; 20 million worked at home; Few days lost to work stoppages; Respirators used in 10 percent of workplaces 
ArrowMarch 2002: The March Review; States and unemployment; Productivity and costs; September 11 and layoffs; Chartbook on-line 
ArrowFebruary 2002: The February Review; More mass layoffs in 2001; Union membership rate steady in 2001 
ArrowJanuary 2002: The January Review; Working youths; Injury rate fell in 2000; Consumer spending patterns varied in 2000; New data tables
 Labor month in review 2001:
ArrowDecember 2001: The December Review; Full-time, full-year work; Highest, lowest paying jobs; Post-September 11 layoffs 
ArrowNovember 2001: The November Review; Town and country; Labor’s disaster response
ArrowOctober 2001: The October Review; Productivity comparison; Annual pay trends; Wages in foreign factories 
ArrowSeptember 2001: The September Review; Effects of events of September 11; Women narrow earnings gap by degrees; Midwesterners most likely to have job 
ArrowAugust 2001: The August Review; Women’s employment rate varies by city; Tenure down for men, up for women; Ten occupations, 5 million jobs; More spending on clothes; Wages highest in Middle Atlantic
ArrowJuly 2001: The July Review; Growth, immigration and education; The single poor; Productivity at full retail 
ArrowJune 2001: The June Review; Industry productivity in 1999; Contingent workers and alternative work 
ArrowMay 2001: The May Review; Days lost to injury; Fewer families with unemployment; Most high school grads in labor force; Multifactor productivity rose in 1999 
ArrowApril 2001: The April Review; Working women and poverty; Small enterprises big employers; Wages in sports all over the park; Lost-time injuries 
ArrowMarch 2001: The March Review; Strong productivity growth in 2000; More mass layoffs in 2000; More work stoppages in 2000; Unemployment down in most States 
ArrowFebruary 2001: The February Review; Business services in librarians’ future; Stoppages shorter in 1999; Union men and women; Mass layoffs in 2000 
ArrowJanuary 2001: The January Review; Most students work; Multifactor productivity gains; San Jose again tops pay list 
   Labor month in review 2000:
ArrowDecember 2000: The December Review; More experience employment; Shiskin Award nominations; Raises biggest in Washington, Massachusetts 
ArrowNovember 2000: The November Review; Stock options; Productivity growth fastest in United States; Occupational earnings 
ArrowOctober 2000: The October Review; CPI corrected; Elders give more; Multifactor productivity up in 1998; Foreign wages compared 
ArrowSeptember 2000: The September Review; Displaced workers; Fatal work injuries; Job tenure 
ArrowAugust 2000: The August Review; Wage of a salesman; Cashier, cook common jobs for youths; Regional compensation pattern 
ArrowJuly 2000: The July Review; Productive computer factories; Retirees spending more on health insurance; Vietnam-era veterans in the labor force; Longer workweeks at the top?
ArrowJune 2000: The June Review; Half of students are in labor force; Productivity up in most industries; Pay and benefits
ArrowMay 2000: The May Review; Lost-time injuries; College degrees in industry; Workplace homicide; Pay premiums up the ranks 
ArrowApril 2000: The April Review; Unit labor costs fall; Consumer expenditure rises modestly in 1998; Job leavers larger share of jobless; Check our Web upgrades 
ArrowMarch 2000: The March Review; Fewer mass layoffs; Few work stoppages; Higher productivity; Declining unemployment
ArrowFebruary 2000: The February Review; Shiskin Award nominations; 2000-01 Occupational Outlook Handbook released; Factory worker compensation compared 
ArrowJanuary 2000: The January Review; Contingent workers; Injuries and illnesses decline; Dental care benefits 
  Labor month in review 1999:
ArrowDecember 1999: The December Review; Real wages rise for sixth year; 1999 Shiskin Award 
ArrowNovember 1999: The November Review; Less stress; Six real raises, all in a row; Second job entrepreneurs
ArrowOctober 1999: The October Review; Summer jobs; Do you know the pay in San Jose?; Younger, more vulnerable; Productivity gains compared
ArrowSeptember 1999: The September Review; Lawrence R. Klein (1908–1999)
ArrowAugust 1999: The August Review; Most work stoppages short-lived; Bigger firms, bigger checks; Refuse collection occupation hazardous
ArrowJuly 1999: The July Review; More women go to college; Pay and benefits; Wages in metropolitan areas
ArrowJune 1999: The June Review; Lawrence Klein Awards Announced; BLS reports on women's earnings; More workers self-employed; Beginning in this issue
ArrowMay 1999: The May Review; New data on young workers; Lost workday injuries
ArrowApril 1999: The April Review; Extended mass layoffs in 1998; Entertainment spending declined in 1997; Occupational injuries and illnesses, 1997
ArrowMarch 1999: The March Review; Most textile workers in Southeast region; Sources of shifts in productivity growth; Transportation spending slows
ArrowFebruary 1999: The February Review; Work stoppages idle more; Factory unit labor cost trends differ
ArrowJanuary 1999: The January Review; Union membership edges up, but share continues to fall; Another real raise in 1998; Fewer workers experienced unemployment in 1997
  Labor month in review 1998:
ArrowDecember 1998: The December Review; Marking to market more often; Fewer injuries and illnesses at work
ArrowNovember 1998: The November Review; Pricing pollution control; New data on jobs and pay in large counties
ArrowOctober 1998: The October Review; Consumers spent more in 1996; Job tenure edged down in 1998; New media news
ArrowSeptember 1998: The September Review; Fewer youths hired this summer; Psychotherapeutic drug's producer prices rise; MLR Online archive growing
ArrowAugust 1998: The August Review; Productivity database expanded; Work fatalities; Fewer workers displaced
ArrowJuly 1998: The July Review; Shiskin awards to two; FLSA annual report released; Veterans in the labor market; Young workers try several jobs
ArrowJune 1998: The June Review; Fewer workers on extended mass layoff; College enrollment resumes uptrend; Subscriber survey
ArrowMay 1998: The May Review; Productivity edges up in the early 90s; Pay comparisons published; Weekly earnings rise in 1997
ArrowApril 1998: The April Review; 21 million work at home; Flextime more common; The Review online
ArrowMarch 1998: The March Review; Revised CLS tables; Fewer work stoppages in 1997; Wages at home and abroad; Regional range narrows; Next month
ArrowFebruary 1998: The February Review; Union membership edges down; Career guidance books; Next month
ArrowJanuary 1998: The January Review; Contingent workers; Injuries and illnesses; New wage data; CPI base years; Next month's review

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