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The Alexander Graham Bell Family Papers: Acknowledgments

The generous support of the AT&T Foundation made the digitization of this selection of the Alexander Graham Bell Family Papers possible.

Leonard C. Bruno, Science Manuscript Historian in the Manuscript Division, provided subject area expertise, selected items to be digitized, and wrote descriptive narratives for the Web site.

Margaret Alessi, National Digital Library Team Leader, coordinated the overall production of the Bell Papers scanning project. She was responsible for text and image quality review, the deposit of delivered images into a digital repository, and the description of digitized items. She also assisted in the selection of items to be digitized and conducted research for and wrote descriptive text for the Web site.

Several staff members of the Manuscript Division provided continuous and invaluable assistance. Archivist Brad Gernand facilitated the preparation of the materials for scanning and provided advice regarding handling, description, and other issues. Jan Lancaster prepared the selected Bell papers for scanning and assisted in identifying conservation needs of the materials. Daria Caron, Library of Congress Junior Fellow, and archives technician Brian McGuire participated in image quality review; Daria also assisted with the description of the Bell papers and constructed the Bell family tree. Janice Ruth, Acquisitions Archivist in Women's History, provided much-needed advice in the planning stages. Paul Chestnut and Alan Teichroew, Head and Assistant Head of the Preparation Section, provided administrative support.

Martha Anderson, as the National Digital Library Program Liaison to the Manuscript Division, was responsible for the project design and production plan for digitization of the collection; she also provided expertise on quality review for the converted text. Tamara Swora-Gober, Digital Conversion Projects Coordinator, has provided production support.

Other National Digital Library Program staff members provided indispensable support throughout the planning and production stages of this project. Elizabeth Madden was responsible for the creation and continual maintenance of a production database, and provided invaluable support as NDL Production Team liaison to the project. Steven C. McCollum and Christopher J. Pohlhaus coordinated and tracked receipt of digital images. Dominique Pickett, Andrea Dillon, and Melissa Front were responsible for Web site design and final production. Jeff Finlay, Jurretta Jordan Heckscher, and Emily Lind Baker copy-edited framing materials for the Web site. Philip Michel coordinated scanning of the Bell photographs in the Prints & Photographs Division. Barak Stussman provided timely assistance with image and text quality review. Laura Graham offered useful suggestions with regard to Web site design, and Patricia J. Gawronski and Christopher J. Pohlhaus assisted in monitoring digitization of Bell materials. Deborah Thomas participated in image quality review, and Beth Davis-Brown gave useful advice about the creation of subject headings for the description of the Bell Papers. Melissa Smith-Levine, National Digital Library Program legal advisor, provided guidance and direction for permissions and copyright issues for the Alexander Graham Bell Family Papers. Emily Howie and Christopher Copetas also assisted with copyright and permissions research.

In the Conservation Office, Mary Wootton, Yasmin Khan, Ann Seibert, and Alan Haley supported the Bell project through their evaluation of the materials, repair work, and guidance in handling issues.

Beverly Brannan from the Prints and Photographs Division provided assistance with the photographic portion of this project.

From Information Technology Services (ITS), David Woodward was responsible for the programming of indexing and for display of the documents. Lynn Brooks, Dominic Sergi, Michael Smallwood, and other staff from the ITS scan lab were responsible for the digitization of a small number of items from the Bell Papers.

The scanning contractor, Systems Integration Group, Inc. (SIG), of Lanham, Maryland, produced the digital images and coordinated production of the searchable text. Special acknowledgment goes to Imelda Chase, Art Brown, Donna Marie McDonald, Larry Ferguson, Arnold Goodman, Valencia Downing, and Dan Pence.

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