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The Alexander Graham Bell Family Papers at the Library of Congress

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Family Papers
The Family Papers mainly consist of correspondence between Alexander Graham Bell and various members of his family. Some family members may also have their own files, which include diaries, articles, and other correspondence.

General Correspondence
These are letters between Alexander Graham Bell and his friends, colleagues, and other acquaintances. Correspondence between Bell and his family is found in Family Papers.

Subject File
These files consist of correspondence, scientific notebooks, blueprints, and other materials covering a range of subjects, from the telephone, to Bell's scientific research, to his work with the deaf.

Beinn Bhreagh Recorder, Volume 1
The Beinn Bhreagh Recorder was a regular publication, created by Alexander Graham Bell, that recorded the progress of Bell's various scientific research projects as well as local and family events at his summer home in Nova Scotia.

Laboratory Notebooks
The following laboratory notebooks, dated 1910 and 1891-1893, are representative of the more than 200 volumes of laboratory notebooks compiled by Alexander Graham Bell from 1879 to 1922. Scientific notebooks and journals, particularly those pertaining to the telephone, can also be found among the Subject Files.

Article and Speech Files
These articles and one speech are a sample of the handwritten and typewritten drafts and printed copies written by Alexander Graham Bell. Their various subjects include Bell's childhood, aeronautics, deaf education, and scientific experiments.

This last series is composed of miscellaneous writings and copies of correspondence, mostly by Alexander Graham Bell. There is also some poetry, written both by and for Bell.

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