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About Extramural Research Program Office (ERPO)


ERPO plans, develops, coordinates, and evaluates extramural research activities of the two Centers within the Coordinating Center for Environmental Health and Injury Prevention (CCEHIP)-- the National Center for Injury Prevention and Control and the National Center for Environmental Health/Agency for Toxic Substance and Disease Registry-- in cooperation with their  Divisions and Offices. CDC has a public trust to use research dollars where they will have the maximum impact on public health. Good management of research involves three key steps: (1) Identification of research priorities. (2) Translation of these priorities into a balanced portfolio of intramural and extramural research. (3) Evaluation of research programs and outcomes. In addition, a fourth step is implied, i.e. the incorporation of lessons learned from evaluation into future prioritization and research.

  1. Directs the extramural research program by planning, coordinating, developing, implementing, monitoring, and evaluating extramural research that is designed to address Center priorities;
  2. Participates with divisions and offices within the Center to establish research priorities for the Center;
  3. Provides scientific leadership in the areas of extramural research supported by the Center;
  4. Promotes and prepares initiatives to stimulate extramural research in relevant priority areas;
  5. Coordinates and conducts in-depth external peer review and secondary program relevance review of extramural research applications by use of consultant expert panels;
  6. Makes recommendations to the Center Director on award selections and staff members serve as the program officials in conjunction with CDC grants management and policy officials to implement and monitor the scientific, technical, and administrative aspects of awards;
  7. Facilitates scientific collaborations between external and internal investigators;
  8. Disseminates and evaluates extramural research progress, findings, and impact;
  9. Assists OPHR in developing extramural research policies and oversees the implementation of those policies within the Center
ERPO Staffing

Waxweiler, Rick Director
Curtis, Diana Deputy Director
Carraway, Chezia Grants Program Assistant
Crippen, Deborah Grants Program Assistant
Childress, Adele Scientific Program Administrator
Glass, Marquisette Grants Technical Assistant
Harris, Sharil Grants Technical Assistant (Contractor)
Rogers, J. Felix Scientific Review Administrator
Smutz, Paul Scientific Program Administrator
Suen, Jane Scientific Review Administrator
Wilson, Gail Program Analyst

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Postal: Extramural Research Program Office
  Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
  4770 Buford Highway
  Mailstop F-62
  Atlanta, GA 30341
FedEx: Extramural Research Program Office
  Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
  4770 Buford Highway
  Mailstop F-62
  Atlanta, GA 30341

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