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Management & Council Structure

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Web Site Management

The HHS Departmental Web site shall be managed through a Web Council.

  • The Council reports, through ASPA, to the Secretary
  • Each Operating Division (Division) shall have two Representatives on the Council (two seats)
  • OS to be considered as one Division
  • Division Representation should balance Content and Infrastructure (technology and applications) responsibilities and experience
  • Representatives shall be named by the Division Assistant Secretary
  • Each seat shall have one vote
  • Each Representative may have one designated proxy
  • Seats represent all agencies/offices within Division plus topical sites for which Division has lead
  • The ASPA/WCD Director (or designee) shall chair the Council
  • The OCIO shall have a non-voting Representative on the Council
  • Divisions are encouraged but not required to emulate this structure for managing and communicating their internal governance
  • Council may form committees as needed
  • ASPA/WCD staff shall provide logistical support to the Web Council including maintenance of inter/intranet presence
  • 75% constitutes quorum
  • 75% of quorum must be physically present (except virtual meetings)
  • Alternates permitted
  • Non-voting delegates encouraged to attend and participate
  • Issues are to be decided by consensus; chair may call for vote; passage requires majority of full Council (not quorum)
  • Committees may be formed/structured at the Council’s discretion

Web Council Structure

Web Council Structure


Responsibilities of the Web Council shall include:

  • Establish and implement “One Department; One Web” concept
  • Determine Web policy, standards and guidance
  • Crisis and emergency response Web coordination
  • Foster Web-based delivery of Department services
  • Enhance efficiency through cross-department synergy
  • Foster communication across Web Community
  • Recommend enterprise applications
  • Implement enterprise applications
  • Create and disseminate base of shared knowledge
  • Foster consistent Web presence
  • Establish Web site inventory
  • Advise on domain issues
  • Foster establishment of Department-wide Web community

Responsibilities of the Representatives for Content shall include:

  • Coordinates content organization
    • Within Division
    • Across Department
  • Content liaison with WCD
  • Facilitates adherence to policy/standards
  • Identtifies strategic content needs
  • Represents Division on Web Council

Responsibilities of Web Representatives for Infrastructure shall include:

  • Coordinate implementation of applications
  • Oversees adherence to technical policy/standards
  • Identifies and advises on current and future enterprise-wide application needs
  • Represents Division on Web Council

Qualities & Qualifications

Qualities and qualifications of Web Representatives shall include:

  • Web communications leader
  • Conversant with Departmental and Divisional mission, policies and messages
  • Stature and access within Division
  • Able to work collaboratively across HHS
  • Availability and commitment (time to do the job)
  • Content
    • Ability to see inter-relationship of content
    • Able to communicate to general audience
  • Infrastructure
    • Ability to recommend creative infrastructure solutions
    • Conversant on emerging technologies and media

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