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NIIW: Planning Tools
April 19-26, 2008 - National Infant Immunization Week

All Planning Tools (gathered into one document)

Planning Tools (download as separate documents)

Following these steps will help you create a program that is tailored to the needs of your community or enhance your existing program. Some communities will have the resources to undertake the major activities, while others may focus on more modest, but strategically targeted activities. No matter what you are able to do, your activities will be a vital part of the many immunization education activities being developed all over the country as part of NIIW and throughout the Western Hemisphere as part of Vaccination Week in the Americas.

    • Step 1: Lay the foundation Microsoft Word file. (.doc, 41 KB, 2 pages)
      Review past and existing programs, assess needs and resources, and determine clear objectives
    • Step 2: Select Activities Text Only Screen-Reader Device Friendly file (.rtf, 182 KB, 6 pages)
      Avoid rushing to activities, follow a systematic and evidence-based process to identify and select activities that will effectively meet your objectives.
    • Step 3: Plan Activities Microsoft Word file. (.doc, 92 KB, 8 pages)
      Turn ideas into action by establishing clear steps to take you from site selection to post-event follow up.
    • Step 4: Build Partnerships Microsoft Word file. (.doc, 112 KB, 11 pages)
      Expand your partnerships and work with media to support and maximize the reach of your activities.
    • Step 5: Evaluate ActivitiesText Only Screen-Reader Device Friendly file (.rtf, 82 KB, 2 pages)
      Assess accomplishments and lessons learned so you can build on success and strengthen future activities

*Note: Text-only formats are supplied for editing purposes (modifying to fit the needs of your group) and for screen-reader devices. Should you have trouble with any of these text-only documents, please contact the web master.

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