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This transcript is a draft. It has not yet been reviewed for accuracy and may contain transcription errors.



9:15 a.m.
Wednesday, October 15, 2003
Four Points Sheraton
8400 Wisconsin Avenue
Bethesda, Maryland


John Taylor
William Hubbard
Ilisa Bernstein
Paul Rudolph
Jeff Shuren
Don Vasbinder
Jim Cohen
Michael Rogers
Tom McGinnis
Vicky Kao
Bill McConagha
Terry Vermillon


Introduction - John Taylor (page 5)

Panel 1

Carla Kidwell, U.S. Bureau of Engraving & Printing (page 15)
Sue Fortunato, U.S. Secret Service (page 24)
Gene Thirolf, U.S. Department of Justice (page 41)

Panel 2

Mary Ann Wagner, National Association of Chain Drug Stores (page 58)
Jon Borschow, Healthcare Distribution Management Association (page 65)
Larry Bostian, National Consumers League (page 92)
Carmen Catizone, National Association of Boards of Pharmacy (page 98)
Sal Riccardi, Pharmaceutical Distributors Association (page 101)

Overview - Mark McClellan, Commissioner, FDA (page 73)

Panel 3

John Gans, American Pharmacists Association (page 120)
Douglas Scheckelhoff, American Society of Health-System Pharmacists (page 130)
Peter Mayberry, Healthcare Compliance Packaging Council (page 136)
Carl Trealeaven, Pharmaceutical Printed Literature Association (page 139)

Panel 4

Alan Goldhammer, Pharmaceutical Research & Manufacturers of America (page 154)
Tom Kubic, Pharmaceutical Security Institute (page 162)
John Dempsey, Ortho Biotech Products (page 170)
John Theriault, Pfizer, Inc. (page 180)

Panel 5

John Roberts/John Terwilliger, Uniform Council Code (page 191)
Dicki Lulay, EPCglobal U.S. (page 200)
Robin Koh, Auto-ID Center, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (page 210)
Alberto Sanna, Scientific Institute H San Raffaele (page 214)

Panel 6

Paul Schaa, AC Compacting (page 223)
Avi Vyas, AMCO Plastic Materials (page 231)
Adam Shear, American Bank Note Holographics (page 232)
Toni Petrucci, Angstrom Technologies (page 234)
Joe Pleshek, Appleton Security Products (page 237)
Julia Hunter, Applied DNA Sciences (page 240)
James Rittenberg, Biocode, Inc. (page 242)
Glenn Small, Chromatic Technologies (page 244)
David Schoneker, Colorcon (page 225)
Gary Parish, Complete Inspection Systems, Inc. (page 246)
Carolyn Burns, DuPont Packaging (page 248)
Leonard Walle, Flint Ink Corp. (page 249)
Ian Wills, Flying Null, Ltd. (page 251)
Stephen Polinsky, GenuOne (page 253)
Morton Green, Inkonde, Inc. (page 255)
Gerald Forth, IntelliDOT Corp. (page 256)
Philip Martin, Isotag Technology (page 258)
Peyton Old, ITW HoloPak (page 260)
Sergei Toedtli, m2t, Management to Technology (page 262)
Vernon Jiang, Medicine Alert, Inc. (page 264)
Brian Brogger, Microtrace, LLC (page 366)
John Jasper, Molecular Isotope Technologies (page 268)
Richard Steenblik, Nanoventions (page 270)
Hiroyuki Matsumoto, NHK Spring Co., Ltd. (page 272)
Alexander Weis, november AG (page 273)
Ellen Badinelli, ScanAvent, Inc. (page 275)
Ellen Herbst, Spectra Systems Corp. (page 279)
Tim Saarinen, Alcan Packaging (page 285)
Ron Peer, Bsecure, Ltd. (page 286)
Al Szukalski, Enercon Industries, Corp. (page 291)
Ed Dietrich, Flex Products, Inc. (page 293)
Dirk Veerbeek, Industrial Fingerprinting (page 296)
Chris Brown, Inksure, Inc. (page 299)
Steven Crane, NNC Group (page 302)
Jay Fraser, Tracer Detection Technology Corp. (page 307)
J. Christopher Philips, Veritec (page 310)
Jim O'Hagan, Zebra Technologies (page 314)
Tom Klaff, Surety (page 318)

Panel 7

Lou Kontnik (page 321)
Jay Armstrong, IBM Life Sciences (page 323)
June Shelp, SCA, Ltd. (page 326)
Patrick Schmidt, FFF Enterprises (page 331)
Guy Woods, Lacuna Research Limited (page 335)
Eric Turkewitz (page 338)
John Myers, Canadian International Pharmacy Association (page 281)
Michelle Forzley, Johns Hopkins School of Public Health (page 342)
Don Regan, Seniors for Fair Access to Drugs (page 345)