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U.S. Food and Drug Administration

Office of Management
Office of Financial Management

Budget Formulation and Presentation

Budget Formulation plans, organizes, and carries out annual and multi-year budgeting in support of the nationwide public health protection programs administered by FDA. The staff performs all duties involved with the formulation and presentation of budget submissions for a number of program support activities. Specific duties include:

  • Facilitates the formulation and presentation of all external resource requests in conjunction with FDA Centers and Offices.
  • Reviews, analyzes, edits, and consolidates budget estimates and justifications submitted by managers of assigned program components.
  • Develops proposed budgetary policy and procedural guidance for issuance to subordinate Centers and regional offices of the Agency.
  • Drafts analyses that examine the impact and significance to FDA's budget of new or revised legislation, policies, procedures, and program requirements.
  • Develops detailed strategy and background documentation for presenting all major segments of the organization's budget.
  • Produces three major budget submissions a year (HHS in June, OMB in September, and Congress in February) with additional background exhibits and supplemental requests as necessary; develops graphic materials for presentations, coordinates budget appeals at each level .
  • Develops and coordinates annual Appropriations hearing records for FDA-facilitating opening statements, briefing books for witnesses and numerous responses from Appropriations Committees for the record.
  • Tracks Appropriation activities and bills affecting FDA through the legislative process.
  • Provides financial services and coordination to FDA Building and Facilities.


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