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How can I participate in the Secretary's Blog?


Secretary Mike Leavitt's Blog is open to the public for commenting. Comments are moderated according to our Comment Policy .

The views expressed on the site by non-federal commentators do not necessarily reflect the official views of the Department of Health and Human Services or the Federal Government.

Steps to Participate:

  1. Locate and read an article which is of interest to you on the Secretary's Blog.

  2. Be sure to read the Comment Policy before commenting.

  3. To post a comment about a specific article, click on Comments directly below the article.

  4. Scroll to the bottom of the page to the Post a comment section.

  5. Fill in the boxes to provide your personal information (optional).
    • Name: Include the name you want to use for the blog posting.
    • Email Address: Insert your email address. It must be in a valid format. It will not be displayed on the site.
    • URL: Include the URL of the site you want to comment on.
    • Remember personal info?: Check the box if you want the site to remember your information the next time you want to make comments.

  6. Enter your remarks in the box labeled Comments. (Be sure that you understand the Comment Policy.)

  7. Select the Preview button to see what your post looks like and to review it for spelling and other items you might want to change prior to posting.

  8. Select the Post button to send your comment to the moderator for posting. 

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Last Updated: 10/16/2007