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Asthma Attacks  External Link

Doctors are not exactly certain how you get asthma. But they do know that once you have it, your lungs react to things that can start an asthma attack. This fact sheet describes three types of asthma ... Details >

American Lung Association  External Link

Asthma Calculator  External Link

Answer these 8 questions to find out if you have asthma.... Details >

University of Maryland Medical Center  External Link

Asthma Information Home Page  External Link

Browse this site for general and in-depth information about asthma including asthma and older people, teens and asthma, asthma in young children, asthma medicines, asthma triggers and attacks, peak fl... Details >

American Lung Association  External Link

Asthma Medicines  External Link

Also available in: Hmong   External Link

Each person's asthma is different and medicines that may help one person may help another. Always use the medication in the amount prescribed.... Details >

Hmong Health Education Network  External Link

Asthma Overview  External Link

This site provides information on Asthma. Asthma is a disease of the lungs in which the airways become blocked or narrowed causing breathing difficulty. This chronic disease affects nearly 20 million ... Details >

Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America  External Link

Asthma Triggers  External Link

This page links to resource materials from other organizations on asthma triggers. Links cover molds, secondhand smoke, dust mites, pets, and more.... Details >

American Association for Respiratory Care  External Link

Asthma Wizard  External Link

Get important facts about your asthma. Learn about things like symptoms and peak flow meters, in English and Spanish. A jigsaw puzzle and a dictionary that explains asthma words are on this page too.... Details >

National Jewish Medical and Research Center  External Link

Asthma: Controller and Quick-Relief Medicine  External Link

Most people with asthma take 2 kinds of medicines. Controller and Quick-Relief Medicine.... Details >

American Academy of Family Physicians  External Link

Asthma: Questions to Ask When It Doesn't Get Better  External Link

This is a list of questions to ask your doctor if you are having problems with your asthma.... Details >

American Academy of Family Physicians  External Link

Asthma: Taking Medicines Safely  External Link

Some medicines might make your asthma worse. It's important to know about the following medicines in case you have a problem.... Details >

American Academy of Family Physicians  External Link