ATIS Mission ATIS is committed to providing leadership for, and the rapid development and promotion of, worldwide technical and operations standards for information, entertainment and communications technologies using a pragmatic, flexible and open approach.

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ATIS-IHS Relationship Expands Market for ATIS Standards (more)

ATIS Releases Multi-Band General Principles for Hearing Aid Compatibility (more)

ATIS' Access Service Ordering Guidelines Now Enable Virtual Concatenation (VCAT) Ordering for Increased Bandwidth Efficiency (more)

ATIS IIF Delivers Integral Pieces Enabling Secure IPTV Delivery (more)

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Enhanced Wireless 9-1-1 Phase ll

Unified Ordering Model Volume ll

Analysis (LSOG 12)

Unified Ordering Model Volume lll Design: Issue 4 for Local Service Ordering Guidelines (LSOG) Version 12

(LSOG) Version 12

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Exchange Magazine Cover StoryCover Story

xchange magazine examines ATIS work on convergence featuring ATIS President and CEO Susan Miller

and Board members. Learn More.

ATIS Priorities

Home Networking

Established by the ATIS TOPS Council, the HNET Focus Group assesses the industry’s need for a cohesive home networking infrastructure and examines issues related to the delivery of VoIP, IPTV and other IP based services in the home.
Service Oriented Networks
The SON Focus Group, created by the ATIS TOPS Council, addresses next generation network priorities including service environments and programming models; blending capabilities from a variety of sources, such as Web 2.0/SOA/IMS; and engaging a larger community of external application developers.
IPTV Interoperability Forum
ATIS, through the IIF, is developing the industry’s end-to-end solution for IPTV – a suite of globally acceptable standards for the delivery of live broadcast video, content on demand and interactive TV.
Our standards committees are collaborating to develop requirements for access using any device, any time, anywhere. The Exploratory Group on Convergence has completed its report and ATIS committees have begun work towards implementation.

Learn More
Learn more about these and other priorities at ATIS including Inter-Carrier VoIP Call Routing, IPV6, Next Generation Carrier Interconnect and Optical Access Networks.

LTE Webinar

Setting the Standard for Mobile Broadband at the Global Level
December 4, 2008
Time: 1:00 pm EST
Speaker: Adrian Scrase, Head Mobile Competence Centre, Third Generation
Partnership Project (3GPP)

Registration Coming Soon. Learn More.

New from ATIS

ATIS Goes Green ATIS Goes Green
ATIS held a Green Workshop in Washington, DC on July 29-30, 2008 with leading experts from Board member companies.

Patent Disclosure Form
ATIS has adopted a voluntary patent disclosure and assurance form that may be used to provide notice of patented inventions that may be relevant to an ATIS standard or other deliverable, and assurances by the owner of the patented inventions regarding its licensing intentions. Visit the policy page to learn more

GMI 2008

ATIS and MFS Partner for click here to visit the MultiService Forum
GMI 2008
ATIS and the MSF join forces to provide a comprehensive IPTV Test Environment during GMI.

ATIS-3GPP LTE Conference Click to Visit Website
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