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FEMALE SOCCER PLAYER: Anybody can play soccer. You don’t have to be tall. You don’t have to be big. You can be any size, shape, or form.

FEMALE SOCCER PLAYER: To play soccer is to be rebellious, in some sense—to play the game that you love, to play a game that’s super tough.

FEMALE SOCCER PLAYER: You can get out there, you can be rough and be healthy and fit and happy.

QUESTION BY FEMALE SOCCER PLAYER: How does smoking affect athletic performance?

FEMALE SOCCER PLAYER: If you are a smoker, you’re probably not going to reach the highest levels.

MALE SOCCER COACH: A soccer player should never smoke. Smoking will slow your reaction time. If somebody has a slower reaction time, that’s one of the strongest predispositions to injury.

MALE SOCCER PLAYER: I’ve never smoked before, but I think that was because I was so involved in sports.

MALE SOCCER PLAYER: In soccer, it’s really not a good thing for you to smoke, because you’re always running, you’re always moving, and smoking really does take a toll on you. And with soccer, it really is 100% fitness.

MALE SOCCER COACH [Coaching a women’s team playing]: A little more to the left.

ON SCREEN [Flashing]: "Soccer: Kickin’ Butts."


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